Friday 14 December 2018

Review of Sirona Therapeutic Body Wash

Hello Everyone
Back with one more product review .
Today I  will be sharing my review of  a body wash from brand Sirona.

About the brand
Sirona is an Indian brand with some good products in it's range  like this Therapeutic body wash , Pain relief patches , Digital Tampons, Menstrual cups etc.
I  have used it's Pain relief patches which is an excellent and effective product, helps to reduce pains during those days .

About the product
This body wash is made with five herbs which helps to reduce body odor , itching and promotes  healthy feet , skin & nails.
It's a Natural product with no active chemicals.

Ingredient list is long with some good ones like Turmeric Oil , Cranberry seed oil , Glycerin , Olive oil, Jojoba Oil , Tea Tree Oil , Wheat germ , Coconut Oil  etc . 

Price :  Rs 599  for 200ml 

Shelf  Life  :  2 Years 

What I liked about this product 
* Free of chemical actives & preservatives .
*  Free of paraben & Sulphate .
* 100 % vegetable source ( A vegan product ) 
* Some good ingredients like Coconut oil , Jojoba Oil , Turmeric oil in it .
* Has anti ageing and anti-oxidant elements.
* Contain Vitamin E which repairs skin.
* Tea tree oil in it reduces sebum production and helps to treat acne , wart & fungus.
* Coriander oil in it has analgesic property , also acts as deodorant .
* Coconut oil & Seabuckthorn oil in it are natural cleansers. 

My Experience with the product 
I am using this body wash past few days .
It's a good one , quite different from body wash from other brands.
It's pale yellow in color .
Consistency is neither too thick nor runny. 
One needs a small amount and that's sufficient. 
The Best part is it's quite Refreshing :) 
Has a lovely refreshing fragrance and one feels good after using it .
Cleanses the skin properly and is gentle on the skin. 

One can buy this body wash  from Amazon

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful .

Do check Sirona's product at amazon .


(* PR Sample with honest opinion about product ) 

Friday 7 December 2018

How Do I Manage To Smile When There is So Much Stress Around

There is an old proverb that  " Life is not a bed of roses , it has thorns too " and  it's true.
Life is not a Fairy tale  story where everything is rosy and good .
Everyone has their  share of  challenges and pains.
But the way people deal with such situations are different .

1. Some are Cry babies who always cry , not happy with anything in their lives .

2. Some are Tough nuts , deal challenges with their mental toughness .

3. Some are Normal people who are happy in normal situations and break or get depressed in tough times.   

I   belong to category 2 & 3  , I am a normal person , enjoy all good things in life ,
Do get tensed in stressful situations But I am a tough nut :)
I deal with situations and challenges with patience and wisdom .

I have a smiling face , I love to smile and laugh .
I enjoy being with friends and near & dear ones , at the same time
I Love my ME TIME ( Time when I do not like to get disturbed by anyone and do whatever I feel like ).
I am a responsible person, try to fulfill all my duties perfectly BUT I am  Human, not Divine , so mistakes do happen and I  learn from my mistakes .

There are some moments and situations when I am too stressed , sometimes its professional and most of  time it's because of some personal reasons .
As it's difficult to please everyone around us .
We can't make everyone happy .
Still people around us expect more from us .

Slowly and steadily I  learned how to tackle such situations .
It took ages to understand and learn  few things but the Outcome is Good :)

Now I will share " How do I  Manage To Smile When There is so much stress around "


 We should be thankful and grateful to almighty for giving us so many good things in life , which many  are deprived  of  .
Healthy body , Good life & Lifestyle , Education , Family , Kids , Profession and many more is something which we should be happy and grateful of  .
As there many poor and underprivileged people in the world , who are not having all these what we are having .
So when we will think deeply about this , it will give us happiness and will bring smile on our faces .


Many of  us do not do this , we do not take proper care of ourselves and do not love our self .
We are so much occupied with our work and we give priority to others that we forget  to think of ourselves .
No body is perfect and mistakes do happen .
Instead of  feeling guilty about it , it's better to learn from mistakes and improve .
And start loving ourselves by appreciating  good in us ( what ever we have ) .
This will make us feel better and happy .
When  I think  of  my achievements ( in studies and professional life ) , I feel proud of myself and feel awesome.
That brings a Big Smile on my face :)


Faith in almighty is something which keeps me going and keeps me strong even in tough times.
Prayers connect us with the almighty and then we feel good and relaxed .
It gives lots of  strength and we can think something to get out of tough situations.


We should do those things which we love to do and it will surely give lots of  happiness.
It could be pursuing your hobby , spending time with friends and family , shopping , outing anything.

When we make others smile , it comes back to us .
I try to make others happy in all possible ways &  by sending them surprise gifts :)
For my family & kids , I try to spend quality  time with them , cook their favorite meal , play with kids and even watch cartoons with them to be a part of  their fun :)


This is something which gives strength  even in tough times .
We are emotionally connected with few , they might not be our family or close relatives but some friends or acquaintance.
When feel low connect with your loved ones and it will definitely make you feel better .
I do so , I have a small list of  some close friends whom I love to get connected  when I am stressed as they give lots of  positivity and some good suggestions to deal tough situations.

The ultimate is MENTAL TOUGHNESS .
We should think that whatever happens , happens for a reason , many  a times we are unable to understand it , but need to have lots of patience to deal such situations .

And the best part is Life is an ongoing process , nothings stays forever , so not even the tough times , it also passes and  there is always a ray of  hope, for better things in life , we just need to do our part and have patience, stay strong and help others to feel good :)

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful.


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Tuesday 4 December 2018

Keep Your Food Warm With NanoNine Uni Qlip Tiffin Lunch Pack

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When outside the one thing which we  miss is home made hot food which is fresh and healthy.
Many a times we do enjoy outside food , either in restaurants , hotels or even street food.
Once in a while that's Okay but  on a regular basis that's bad for health .
Like for  school going kids and office going people , they should not eat outside food daily or regularly, better to carry home made food in a good lunch box .

No one likes to eat cold food , which has lost its taste & flavor .
So we need to use a Lunch Box which can keep food hot or warm for a long period of time .

Recently I came across a brand  NANONINE which has some good and useful products in it's a range which are actually food savers .

About the Brand :
NanoNine is an Indian Brand which is 30 years old in Kitchenware Industry .
Their products are available at various stores throughout India and many parts of world .
One can also buy their products online from stores like Amazon , Flipkart , Snapdeal or directly from their website.

One of  their products which I am using is  NanoNine Uni Clip Tiffin Lunch Pack .
It's a three pack lunch pack with a bag .

Design of  clip makes it easy to open and close the lid without spilling inner content .

* The amazing design makes the clip unbreakable , one can even detach it from lid .
* The lid is 100 % leak proof .
* It's air-tight , keeps food fresh for good period of time .
* Compact design which is light weight .
* Easy to clean as gasket are removable .
* Affordable price .
* Easily available everywhere . 

Price : Rs 630 .

One needs to put hot food in these tiffins and close the lids properly so to avoid leakage and keep food warm . Then one needs to place the tiffins in bag , which is easier to carry. 

I am using this product and it's good to carry lunch when outside .
Cleaning of pots is easy  .

One can buy this product and other NanoNine products from  Amazon. 

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful.


(* PR Sample ) 

Thursday 15 November 2018

Handy Must Have Beauty Products For Summer Wedding

Weather plays an important role in making wedding fun.
Especially people love to do their wedding in winter rather than in summer.
Because summer is sweaty and in Sweat, everything comes down .
And brides struggle to keep their makeup intact .
And even if food is not kept safe and sound , it also gets ruined in summer heat .
Though these are other things that should be paid attention to .

Here we are with ten must-have handy beauty products for summer wedding that you must keep in your bag that you always keep near you during the wedding or give it to your close friend, who is working like a hanger to you or your Bridesmaid :)
Being a close friend she will do it for you .

Buckle up girls, besides you want makeup that none other could have and you want to look best,
then book the best makeup artist and have the look you want .



Summer heat is Bummer . Mostly it is seen that makeup comes down on bride's faces .
Sometimes eyeliner , sometimes shimmer and simmer shines somewhere else .
Use Mac Fix Plus Spray  when you feel your makeup is bit disturbed , it keeps makeup intact and in place. This is one of  the best products for summer wedding .
Save  your makeup brides .


Your makeup is done and you have to keep it for hours or even a little longer .
If you are feeling sticky or ticky or you feel you are feeling shiny which you don't want to in the mid of  your wedding  or in any function , then use blotting paper which keeps skin matte .
NYX  is one of the best ones .
You can use from other brands too .


Whether it's your wedding or yours  friends , in humidity people always have problem with their  hairs .
They become like broken web that don't get easily combed and perhaps you don't have time for that too.
Don't  worry just spray  sea salt spray in your hairs and they become soft like cotton .
Style as you want to  .


Your lips shine , your eyes shines but not your cheeks ? 
Use cheek stains with  the powder blush to make it blushing all night  during wedding or any other function .


It is summer heat girls , you pencil eyeliner can come down with the sweat making your all face bit blacky .
If you don't want your face like this then use a liquid/ gel eyeliner .
Which will stay during entire function.  

In case  you want a perfect  makeup  for  a  wedding or any other function 
then book a top beauty parlour. 

There are many best there and  they can give you the look you want .

This is a  Guest Post by  Vikas Kumawat  who writes at .

Hope you all liked this and found it useful .



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Thursday 8 November 2018

Shop Stylish Handbags From Bagging

A handbag is an essential accessory for a women / girl .
It not only makes a style statement but also is required  to keep some essential stuffs.
Type of  handbag depends upon person's personality & requirement .

College going girls need big handbags to keep their books , skincare and other basic stuffs .
Office going women needs a good one to keep her makeup , skin care , small gadgets etc in her bag .
A mommy needs a bag to keep diapers , wipes , feeder etc for her baby .

So choosing a right handbag is as important as choosing an outfit .

We can buy handbags from some good stores or from online stores.
Depending upon our budget & choice we can select a good one .

Recently I came across an online store that offers good quality handbags.

I am talking of
One can buy some stylish ladies handbag from this site.

It has a wide range of ladies bag in different designs , color & range .
One can choose as per their requirement .
It has huge collection of  bags for every season .

One can avail ongoing discounts on the store . 

Some of  the bags I liked from the store are :

Blue Tassle Genuine Leather Handbag 
This bag looks too good and  trendy .
Perfect to be use with many outfits , for office or outing .
Spacious enough to carry all essentials .

It's available in various colors . 

This Red Heart Shaped bag looks too cute .
Then there are lovely clutches to be used with evening gowns and party wear dresses .

The black Rhinestone clutch bag is a stud one with black stones .
Looks great with party wears .

This Gold floral  Rhinestone Round Clutch Bag has a Unique design and can make you stand out in the crowd. 

The pink clear transparent Bucket bag is again unique .

So one can find many such Unique Designs there .

Some good points about the store 
* Wide range of  designs to choose from , some unique designs too .
* Worldwide free shipping .
* Accept online payments like Credit card , Paypal .
* Free return policy if not satisfied with the product .

One can filter and select bag via many options like
* Season
* Occasion
* Color
* Price  etc

So do visit the store and check their collection.

Hope you all liked the post and found it useful.

Tuesday 6 November 2018

Improve Your Skin Condition With Customized Skin Care Products From Skinkraft

Since our skin types are different, so should be skincare products .
Same face wash , toners ,  moisturizers , face packs , scrubs might not suit all .
We broadly divide them according to three basic skin types :
Some people have combination skin , dry at some part & oily at some .
Such skin types are more difficult to handle .
If  proper care is not taken , it might end up in having lots of skin problems like acnes , black heads , white heads , dry & rough  skin etc .

So we need to know our skin type and then choose products accordingly.

Today market is flooded with skin care products from various brands and we often get confused to choose the right one .
Mostly we are influenced by advertisements.
But better to know more about products before investing in them.

Also we should avoid trying new products now & then as it might harm the skin .

I try to stick to those products which suit my skin .

How good it will be  if we can get  customized skin care product based on our skin type.
Sounds difficult  :)

But is possible .

Recently I got to know about a brand which prepares customized skin care products .
Was happy & excited to know about it and thought of giving it a try .
Checked  their  website  and read some positive reviews from customers .
Then I filled a questionnaire which had some questions of my skin type .
After filling it I came to know more about my skin .

I am talking about  SKINKRAFT
India's  first Customized Skin care brand .

One can check the site.

I got to try some products from this brand .
After filling the short questionnaire , I was recommended products as per my skin type and skin problems .

Mine is Oily skin with occasional acne & pimples problem .
So my skin care products were recommended accordingly .

I got 3 products to use :

1. Skinkraft  Sebum Control  Face  Cleanser
2. Skinkraft  Barrier Repair  Serum  Moisturizer
3. Skinkraft Acne Control  Face Cream

Skinkraft  Sebum Control  Face Cleanser 
This is a face cleanser or face wash meant for Oily & Acne prone skin .
* It gently cleanses the skin and removes all dirt , oil making skin clean & fresh .
*It's a soap free , non -ionic  liquid cleanser that removes excess sebum and prevents acne & pimple outbreak . 
* It maintains PH balance of  the skin .
* Controls excessive sebum oil production .
* Curbs microbial & inflammatory activity  on skin & pore .
* Minimize the appearance of  pores by removing dirt , oil & sebum .

Price : Rs 499 for 60 ml .

Product Packaging 
Product packaging is excellent .
A cute aqua blue colored dispenser with nozzle from which little amount can be easily squeezed out .

                                Skinkraft  Barrier  Repair  Serum Moisturizer 
                    * This is a  lightweight  moisturizer meant for Oily & Acne prone skin.
                    * It repairs skin natural barrier restoring essential ceramides and fatty acids.
                    * Curbs the growth  of acne and other microbial matter .
                    * Regulates excess water loss from the skin surface.
                    * Offers hydration without  making the skin greasy.
It has ingredients specifically meant for  oily skin .
This moisturizer is especially formulated  to be effective on Indian skin .

Price: Rs 1599  for 35 ml
Product packaging is good like the cleanser .


Skinkraft  Acne Control  Face  Cream 
This is meant to reduce acne (existing ones ) 
One needs to cleanse face and then apply this at night .

* It acts as exfoliant and  unclogs pores.
* Minimize the size of  pores by cleaning serum & oil.
* Controls & reduces inflammation caused by existing acne .
* Makes skin soft & smooth .

Price : Rs 599 for 30 ml .

My Experience with these products
I am using these products past one week .
These are good ones .
Curated as per my skin type .

The cleanser cleanses face thoroughly removing all oil & dirt from face .
Moisturizer is light weight & good . Moisturizes the skin with our making it feel  or look oily or greasy.

My skin is Oily and acne prone .
I get acnes because of  some health problems , PMS etc but thankfully after I started using these products , NO Acne :)
So happy with these products .

Can share more details after using these products for some more time .

Hope you all liked my post and found it useful .


( * Products sent by brand for review, sharing my own opinion about it ) 

Thursday 1 November 2018

Control Hair Fall With AM Greens Intensive Hair Mask

Hair fall being a common problem these days , we always look out for solutions for it .
There are numerous products available in the market which claims to treat hair fall  problem but all are not effective and do not  fulfill the tall claims they make .
There are some home remedies too which are less expensive as compared to products available in market but these home remedies take long time to show some effect and people loose patience.

So Today I will share a product which is not very expensive and is really effective in controlling hair fall .
I am talking about a  hair mask  AM Green Intensive Hair Mask.

It's a part of  November Euphorbia Box .
I got this product few weeks back and I am using it these days .

The product has been curated with some excellent ingredients like some Organic Herbs & Oils to control hair fall .

Jojoba Oil 
Argan Oil 
Bitter Almond Oil 
Aloe Vera 
Plant Milk 

Price : Rs 460 for 100 gms 

Shelf  Life: 12 Months 

Product Packaging 
It's a glass jar with lid on it . 

How the  product looks like 
It's a thick mask , looks like clarified butter ( ghee ) .

                                                             DIRECTION  FOR USE  

One needs to apply this hair mask on scalp and hairs and leave overnight  , then wash it off with plenty of water next morning and then use a mild herbal shampoo .

Or one can even apply this in day time and leave for some 3-4 hours and then use a mild  shampoo .

It thoroughly nourishes the scalp and hairs , conditions it and reduces hair fall .

                                   MY EXPERIENCE WITH THE PRODUCT

I have used some other hair masks before , they were good but as I said before most of them do not fulfill their tall claims .
So before using this hair mask I was not sure how it is and  what will be the effect of it on my hairs .
I am having some hair fall problems past few years and  I keep on trying something or other to control it .

First usage :
I applied more amount of it on my hairs as I was not sure how much to take .
It resulted in making my face oily too :)
I left this mask on my hairs for around  4 hours then did shampoo .

Result :
When my hairs were dry , they were more soft and looked conditioned & moisturized .
Less Frizzy and dull as used to be before after doing shampoo .
This really made me happy :)
The MAGICAL part was , less hairs on my comb after combing :)
This was something I was not expecting and I was so happy that I shared this with everyone and next
my daughters also tried this hair mask .

Next time onwards I am applying less amount of  hair mask then the first time , So my hairs & face does not looks too oily .
And I am happy with the results .

* My hairs are now soft  .
* Less hair fall, less on my comb after combing :)

Regarding new hair growth I can not say right now , can confirm after using this mask for some more time , hope it does :)

Still would say, this is one the Best Hair Mask I have ever used .

Regarding price , since it's really effective , price does not matters and it's  in Affordable Range .

Hope  you all liked this post and found it useful .
Do check this product at Euphorbia Box and give it a try :)


Wednesday 31 October 2018

How To Use Curd For Dandruff Free Beautiful Hair

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Everyone wishes to have dandruff free beautiful & shiny  hair .
In  India people used many natural methods to keep their hairs shiny & beautiful .
One of  the magic ingredients of  many hair packs was curd .

Know about the use of  curd in hair packs to keep your hairs healthy , shiny & silky .

How to use curd to keep dandruff  at bay 
Dandruff  & dry scalp leads to itchiness and irritation.
Today there are many shampoos & conditioners that claim to help fight dandruff.
But people in India used natural methods in the past to keep their hair dandruff free and shiny.
Here is a secret recipe for creating natural curd pack to keep your locks free from dandruff .

1 cup curd
5 tbsp of fenugreek powder
1 tbsp lemon juice

Method  of  Preparation
Mix all the above ingredients and apply them on your hairs  .
One can use a brush to apply this curd mask easily on their hairs .
Better to use a shower cap so that mask stays on hairs and does not falls off and becomes messy.
Leave it for around 40 minutes , they can be washed off .

This curd mask should be applied twice a week for a month , then one can see  drastic change in the texture of  their hairs .

Curds has countless benefits .
If combined  with right  ingredients , can actually transform you hair can give a completely new look Curd can be used as a conditioner too.

Here is  the way one can use curd as a conditioner for your hairs :

1 cup curd
1 tbsp honey

Method  of  Preparation
To use curd and honey as a conditioner , mix both the ingredients and apply it on scalp & hairs and leave it for around 20 minutes , then wash it off  with plenty of  water and one can use a mild shampoo to clean hairs .
Curd & Honey together has cooling effect on head .
Since both these ingredients has moisturizing effect , it will moisturize the scalp well and when used regularly will make scalp dandruff  free .

Reason why applying curd on scalp is beneficial
The first reason why  curd is good for your locks is , it is a natural product free of harmful chemical ingredients & preservatives as found in most of  the hair care products.
It's a  harmless dairy  product with countless benefits like :

* Rich in Vitamin B5 & Vitamin D.
* Rich in minerals like Magnesium , Zinc & Potassium .
  These minerals enhances hair health .
* High amount of fatty acid present in curd makes sure that hairs are properly moisturized.

Now that it is clear that How good Curd is for hairs , Do prepare some curd mask and use it to make your hairs healthy , strong & shiny .

( This is a Guest Post by  Bhumika  Kateliya who writes at Beautyfitnessfashion.Com .
One can check her blog to read some informative articles )

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful.
Do share your views on this topic.


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Monday 29 October 2018

Review of Handmade Natural Products From Nature's Destiny

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Hello Everyone
Back with one more interesting post .
Today I am going to introduce one more brand to my readers.
It is  Nature's Destiny.
It's  an Indian brand and it prepares some skin care products like handmade soaps , face wash , face scrubs , Lip balms , hand wash , body wash etc .
All it's products are made from natural ingredients .

Recently I got a chance to try some products from this brand.

Product I am using are :
1. Nature's  Destiny Citrus Blast Soap 
2. Nature's  Destiny Spring Splash Face Wash 
3. Nature's  Destiny Sunshine Face Gel 

Nature's  Destiny Citrus Blast  Soap 
This soap is made with lemon & Citrus peel , Coconut oil , Orange essential oil , 
shea butter .
It is a hand made soap , free of chemicals & artificial fragrance .
I am using this soap , it's good .

Price : Rs 125 

Nature's  Destiny Spring Splash Face Wash 
This is a face wash  meant for Oily Skin .
It's meant for daily use .
Contains Aloe Vera gel , full fat milk , Coconut oil ,
Rose Hydrosol , Neem Oil , Sandalwood Powder etc.
It cleanses the skin and removes dirt & oil from it .
Price : Rs 125 

Nature's  Destiny Sunshine Face Gel 
This face gel is crafted beautifully with some great ingredients like 
Saffron , Rose hip oil , Rose water .
Can be used as a Day Cream or as a Night Cream.
Also contains Aloe Vera which has anti inflammatory properties .
Has anti ageing properties .
Price : Rs 125 

My Experience with these products 
I am using these products past few days.
I liked the soap . It's hand made with all good ingredients .
Gentle on skin .
Face wash is also good , cleanses well .
Good for oily skin .
Face Gel is moisturizing and hydrates the skin well .

My Suggestion to brand 
 Do something with the fragrance of  facewash, it's a bit overpowering and does not smell good .

One can buy these products from their website. 
or Contact them on their Facebook page .

Hope you all liked this post & found it useful .


Wednesday 24 October 2018

12 Smart Fitness Tips For You & Your Family

Hello Everyone
Back with another informative post on Health & Fitness.

This is a Guest Post  by Blogger  DIVYA  AGRAWAL  from the blog
One can check her blog to read some informative articles on Parenting .

Fitness is something that is discussed by everyone and everywhere .
Be it the fitness of  yourself  or your family , it will be appreciated .
Once you embrace the same challenges with your spouse and kids , fitness goals will
be achieved more easily .

Let's read this month by month Smart Fitness Tips for you and your family to stay in shape.
Start with one goal every month and keep adding it to your following month goals .

                                          TWELVE  SMART  FITNESS TIPS 

1. Ditch the elevator
According to some research climbing just eight flight of stairs a day lowers mortality risk by 33 % .
Use stairs instead of  elevators . Try to restrict the use of elevators and use only when you are extremely exhausted .

2.Go Biking
Bike riding is the most wonderful  cardiovascular activity that tones up your limbs and arms .
Instead of using the stationary exercise cycle , go for a bicycle ride and explore the outside world .
You can also make one join the local cycling group for motivation.
When all around us are working for the same fitness goal , it becomes more interesting .
Furthermost Kids enthusiasm could be encouraged by planning a monthly cycle excursion.

Teach your kids the importance of  Sports Education .

3. Reduce  Screen Time
We are our children's first Role Model .
Make sure your head is not always buried in your smartphone when you are with your kids.
Set the best example for them by cutting down your screen time.
Take out some family time together by without laptops ,smartphones , TV or any kind of electronic
entertainment .

4. Junk The Junk
Avoid  dining out every weekend and cook the food at home .
Encourage your kids to search healthy recipes and involve them in cooking with you.
Visit those restaurants which serve healthy & nutritious meal .
Do not offer sweets or  junk foods as bribe .
Reward them with extra 30 minutes of  outdoor play .

5. After  Dinner  Walk
Replace the sluggish after dinner time in front of the TV with a minimum of 15 minutes of  walk .
According to research after dinner walk enhances sleep , reduce blood sugar level , improves digestion and reduces fat in the body . Make your walking interesting by adding a dose of  laughter to it .

6.Dance Therapy
Any form of  dance is a stress buster and fabulous way to keep the flab away .
It makes you feel happy .

7.Chew  Slowly
Make it a habit to eat everything by chewing slowly . Remind each other while eating to chew slowly.
It improves digestion . This habit is the best one to keep yourself  fit  even if you are not doing any work out for few days .

8.Eat Smaller Portions
Whenever you eat or serve ensure that it is a smaller portion .
Eat six meals a day but in small portions .
This will keep a check on fat automatically by improving the metabolism rate of your body .

9. Shuffle
Kids get bored by doing the same activity daily , so keep shuffling the activities .
Choose activity according to season like Swimming for summers etc.

Once a month go for detox by keeping fast .
Fasting is healthy and it cleanses the system.
One can have fruits , salads , juices & soups .

11.Water Therapy
Water is life , you need  to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily .
It will flush out all the bad toxins from your body.
Keep water filled glass bottles labelled for each family member with in the reach .
This way they will not skip the water therapy .

12.Sound Sleep
Nothing can replace the benefit of sound sleep.
You should sleep and wake up daily at a fixed time so to set your internal clock .
Sound sleep helps to repair your body and mind.

So what are you waiting for ?
Pick one goal every month and include it in your fitness journey.
The family who works out together stays together :)

Wish you a happy & healthy parenting .

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Tuesday 23 October 2018

Seven Seas 2 In 1 Eye Shadow & Gel Eyeliner Review

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Hello Everyone
Back with another review :)
Today I am going to review a beauty product or cosmetics from the brand  Seven Seas.
It's  2 in 1 Eye Shadow & Gel  Eye Liner.

Seven Seas is an Indian Brand and its products are quite affordable.

About the product
This 2 in 1 Eye shadow & Gel Eyeliner is a good product from the brand which serves the dual purpose of having an eyeshadow and an eyeliner in the same pack.

Price - Rs 299 
Shelf  Life  - 3 Years 

Upon opening the pack , one can see Products .
Eye shadow ( Black Color ) 
Gel Eyeliner 
2 sided brush .

This one is the Eye Shadow .
It's quite pigmented .

This one is the Eye Liner . 

What I liked about this product 
* Super affordable price .
* Good quality .
* Gel eye liner is easy to apply using the given brush .
* Eyeshadow is pigmented .
* Eyeliner is waterproof .
* Eye shadow is smudge proof . 
* Good product packaging .
* Good shelf  Life . 

One can use this eye shadow & eye liner set to create Smoky Eyes  Look .
Both of these are Jet Black in color .
Gel Eye liner gives a  lovely dark shade which looks too good as is easy to use .

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One can buy this at a discounted price of Rs 199 only.

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