Friday 26 January 2018

Reasons To Join Beauty & Makeup Community @ Sheroes

Hey all
Recently I found an excellent platform for women .
A platform that support and encourages women in career , life & relationships .
I am talking about Sheroes : India's  largest  online community  for women .
A community only for women where they can find everything they are looking for , Job opportunities , their queries answered by experts  in health and beauty section  and can connect with other women .

The Sheroes community  helps and support  women to  get  work from home according to their profile and qualification .
It also helps to  get right career advice and  one can learn courses , read  inspiring stories and get encouraged and  grow .
It also helps to support & advice other women .

Registering at the site or app is too easy .
One can do so by Facebook or Google connect  and once registered one can login via email & password . It's  as simple as that .
After registration one  can browse the site or app and join various communities available there .
They have some wonderful communities like that for Health , Beauty & Makeup , News , Finance , Travel , Home Decor , Sports etc .
One can find the Sheroes app  on Google Play and install it on their smartphone easily .

Being a beauty blogger & a beauty enthusiast  I immediately  joined the Beauty & Makeup Community  ( Which has currently more that 3K + members ) .

After browsing it for some time I found  it too interesting with lots of beauty & makeup related queries which were being answered by experts as well as other members .
So when you post a query be ready to get many useful answers and suggestions .

One can get the Best of  Beauty Tips at Sheroes , Real & Honest reviews and experiences from  other members .

I would like to share a post from there which is a DIY for  blackhead removal .
It has been explained well with  ingredients easily available at home :) 
So one can easily follow . 

So we can find many such useful posts there which can benefit us .
We can also share our tips & reviews  to help other members  .
So it's an interactive platform :) 

 Reasons to Join this  Wonderful  Community at Sheroes : 
1. Easy to register and join  .
2 . It's  only for women so one can freely talk or discuss women or kid related issues without worrying it's being read or answered by male members .
3 . Get your queries answered by Experts ( and for every small thing it's not possible to visit a Physician ) .
4. It's  safe & secure , even then if one wants to remain  anonymous , one can  .
Without revealing their identity also one can ask questions and can get help from experts.
5. Getting connected with many other women , so that we can share our experiences and also learn from their tips & advices .

So all these makes Sheroes  Beauty & Makeup  Community  an excellent Platform to  get connected with  Beauty  Experts  &  get useful tips and advices  related to  Skin Care , Hair Care & Makeup .
And the Best Part is it's  Free .
One does not needs to pay anything to join the  community or to register the site .

So do register there or download their app and Join the Beauty & Makeup Community  .
I Love their Tagline  #Think Women Think Sheroes 

Hope  you all liked this post and found it useful  .
Do share your views  if you have checked the site .


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