Sunday 3 December 2017

Brihans Natural Green Leaf Aloe Cucumber Gel Review

Hello  Every One
Back with one more product review .
Today  I am going review a product from brand Brihans Natural.
It's Green Leaf Aloe Cucumber Gel .

About the brand
Established in the year 2000 , this is a brand which offers natural  Skin Care , Hair Care & Health Care products .
Their Product range includes Aloe Vera Based products like Face wash , Shampoo , Aloe Vera Gels , Body Lotion , Foot Cream , Aloe Vera Juice etc.

One can check their website here :

About the product
This Green Leaf Aloe Cucumber Gel is a product meant for Eye Care .
As Cucumber is known to be treating Dark Circles & Puffy Eyes .

Price :  Rs 110 for 120 gms 
Shelf   Life : 3 years 

Aloe Vera 10% 
Cucumber Extract 10% 

Product Packaging 
The gel comes in a tub packaging .

1. Aloe Vera Based product so good for skin .
2. Can be used as a Eye Cream or a Night Cream .
3. Gets absorbed in skin easily and makes skin smooth & soft .
4. Affordable Price .
5. Sufficient Shelf  Life for longer usage . 
6. Suitable  for all skin type . 

Could Not Find Any :) 

What the product  claims 
The Product claims to reduce  Dark Circles , Puffiness around eyes .
Remove Black Heads .

My Experience with the product 
I am using this gel past few days , it's good .
Has a nice mild fragrance . 
I am using this as a Night Cream as earlier I have used Aloe Vera Gels from other brands as night cream , it suits my skin which is oily .
So this product works good on oily skin .
One needs little amount and it gets absorbed in skin after gentle massage . 
Moisturizes the skin and makes it soft .

I  have not used this as a Eye Cream so can not say anything about it's  claim of reducing dark circles & puffiness around eyes , Will try that and Update :) 

Over all it's a good product in affordable Price .

IBB Rating -- 4.5 /5 

One  can buy this product from online stores like Amazon , Flipakrt , Big Basket etc .
Easily Available every where .

Hope you all liked this post & found it useful .


(*  PR Sample with my own Opinion about the product ) 

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