Thursday, 30 November 2017

Unboxing December Euphorbia Box : India's Most Affordable Subscription Box

Hello Every One
Back with one more Unboxing Post :)
Today  I am going to Unbox  December Euphorbia Box .
Euphorbia  Box  is a Beauty Subscription Box where as every month one can  get some  five products including Skin Care , Makeup , Jewelry from reputed brands at an affordable price of Rs 260 Only .
This  Service was started in October 2017 and this is their third box .
I got my box few days back and I am too happy to receive some good products in it :)
The Box is a cardboard one with the brands name on it .
Inside it all the products were well packed in bubble wrap for safety .

Let's have a look on the information card which has product details .

The  Star Product in this box is  McCaffeine Shea  Caffeine Cold Cream with Vitamin E .
Price Rs 359 .
The Price of this single product is more than total price of box .

McCaffeine  is a Famous brand ,  I have not used  this product before but seems good .

The Next Product is an Awesome One :) 
Something which every one would Love .
A Red Lipstick ( Matte One ) 
This is from the brand ML Matte Look .
Price : Rs 300 .
It's a Lovely Shade , will suit all Skin Tone and every one needs a gorgeous red lipstick :) 

The third product  is a Lip Polish from brand  Bath Sutra .
This product is named Strawberry Kiss Lip Polish .
Price : Rs 250

The Product looks like this .
Pretty pink one .
Haven't used any Lip Polish yet , so quite excited to try this one :) 

The Fourth product in this box is a Pretty  Boho  Earring Worth Rs 200 .
Perfect to match with  Ethnic Wears .

The fifth product in this box is a sample pouch from Bella .
It's Bella feminine Wash .
I have used several products  from this brand Bella , all are too good .

So after doing calculation one can see that it's products are worth  Rs 1100 + .
And the cost of Box is Just  Rs 260 :) 
The Box is priced at  Rs 248 with a minimal shipping charge of Rs 12 .

So this is India's Most Affordable Beauty Subscription Box .

What I Liked about this Box 
1. Affordable Price .
2. Good quality products .
3. Products from reputed brands .
4. A lovely Make up Product ( Red Lipstick ) .
5. All products are useful and we use them in our routine .
6. One can easily place their order at their site with various payment options and can get the box at their door step .

Every Month they are Curating Lovely Boxes with some useful products .
And the Best part is it's Super  Affordable .

So go ahead and check their site and place your order and Grab the Box before it's gone.
As the October Box was Out of Stock in just 4 hours .

Apart from this they have one more lovely offer for their subscribers .
Early 100 subscribers and random 100 Pre-subscribers will get ADS foundation & Concealer .
How good is that :) 

One can check their site here 

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful .
Share your views if you have tried  any Euphorbia Box .


Sunday, 26 November 2017

Review of Skinutra GVC White Lotion

Hello Every One
Back with one more product review .
Today I am going to review  Skinutra  GVC White Lotion .

About the product
Skinutra  GVC  White Lotion is a Lotion with goodness of   Vitamic C , Collagen & Glutathione .
It does triple action on skin :
Antioxidants present in Gluththione protects the cells from free radicals responsible for melanin production and skin blemishes . It works on skin problems like blemishes , moles , uneven skin tone and makes the skin soft & fair .

Recently I ordered  this from Amazon .

Product Packaging 
Product packaging is good , the lotion comes  in a sleek  bottle with a nozzle at top from which little quantity of  product can be taken out .
On the outer cover all product details  & information is given .


Price : Rs  1599 for 30 ml 
Shelf  Life : 36 months 

How the Product Looks Like 
The lotion looks like a BB or CC Cream .
It's thick in consistency and brown in color .

The Science behind Glutathione 
Glutathione is body's most powerful  antioxidant .
It prevents cellular  damage caused by free radicals & peroxides .
Glutathione has remarkable good effect on skin .
It nourishes the skin and helps to remove blemishes , acne marks , dark spots , wrinkles etc .

So the products having Glutathione helps to cure several skin problems and also helps to get  Fair & Radiant Skin .

This Skinutra GVC White Lotion has Glutathione as the main ingredient .
Apart from that it has Vitamin C & Collagen , both of which are excellent ingredient for skin care .

1. Excellent product  which does what it claims .
2. Contains Glutathione , Vitamin C , Collagen as main ingredient .
3. Excellent  Product Packaging .
4. Makes skin Radiant & Soft .
5. Good shelf  life of 3 years .
6. Travel  Friendly Pack . 

Bit Expensive 

My Experience with the Product 
I am using this Lotion  past one week and it's too good .
Before using it on my face , I did a patch test on my elbows since I was trying this for the first time .
Then from next day I started using it on my face .
It  looks like a BB/CC cream , brown color with bit thick consistency .
The fragrance is not very pleasing  , it's like some Medicine but goes away after some time .
It gets  absorbed in skin easily and a small quantity is sufficient to cover entire face .

It's written on the pack to use it twice or thrice a day But I am using it only once in the morning as a day cream .

It  moisturizes the skin  well and does have a Brightening  Effect .
My skin is looking better than before , More Radiant  &  Soft :) 
So this product is really effective .
Since I have not used it for a long period of time can't say much about the other claims But Seems Good .

The Reason why I tried this Product is not for a Fair Skin ( I already have and do not believe in the concept of getting Fairer Skin ) , I wanted  to check it's brightening effect , and it does makes skin Bright & Radiant  , which every one would love to have :) 

IBB Rating -- 4.7 /5 

One can buy this product from online stores like Amazon .

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful .


(* Product  sent by the brand for review , Writing my own Opinion about it ) 

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Surprise Your Loved Ones With Personalized Gifts From Perfico

Hello Every One
Back with one more website review , Today I am going to do a detailed Website Review and My Shopping Experience from  a Wonderful  Online Store  Perfico.Com .

About the Store
Perfico  is an  Indian Online Store from where one can buy Personalized products .
It's  an  Ideal Place to buy gifts for your near & dear ones .
They have gifts for all occasions &  for everyone , Women , Men , Girls, Boys , Kids  etc .
One can search the Products By Occasion or By Relationship .
One can buy birthday gifts for girls from there .

One can Buy Personalized Clocks , Couple Mugs , Coasters etc.

One can also buy Personalized  Umbrellas , Wallets, Water Bottles etc.

I placed my order at the site with two products .
The packaging was good and impressive .

Both the products were Bubble Wrapped for safety and I got my products in good condition .

My Order consist of  a Wall Clock &  Jewelry Box .
Both Personalized with my name on it :) 

The Wall Clock is a Pretty one with a lovely Pink Flowers on it .
Price : Rs 799 

The Jewelry Box is a wooden one .
Price : Rs 899 

What I liked about this Store 
1. Wide range of products to choose from .
2. Affordable  Price of products which can make Awesome Gifting Options .
3. Option to Personalize the gifts , which adds value to the gift .
4. Excellent Product packaging .
5.  Free Delivery on all orders .
6. Various Payment options available like Net Banking , Debit Card , Credit Card etc. 
7. Good Quality Products .

IBB Rating :  5/5  

I  Totally Loved their Store & Idea of Personalizing gifts as  it makes a huge difference when are gifting some thing to our near & dear ones .
Would recommend all to have a look at their store and Buy something good which you like :) 
One can also check return gifts for kids from there .

Do share your views if you have checked this store .


(* Sponsored post with my own opinion about the store  ) 

Monday, 20 November 2017

Keep Your Baby Clean With Mama Earth Organic Bamboo Based Wipes

Hello Every One
Back with one more product review .
Today I am going to review a new baby product  recently launched in market .
Mama  Earth's Organic Bamboo Based Wipes .

Mama Earth's products are good as well as Best Sellers on various Online Stores as they are toxin free and have all natural ingredients . Their  products are of good quality and are easily available on online stores like Amazon & Nykaa .

One can buy this product directly from their website

About the Product
This Mama Earth Baby Wipes is India's  first Polyster free unbleached organic bamboo based wipes .
Bamboo fiber is more breathable than cotton fiber .
It's Free of  harmful  chemicals like Parabens , Bleach , Sulfates , Mineral Oils etc , So ideal for small babies . The mild ingredients in these wipes ensures that there is no irritation on regular usage .
They are PH balanced , Hypoallergenic  and  Clinically tested so are safe for skin .

Product Packaging 
Product packaging is good , One can easily pull a single wipe for use and then close it .
It's Travel friendly too.  

The Wipes are thick and are perfect for cleaning face , hands and body .

Organic Bamboo Cloth 
Aloe Vera 
Shea Butter 
Almond Oil 
Lavender  Oil 
Vegetable Glycerin 
Potassium Sorbate ( Food Preservative ) 

Price : Rs 249  for 72 wipes .

What I liked about this Product 
With small kids around we do need  wipes  to keep them clean & hygienic.
I have used wipes from other brands ( infact always keep some wipes at home for my kids) , they were good But this one from Mama Earth is Excellent .
The Best part is  it's  free of harmful chemicals , it's thicker than wipes from other brands , It's safe on skin and we always look for products which are safe & gentle on skin .
These wipes have nice mild fragrance and have enough moisturizer to clean the skin as well as keep it moisturized & hydrated . Something which is too essential for babies skin .
And also the price is affordable .

So would recommend others  to  try it  .

IBB Rating --  4.8/5  

Hope You all Liked this post and found it useful .

(* PR Sample With my own opinion about product ) 

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Stay Healthy With Zenith Nutrition Apple Cider Vinegar

Hello Every One
Today I am going to review  Apple Cider Vinegar from a famous brand Zenith Nutrition .

About the brand
Zenith Nutrition is an Indian brand which has wide range of products in Nutrition and Health Supplements .
One can check their site here :

About the product
Zenith Apple Cider Vinegar is made from Himalayan apples , and are rich in Minerals , Enzymes & Potassium . It has numerous health benefits like controlling weight , promoting digestion , maintaining healthy skin & PH balance etc.
This  Vinegar is unfiltered & unpasteurized  and so it's  too good .

Product Packaging 
Product packaging is good .
Vinegar is packed in a good quality plastic bottle with the tight screw lid so there is no fear of spillage or wastage .
On the outer cover all product information is given .


Direction to use 
One needs to mix 1-2 teaspoon of vinegar in a glass of water and consume it empty stomach in the morning . 

Nutritional Information 

Rs 425 for 500 ml .

Internal Benefits of using this Vinegar 
1.Helps in weight management  as ACV helps to loose weight .
2. Improves immune system.
3. Improves digestion .
4. Helps to remove toxins from body .

External Benefits 
1. Helps to maintain healthy skin & hair .
2. Relieves muscles pain after exercise.

My Experience with this product 
I am using this past few days and it's good .
I am using it as directed , diluting it  with water and taking it in empty stomach in morning .
It has helped in improving digestion and also helping me to keep my weight under control .
It's  taste is  milder then taste of ACV from other brands , so good .

One can also use this as a Salad Dressing .  

One can buy this product from their site as well as from Amazon 

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful , do share your views if have used this product .


Note : This Product is not meant to prevent or cure any disease , it's Just a Health Supplement , Pregnant & Lactating Women should not take it . 

(*  PR Sample With my own opinion about product ) 

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Shop Vibrant Ethnic Wears & Splendid Jewellery From IndiaRush

Hello Every One
Back with one more Website Review .
Today I am going to do a detailed website review of  an Indian Online Store Indiarush.Com.

About the Store
Indiarush  is the perfect destination to get all types of  Indian Ethnic Wears & Imitation Jewellery .
One can find wide range of products there .Staring from Sarees , Salwar Suits , Lehngas , Dresses they have every thing which Indian Women Look For .

One can check the store here

Right Now one can check the  Big Bucket Sale where as one can get Upto 70% off with extra 10% Store Credit  at their site .
How Cool is that .
A Great Deal for  Online Shoppers like us .

One can get upto 60% off on Traditional  Lehengas  with extra 10% store credit which can be used in next purchase from the store .

One can also check Deal of The Day .
Where as one can get huge discounts on various categories of products .

Do Check their  Saree Section which has a Lovely Collection of  Beautiful & Gorgeous Sarees .
One can search a Saree  by various filters  like :
Brand etc 

Jewellery Section 
Their Jewellery Section is also good .
One can get variety of Imitation Jewellery in affordable range .
And after discount the price is too less and one can buy easily .

One of the Jewellery piece which I liked too much from this store is 
Alloy Golden Jewellery Set .
It's a set of Necklace , Earring & Maang Tika .
After discount the price is Rs 599 ,which is too good & affordable .

One can check the  Jewellery  section  to see some lovely Jewellery pieces at great discounts .

What I  Liked  about this Store 
1. Good Collection of Lovely Products both in Apparel Section & Jewellery Section .
2.  Great  Deals & Discounts .
3. Affordable Price .
4. Various Payment Options Available including Cash on Delivery . 
5. Return Option is also there , So if one is not happy or satisfied with  the product can return or exchange the product with in 15 days of  Purchase .

Indian Ethic Wears are in demand these days.  For our Daily Wears , Functions  , Festivals , Parties we do look for some good ethnic wear  and matching Jewellery in affordable range .
So We can check some good online stores like IndiaRush  to get what we are looking for .
So that we can shop some good products at affordable Price . 

Do check the store and it's products .

Hope You all  Liked  this  Post & Found  it  useful .

Do Share Your Views on  Online Shopping for Ethnic Wears .


(* Sponsored  post with my own opinion about the store  ) 

Friday, 10 November 2017

Pick The Right Foundation From Myntra

Hello Every One
Back with one more interesting post .
Today I am going to share how to choose the right foundation for your skin .

Foundation  is a skin colored makeup applied on  face and neck to create an even , uniform color complexion which  cover flaws  & scars and give a neutral look .
Finding the best foundation for your skin can be a challenge as market is flooded with foundations from various brands ( both Indian & International brands).
One can buy these foundations from some good online shopping  Store like .

So one needs to know bit about these foundations from various brands and also I will share some tips to choose the right foundation according to our skin type .

1. Know your Skin Type
It is  necessary to know our skin type first before choosing any product for our face .
Whether it's  Oily, Dry or Combination type .

* For Oily skin choose Oil Free foundation or else it could lead to breakouts .
  Oily Skin beauties should stay away from heavy pancakes foundations as it can clog pores .
  They should go for a foundation with Salicylic acid  and choose a foundation that is light weight .

* For dry skin beauties Moisturizing foundations are perfect as they also moisturizes the skin .
   They should look for foundations containing Glycerin .

* For Combination Skin Beauties Cream to powder based works  well .

 * Mineral Foundations work well on all skin type , specially sensitive skin type .

2. Avoid foundations that can irritate you skin
 Before buying a foundation , check the ingredient list , if it contains anything which does not suits your skin then avoid buying that particular foundation .

3. Choose foundation with SPF
Pick a foundation with good SPF value , minimum SPF 15 as it can give protection from harmful sun rays .

4. Dilute a heavy foundation with a moisturizer 
Some times we do not get the perfect shade what we are looking for .
So one can add a little of moisturizer  to heavy foundation and can apply it on face & neck and it works .

So these are the ways by which one can choose right  foundation  for their skin .

One can check  online store like Myntra as they have good collection of foundations from various reputed brands .

Myntra being one of the most famous and reputed online store in India , stocks good quality products from various brands . In the makeup & skin care section one can find products from various brands  at a discounted price .

When I was looking for foundation at Myntra , I could see products from all famous brands like
Bobbi Brown
Loreal  etc

There are various filters by which one can choose the foundation they are looking for , like one can shop by
Colorshade  Name
Skin Tone
Skin Type

One can also sort product by Price , Color or Discount .

One can get upto 25% and above discount on foundations form various brands .

Since my skin type is Oily when I looked for foundation for oily skin , I found some good options like  products from Maybelline , Loreal & Faces .


 One of them being  Maybelline Newyork Fit Me Matte + Poreless Natural Buff Foundation .
After 10 % discount it's at an affordable price of Rs 517 .
It's a light weight foundation which mattifies and refines pores and gives a Natural & Seamless finish.
It's  Dermatologically tested and does not clogs pores so ideal for Oily Skin .

So do check out the products at Myntra and with the above tips & tricks find your right shade and buy a good one for you .

Hope You all  Liked this Post and Found it useful .