Monday 29 January 2018

DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer Royale Cocktail Review

Hello Everyone
Back with one more interesting review about a Nail Polish  :)
Today I am going to review  DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer in shade  Royale Cocktail .

About the brand
DeBelle  is an Indian brand which offers  some good products like Gel Nail Polish  , Talcum Powder , Fairness Cream , Moisturizers etc .
I have already reviewed some of  it's  products , they were too good .
One can read the review of  Moisturizer here .

One can check the brand here :

About the Gel Nail Polish
DeBelle Gel Nail Polish are highly pigmented  formula with a gel finish which makes nails look beautiful & bright .They are long lasting and contain seaweed  extract  which promotes  in nail growth and also let nails breath .

This  shade Royale Cocktail is a pretty shade in Sea Greenish color .
It's  opaque and  the Gel finish looks awesome .

Product  Packaging 
Product packaging is too cute :) 
The glass bottle has a silver cap which looks too good  & classy .

Price : Rs 295  for 8 ml 

How it  looks  like after applying 
The shade is too good  & gorgeous .
It's  decent & Classy both .
Sea Green is one of my favorite color and this nail polish  color comes out too good after just two coats :) 

1 .The Nail  Polish is of good quality .
2. It gives a smooth gel finish look which looks too good and attractive . 
3. It dries quickly with in few minutes.
4. The nail polish does not chips or comes out unevenly .
5. No strong smell like in  nail  polish from other brands .
6.Contains Seaweed extract  which let nails breathe  and also promotes nail growth .

Available  only on online stores , yet to reach local market .

My Experience with the product 
I loved the color and  the Gel finish look .
Looks so good and pretty .
Quality of this nail polish is much better than that of  nail paints from other brands .

So would recommend others to give a try and choose a pretty color from their collection .

IBB  Rating : 4.6/5

Hope you all liked this post & found it useful .
Do  tell me your views if you have used  DeBelle  Nail  Polish .


(*  Product  send by the brand for review , gave my personal opinion about the  product) 

Friday 26 January 2018

Reasons To Join Beauty & Makeup Community @ Sheroes

Hey all
Recently I found an excellent platform for women .
A platform that support and encourages women in career , life & relationships .
I am talking about Sheroes : India's  largest  online community  for women .
A community only for women where they can find everything they are looking for , Job opportunities , their queries answered by experts  in health and beauty section  and can connect with other women .

The Sheroes community  helps and support  women to  get  work from home according to their profile and qualification .
It also helps to  get right career advice and  one can learn courses , read  inspiring stories and get encouraged and  grow .
It also helps to support & advice other women .

Registering at the site or app is too easy .
One can do so by Facebook or Google connect  and once registered one can login via email & password . It's  as simple as that .
After registration one  can browse the site or app and join various communities available there .
They have some wonderful communities like that for Health , Beauty & Makeup , News , Finance , Travel , Home Decor , Sports etc .
One can find the Sheroes app  on Google Play and install it on their smartphone easily .

Being a beauty blogger & a beauty enthusiast  I immediately  joined the Beauty & Makeup Community  ( Which has currently more that 3K + members ) .

After browsing it for some time I found  it too interesting with lots of beauty & makeup related queries which were being answered by experts as well as other members .
So when you post a query be ready to get many useful answers and suggestions .

One can get the Best of  Beauty Tips at Sheroes , Real & Honest reviews and experiences from  other members .

I would like to share a post from there which is a DIY for  blackhead removal .
It has been explained well with  ingredients easily available at home :) 
So one can easily follow . 

So we can find many such useful posts there which can benefit us .
We can also share our tips & reviews  to help other members  .
So it's an interactive platform :) 

 Reasons to Join this  Wonderful  Community at Sheroes : 
1. Easy to register and join  .
2 . It's  only for women so one can freely talk or discuss women or kid related issues without worrying it's being read or answered by male members .
3 . Get your queries answered by Experts ( and for every small thing it's not possible to visit a Physician ) .
4. It's  safe & secure , even then if one wants to remain  anonymous , one can  .
Without revealing their identity also one can ask questions and can get help from experts.
5. Getting connected with many other women , so that we can share our experiences and also learn from their tips & advices .

So all these makes Sheroes  Beauty & Makeup  Community  an excellent Platform to  get connected with  Beauty  Experts  &  get useful tips and advices  related to  Skin Care , Hair Care & Makeup .
And the Best Part is it's  Free .
One does not needs to pay anything to join the  community or to register the site .

So do register there or download their app and Join the Beauty & Makeup Community  .
I Love their Tagline  #Think Women Think Sheroes 

Hope  you all liked this post and found it useful  .
Do share your views  if you have checked the site .


Tuesday 23 January 2018

Brands I Have Worked With

                    Image result for logo of

Image result for logo of craftsvilla                              Image result for logo of indiarush


                                  Image result for logo of CARATLANE


Image result for logo of seba med                                 Image result for logo of aveeno baby product

Image result for logo of mother sparsh                               

Image result for logo of  Play Shifu                             Image result for logo of skola toys


                                   Image result for perfico logo


Image result for logo of  mouthshut                               

Image result for LOGO OF momspresso


                                   Image result for logo of Sheer Skinz


Image result for logo of  Auravedic                                   Image result for logo of  Amara organix

Image result for logo of fuschia vkare                             

Image result for logo of  Olivia cosmetics                                 Image result for logo of TBC by nature

Image result for logo of  Herb Boutique                                   Image result for logo of greenbliss

Image result for logo of IRAA                                   Image result for logo of De belle

                                      Image result for logo of Tatha 




Image result for logo of fun foods                        Image result for logo of paper boat


                         Image result for logo of snalthy



Image result for logo of Ariel                       Image result for logo of PANTENE

Image result for logo of Bella                        


                Image result for logo of


Sunday 21 January 2018

Feel Fresh With Ang Tatva Rose Water Mist

Hello Everyone
Back with one more product review from brand Ang Tatva.

Ang Tatva  is an Indian brand which offers home made skin care and hair care products .
Few days back I had reviewed a coffee scrub from this brand ,
One can read the review here : Coffee Bean Scrub Review

One can check the site here :

About the product
This Rose Water Mist from Ang Tatva is a type of  Toner which needs to be applied after washing face with face wash  or some other cleanser like scrub etc .
So it's an integral part of  CTM  routine .

Pure rose water 

Price : Rs 295 for 50 ml 
Shelf  Life  : 3 years 

Product  Packaging 
Product packaging is simple .
The mist comes in a simple plastic bottle with a nozzle at the top from which one can spray it directly on face .
So packaging is good and travel friendly , can be easily carried in a bag or purse to be used when required .

1. Contains pure rose water which is good for skin .
2. Hydrates the skin and one feels fresh after using this mist .
3. Excellent product packaging .
4. Good Shelf  Life .
5. Suitable for all skin type .
6. Regular usage improves skin condition .
7. Free of  harmful chemicals , preservatives , fragrance etc. 

It's available only on online stores , yet to reach local market .

My Experience with the product 
I am using this mist past few weeks and I really liked the product .
Since my skin type is oily , I always use a good toner in my daily routine , So as to control  excessive oil on my face and  a good toner  also helps to shrink the appearance of  pores , there as preventing dirt to enter the skin and thus improves skin condition .
I have used toner from various brands and  this was the first time I tried Ang Tatva Rose water mist , it's  an excellent product as it not only makes one feel fresh but also improves skin condition .
My skin feels less oily then before after using this mist .
Though the price seems bit higher  then toner from some other brands but since the product is good it's Okay .

IBB Rating : 4.5/5 

One can buy this product and other Ang Tatva products from online stores like Nykaa. 

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful .

(* Won this product in a Giveaway )