Sunday 26 November 2017

Review of Skinutra GVC White Lotion

Hello Every One
Back with one more product review .
Today I am going to review  Skinutra  GVC White Lotion .

About the product
Skinutra  GVC  White Lotion is a Lotion with goodness of   Vitamic C , Collagen & Glutathione .
It does triple action on skin :
Antioxidants present in Gluththione protects the cells from free radicals responsible for melanin production and skin blemishes . It works on skin problems like blemishes , moles , uneven skin tone and makes the skin soft & fair .

Recently I ordered  this from Amazon .

Product Packaging 
Product packaging is good , the lotion comes  in a sleek  bottle with a nozzle at top from which little quantity of  product can be taken out .
On the outer cover all product details  & information is given .


Price : Rs  1599 for 30 ml 
Shelf  Life : 36 months 

How the Product Looks Like 
The lotion looks like a BB or CC Cream .
It's thick in consistency and brown in color .

The Science behind Glutathione 
Glutathione is body's most powerful  antioxidant .
It prevents cellular  damage caused by free radicals & peroxides .
Glutathione has remarkable good effect on skin .
It nourishes the skin and helps to remove blemishes , acne marks , dark spots , wrinkles etc .

So the products having Glutathione helps to cure several skin problems and also helps to get  Fair & Radiant Skin .

This Skinutra GVC White Lotion has Glutathione as the main ingredient .
Apart from that it has Vitamin C & Collagen , both of which are excellent ingredient for skin care .

1. Excellent product  which does what it claims .
2. Contains Glutathione , Vitamin C , Collagen as main ingredient .
3. Excellent  Product Packaging .
4. Makes skin Radiant & Soft .
5. Good shelf  life of 3 years .
6. Travel  Friendly Pack . 

Bit Expensive 

My Experience with the Product 
I am using this Lotion  past one week and it's too good .
Before using it on my face , I did a patch test on my elbows since I was trying this for the first time .
Then from next day I started using it on my face .
It  looks like a BB/CC cream , brown color with bit thick consistency .
The fragrance is not very pleasing  , it's like some Medicine but goes away after some time .
It gets  absorbed in skin easily and a small quantity is sufficient to cover entire face .

It's written on the pack to use it twice or thrice a day But I am using it only once in the morning as a day cream .

It  moisturizes the skin  well and does have a Brightening  Effect .
My skin is looking better than before , More Radiant  &  Soft :) 
So this product is really effective .
Since I have not used it for a long period of time can't say much about the other claims But Seems Good .

The Reason why I tried this Product is not for a Fair Skin ( I already have and do not believe in the concept of getting Fairer Skin ) , I wanted  to check it's brightening effect , and it does makes skin Bright & Radiant  , which every one would love to have :) 

IBB Rating -- 4.7 /5 

One can buy this product from online stores like Amazon .

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful .


(* Product  sent by the brand for review , Writing my own Opinion about it ) 

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