Monday 23 October 2017

Seer Secrets Lemongrass Green Tea Review

Hello Every One
Today I am going to review a Green Tea  from Brand  Seer Secrets .
It's  Lemongrass Green Tea .

About the product
This Lemon grass green tea  from Seer Secrets is full of anti oxidants and is good for digestion .
It's a fat free , Lactose free , caffeine free product  which has numerous health benefits .

Product Packaging 
Product packaging is quite interesting .
The tea leaves are packed in a cute glass bottle and then that glass bottle is packed in a cardboard container . 
So double packaging to ensure that the  flavor & aroma is  not lost .

How it looks like 
  The tea leaves are  in form small pearls :-)
Which is unique & interesting .

Price : Rs 423 for 50 gms 
Shelf  Life  : 24 months 

How to prepare 
One needs to add just 3-4 pearls of this green tea to boiling water and no need to over cook , one can leave it for few minutes after switching off the flame .

Benefits  of  drinking this Lemongrass Green Tea 
1. A Vegan & Organic product .
2. Fat  Free , Lactose  Free , Caffeine  Free.
3. Rich source of  Anti Oxidants .
4. Boosts metabolism and  burns fat .
5. Regulates high blood pressure .
6. Good for indigestion and acidity problems .

My Experience  with the product 
I am drinking this green tea these days and I liked it .
It has a Citrusy Taste and  I liked it's flavor , taste & aroma .
Product packaging is good and the Pearl shape is quite interesting .
It's Economical as one needs just 3-4 pearls to prepare a cup of tea .
And since it has lots of health benefits , it's a Must Try one :-) 

IBB Rating : 4.7/5 

One can buy this product from  Amazon 

Hope You all liked this post and found it  useful  .

(* PR Sample with my own opinion  about  product ) 

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