Friday 10 November 2017

Pick The Right Foundation From Myntra

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Today I am going to share how to choose the right foundation for your skin .

Foundation  is a skin colored makeup applied on  face and neck to create an even , uniform color complexion which  cover flaws  & scars and give a neutral look .
Finding the best foundation for your skin can be a challenge as market is flooded with foundations from various brands ( both Indian & International brands).
One can buy these foundations from some good online shopping  Store like .

So one needs to know bit about these foundations from various brands and also I will share some tips to choose the right foundation according to our skin type .

1. Know your Skin Type
It is  necessary to know our skin type first before choosing any product for our face .
Whether it's  Oily, Dry or Combination type .

* For Oily skin choose Oil Free foundation or else it could lead to breakouts .
  Oily Skin beauties should stay away from heavy pancakes foundations as it can clog pores .
  They should go for a foundation with Salicylic acid  and choose a foundation that is light weight .

* For dry skin beauties Moisturizing foundations are perfect as they also moisturizes the skin .
   They should look for foundations containing Glycerin .

* For Combination Skin Beauties Cream to powder based works  well .

 * Mineral Foundations work well on all skin type , specially sensitive skin type .

2. Avoid foundations that can irritate you skin
 Before buying a foundation , check the ingredient list , if it contains anything which does not suits your skin then avoid buying that particular foundation .

3. Choose foundation with SPF
Pick a foundation with good SPF value , minimum SPF 15 as it can give protection from harmful sun rays .

4. Dilute a heavy foundation with a moisturizer 
Some times we do not get the perfect shade what we are looking for .
So one can add a little of moisturizer  to heavy foundation and can apply it on face & neck and it works .

So these are the ways by which one can choose right  foundation  for their skin .

One can check  online store like Myntra as they have good collection of foundations from various reputed brands .

Myntra being one of the most famous and reputed online store in India , stocks good quality products from various brands . In the makeup & skin care section one can find products from various brands  at a discounted price .

When I was looking for foundation at Myntra , I could see products from all famous brands like
Bobbi Brown
Loreal  etc

There are various filters by which one can choose the foundation they are looking for , like one can shop by
Colorshade  Name
Skin Tone
Skin Type

One can also sort product by Price , Color or Discount .

One can get upto 25% and above discount on foundations form various brands .

Since my skin type is Oily when I looked for foundation for oily skin , I found some good options like  products from Maybelline , Loreal & Faces .


 One of them being  Maybelline Newyork Fit Me Matte + Poreless Natural Buff Foundation .
After 10 % discount it's at an affordable price of Rs 517 .
It's a light weight foundation which mattifies and refines pores and gives a Natural & Seamless finish.
It's  Dermatologically tested and does not clogs pores so ideal for Oily Skin .

So do check out the products at Myntra and with the above tips & tricks find your right shade and buy a good one for you .

Hope You all  Liked this Post and Found it useful .



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