Tuesday 16 January 2018

Auravedic Clear Skin Serum Review

Hello Everyone
Today I am going to review  a product from famous brand Auravedic .
A product to control acne , it's  Clear Skin Serum .

Auravedic being a  famous Indian brand with so many good products in it's range for Skin care , Hair Care & Body Care offers some useful products to its Customers .
I have tried various products from this brand & found them good .
Recently got to try a Serum from this brand named Clean Skin Serum for no more breakouts .
My skin type being Oily , often get pimples and I always look for some products which can prevent and  treat pimples &  acnes .

About the Product
This serum has amazing ingredient list  with Tea tree oil  , Calendula , Argan Oil etc . It treats acnes without dryness or irritation , fights blemishes and prevents further breakouts.


Price : Rs 450 for 100 ml
                                                              Shelf   Life : 2 years

Product  Packaging 
Product packaging is too good , the Serum comes in a  good quality plastic dispenser , with a nozzle from which little quantity  of product can be taken out , So no wastage & it's  hygienic .

How the Serum Looks  Like 
The Serum is off white in color and has a thick consistency .
Has a nice mild  fragrance .
Gets absorbed in the skin easily .

1. An excellent  product which does what it claims .
2. Has some good ingredients like Tulsi , Calendula , Tea Tree Oil , Neem all of which are good for skin and helps to control oil & fights acnes .
3. Also has Wheatgerm Oil , Jojoba Oil which prevents excessive drying of skin  .
4. Excellent  product packaging which is Travel Friendly too.
5. Its  lightweight and it's moisturizing base hydrates the skin .
6. Free of  Parabnes , Pthalates .
7. Suitable for all Skin Type .

Available only on Online Stores  .

My Experience with the product 
Few weeks  back  I  had  some acnes problems , I was getting pimples frequently on my chin & forehead area .
Tried  some face masks  for oily skin , that helped  to control Oilyness  of  Skin but  I wanted something  which could  control the frequent appearance of pimples .
So tried this Auravedic Clear Skin  Serum .
It  needs to be applied 2-3 times a day after washing & cleaning face with a good  Face Wash .
Usually  the acne cycle takes a week's time or sometimes even 4-6 weeks to go completely  but after applying this serum my Pimples got totally  disappeared  in 3-4 days :) 
And it could also control excessive Oil Secretion from face so  now my face looks Clear & Oil free .

Price of  this product is Rs 450 for 100 ml which initially seemed  higher to me but considering the fact the  it's an Ayurvedic Product with all good ingredients & does it's work well , Price is Okay .

IBB Rating  :  4.8/5 

One can buy this product from Online stores like Amazon or Flipkart ,
One can  also check their  Facebook Page  to know more about the brand and it's products .

Hope you all liked this post  and found it useful , Do share your views if  tried this product .


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