Sunday 8 October 2017

Recipe of Paneer Frankie With FunFoods Garlic Mayonnaise

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Back with one more  Recipe Post .
Today  I am going to share recipe of  Paneer  Frankie with FunFoods  Garlic Mayonnaise .

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About the Product : 
FunFoods  Veg Mayonnaise  Garlic  is a  thick creamy Mayonnaise with Garlic flavor .
It's mostly used in French & Spanish dishes .
One can also use it in variety of Indian dishes to enhance their  taste & flavor .

One can check their site here  :


Ingredients :
1. White Flour ( Maida ) - 2 cups .
2. Paneer  - 200 gms 
3. Mixed vegetables like carrot , capsicum , tomato - 1 cup .
4. FunFoods  Garlic  Mayonnaise - 1 table spoon .
5. Salt - to taste 
6. Chaat Masala Powder - 1 Tea spoon .
7. Black Pepper powder 
8. Refine Oil  


Method  of  Preparation :

1.First  Prepare the dough 
In a mixing bowl add  white flour , little salt , black pepper powder , Chaat masala powder , 1 table spoon oil  and mix well . 
Add little amount of water and prepare the dough as we do for Roti or Paratha .
Keep Aside .

2. Prepare  Paneer & Vegetable Mix .
Finley chop all vegetables .
Crumble the Paneer .
In a pan add little oil and fry all vegetables for 5-10 minutes , add crumbles Paneer , salt , black pepper powder , chaat masala powder and mix well , cook on a medium flame for 5 minutes more and then switch off the flame . 

3. Prepare the  Roti 
Make equal sized balls from the dough .
Using a rolling pin roll  it into thin rotis , then cook it on a hot Tawa or Pan turning both sides  adding little oil . 
Once all done keep aside .

To assemble  :
Spread  a  layer of  FunFoods  Garlic Mayonnaise  on  Roti , then add little of Panner and Vegetable Mix at center  and roll it like a Frankie or a roll .

A  closer  Look :

So this way we can prepare delicious & Healthy Paneer frankie at home with FunFoods  Garlic Mayonnaise which enhances the taste of dish and make it  delicious & Enjoyable .

One can buy this product from any Super Store or Online grocery stores and it's reasonably priced at Rs  79 for 275 gms .
This Garlic Mayonnaise is a vegetarian  product and does not contains any egg so can be used by all.

Hope You all Liked this Post and Found it useful .


(* Product sent  by the brand for Opinion  ) 

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