Friday 23 February 2018

Risk & Advantages of Late Pregnancy

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Today I am going to discuss few facts on Risk & Advantages of  late Pregnancy .

What are the risk when a lady in her 40's is planning to have a baby.

Risk associated with late Pregnancy :
Researchers have found that women around the age of 40 have a 25 % chance of getting pregnant using their  own eggs . Although the number is hardly encouraging , getting pregnant in your 40's isn't entirely impossible either . There is no reason to lose hope . You will need a well equipped medical facility and an experienced  gynecologist in Bangalore. You will also need to set your expectations right . Here are some of the downside of  late pregnancy .

1. Getting  Pregnant  becomes more difficult
As you age , it  becomes harder to get pregnant .
This is because rate of egg supply decreases as you age .
Older eggs are less likely to get fertilized and more likely to develop chromosomal problems .
As a result there are chances of  miscarriage  and birth defects  in child .
Some of the leading  gynecologist in Bangalore  advice artificial fertilization techniques like IVF  for assured pregnancy at this age .

2. Problems during Pregnancy
Once you achieve pregnancy either  naturally or artificially, you may develop certain  health  problems. This could be diabetes or high blood pressure . How ever , such conditions lasts only during pregnancy and you may be fine after delivery .

3. Low birth weight
Many mothers are concerns that  their baby would have low birth weight .
This could be avoided with the right diet  and following doctor's suggestion .
In some cases babies born to older mothers need to be kept in incubator  for a few weeks for complete  growth and development .

Advantages  of  Late  Pregnancy
While there are risks, there are also certain advantages of  having children late .
If you are already 40 and planning on having a baby do remember to focus on the positives.
For instance , You are more mature then you were at younger age .
You are also probably well settled in your carrier and more financially secure than earlier.
Most importantly you know your partner for longer and have had the time to form a deeper understanding . You'd be able to make better choices for your child as he/she grows .

You need Good Care & Guidance
No doubt , the risks associated with pregnancy increases when you are older . The good news is that these risks can be minimized with the right guidance.  It's  important to consult an experienced doctor.
Some of  the  best gynecologist  are in  Bangalore and you can find them at hospitals that specialize in child delivery and use the latest  equipment . Ensure that you undergo all the required tests  and investigations  and follow every advice given by your doctor .

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Tuesday 20 February 2018

5 Must Try Dishes of Hyderabad #SuperBloggerChallenge2018

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Hello Everyone
Back With an Interesting post on Food & Cuisine.

I  am in  Hyderabad past many years so have literally tried all its dishes & Hyderabadi Cuisine.
Hyderabadi Cuisine is basically bit Sour & Spicy , Rich & Delicious with variety of spices & dry fruits used .
The List of delicious Hyderabadi Dishes is too long :)
In this post I am briefly describing the 5 Must Try Ones.

Hyderabadi Biryani popularly known as Dum Ki Biryani is one of the most popular dish here .
It's a perfect blend of  Rice , Meat , Spices , Dry Fruits and has heavenly taste .
Visitors from any part of  the world do try this Dish here .
It's much different from Biryani of  North India like Awadhi Biryani  or Lucknowi  Biryani .
It has a rich taste and is bit spicy  .
One can enjoy this at any popular Restaurant or Hotel in Hyderabad .
Is served with Raitaa , Mirchi ka Salaan or Baghare Baigaan .

Haleem is a Type of  Stew  made from meat , various lentils , pounded wheat , spices , onions , dry fruits , Ghee .
It was introduced in Hyderabad  by the Chaush People during Nizam's time .
And it's one of the Most Popular Dish here .
Specially during the holy month of Ramzaan  people crave for it like anything as during Ramzaan its available at all restaurants &  hotels .
The most famous  one being of Pista House , which also exports haleem to gulf and few other  other countries .
I have tried this dish many a times and love it's taste , so good & delicious .
It's nutritious as it's like a complete meal  with goodness of wheat , Lentils , Meat & Dry fruits .
Now even Veg  Haleem are available where vegetables are used in place of  meat .

Khatti  Daal is a popular dish in Andhra & Telengana .
Made with Lentils , Tamarind Pulp , Tomatoes , Lime Juice it tastes bit sour & tangy so called Khatti Daal .
Why I found it so interesting is Being a North Indian I never had tried any such dish , What max   I was knowing was  Sambhaar  , But when I heard a lot about this daal and checked I found it too good  :) 
It can be enjoyed with Rice or Roti  , tastes good with both .

Again this was a new dish for me which  I have never heard of when in North India .
It's a popular sweet dish here which one can see almost on every occasion of function , parties etc .
It's made from dried apricot and is garnished with dry fruits like almonds and with fresh Cream .
It tastes good and  is quite different from any other sweet dish .

Irani Chai or Sheer Chai is again very popular here .
It was introduced by Persians here .
It is one of the specialities of Hyderabad .
One needs lots of ingredients to prepare this like Milk , Sugar , Green Cardamom , Cinnamon , Cloves , Fresh Cream  etc .
It is slowly brewed with spices and then  milk , cream & sugar is added .
I love it's taste and  can have it any time .
One can easily enjoy this at any Restaurant or Hotel or Chai khana( Small hotels  for tea)
And the best part is it's not expensive , so everyone enjoys it :) 
It is served with Osmania Biscuit , a special type of Cookies prepared here in all bakeries .

So these were the 5 Must-Try  Dishes of  Hyderabad.
There are many more which I will try to cover in another post :) 
Do tell me if you have tried any of these, would love to know :)


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Friday 16 February 2018

Tips for Healthy Grocery Shopping #SuperBloggerChallenge2018

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Cooking Healthy Meals is a bit challenging as one needs to keep in mind both nutrition & taste.
Especially for small kids as usually kids are fussy eaters and do not like vegetables and are keen to munch unhealthy snacks.
The first step for cooking a healthy meal is  " To shop Healthy Grocery for your Family "

In this post I will share some Tips How to Shop Healthy for Your  Meals .

1. Make a List
Many a times we do not prepare the grocery list and simply buy what we see at super stores or malls .
This habit is not good as we miss few items as well most of times we buy unnecessary  stuffs .
One should plan weekly meals and buy grocery accordingly .
So that all the food items are being used and finished in that week only .

2. Food items like Rice , Cereals , Dried beans and ones that do not perish quickly can be brought in bulk  so as to save some money .

3. Buy  Whole foods instead of  buying cooked ones .
Cooked food products like Curries , Paratha's  have some preservatives in it , also salt content of these products are higher , so better to avoid such as they are unhealthy & expensive .
One can easily cook such dishes at home which are fresh & healthier .

4. For Fruits & Vegetables one can buy it from local vendors rather then from Superstores as local vendors bring fresh ones and many a times price is less than what's available at mall or superstores .

5. With kids one needs to buy some snacks , Try to buy Healthy snacks like Dry Fruits ( Almonds , Pistachios etc )  which they will eat rather then buying unhealthy snacks like cookies & candies .
Once in a while we can give them cookies & candies but regular consumption is not good.

6. Again for Fish , Chicken or Mutton better to buy fresh ones rather then frozen ones .

7.  Do check  expiry date of all packed food items so as to avoid any health problem later on .

8. If possible try to read ingredients of packed food items , so as to know amount of salt , sugar , preservatives & Calories in it , so as to do a wise shopping and avoid food loaded with calories .

9. Avoid  Soft drinks , Colas as they are too bad for health , Try to buy Fruit juices .
Again one needs to check sugar content in it , try to get ones which are sugar free or have less sugar in it .

10 .One can opt for Plain Yogurt rather than flavored ones as they have good amount of sugar in it , one can add fresh fruits at home to make it  more delicious .

11. One can buy fresh & colorful veggies like Beetroot , Carrot , Tomato to make  healthy soup at home rather than buying  Ready made Soups which have lots of preservatives & food color ( which are bad for health )

12. Try to buy Organic foods :  fruits , vegetables & lentils .
Though they are bit expensive than regular ones but are healthy .

This way one can do Healthy Grocery Shopping .

One can try to make simple but delicious dishes at home which all will like .
Instead of making same boring  stuffs  one can always try new and different recipes ( One can take help from Youtube Videos or any Recipe book )

Home cooked food are far better than what's available outside as we never know how they are cooked : Hygiene factor , Oil used , amount of salt , sugar or  spices , freshness of the food product etc.

This way we can make our family eat healthy food and also save some money and have  peace of mind :)

Hope You all liked this post and found it useful.


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Tuesday 13 February 2018

How Smartphone Addiction Can Ruin Couple Relationship

Smartphones or Mobiles have become as essential as food & water , we can't stay away from our phones for long , we all are hooked to it , checking messages and spending or wasting lot of time there .
Earlier in 90's when mobile phones were  introduced , it was for official purpose and was owned by few , with passage of  time and with  new technologies and developments every year we got to see new and better versions of  mobile phones and now after two decades , Smartphones & iPhones are  part of everyone's  life .
Irony of situation is we can't imagine our life without it .
Whatsapp , Facebook , Instagram , Youtube , Alarm , camera , Google etc etc , for anything & everything we are dependent on it .
For work purpose , it's  Excellent . It's like a  Genie granting all your wish :)
* Chatting with friends
* Clicking Selfies
* Placing online order etc

But getting obsessed with the device  is too bad for health reasons  as well for  Relationships as when we get addicted to our gadgets like Phones , iPads , Laptops  we spend less time with real people and more time in the virtual world .
I have seen people spending their free time with gadgets and not meeting anyone in neighbourhood and just living in a Virtual world thinking that they are doing good by maintaining  relationship on net .  How ridiculous is that .

 How Smartphone addiction can ruin couple relationship :
Gone are the days when our Fathers used to come early from office in the evening and spend entire time  with family . Now working professionals  have odd timings , specially  when both are working . Both husband & wife have hectic schedule , completing their assignments & works .
So they are left with little time on weekdays and some good time on weekends BUT  instead of  spending that time as a Quality time , they waste it on their gadgets or smartphones by chatting with friends or playing some silly games .
This can ruin couple relationship as they are not giving time to each other .
 A Couple  relationship is like a Small Plant  which needs to nurtured to grow .
And giving quality time is one of the most important aspect of it  .
They need to talk  so that they can understand each other better , can understand  their problems & feelings , can give emotional support to each other when needed or else  it causes a huge Communication Gap which is too bad .

There is even a term called  Phubbing which means  Ignoring the person in front of you for your Smartphone .
This is too bad as it makes your loved ones feel unwanted & rejected .

Now How to Stop This :
There are simple ways which we can follow to make our loved ones specially spouse come out of this Smartphone  addiction & Phubbing .

* Set a mobile free time when both partners will switch off their phones and spend Quality time with each other . ( One can check missed calls & messages later on and can respond )

* Smartphones can be used at home when the other partner is busy with some other work , when free try to spend time together  .

* Stop wasting time on social media sites connecting with endless peoples and ignoring & neglecting the one at home .

* Go for Digital Detox
Means if possible on holidays or weekends  try  to Switch off your smartphones and spend time with spouse , kids , relatives rather then being in a Virtual world making Virtual friends on Social media Sites , Meet Real People and be in a Realistic World :)

* Whenever  possible go for  Vacation , forgetting your smartphones , enjoying your free  with your loved ones and using your phones just as a basic thing not more then that .

* Stop  talking  selfies  everywhere , we don't need to update all our moves  and impress the world , rather enjoy that time to fullest without thinking anything else :)
Selfies can be also be taken when net is off , so that we can upload that on social media sites later on .

* Switch off your phone before going to bed , at meals , during important events .

* Get rid of unnecessary apps .

* Keep a Feature phone for making calls and switch off  your smartphones for some time.

Hope these Tips are Useful :)

Initially it sounds too difficult but  is possible as I am doing  So :)
So give it a Try .

The last thing I do is Switch off  all Gadgets & even Wi -Fi at home and ask everyone to stay together. Kids & Hubby , Initial Reaction was not good but finally everyone understood & agreed :)

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Wednesday 7 February 2018

Benefits of Using Polarized & UV Sunglasses

Hello Everyone
Back with  a new post on Sunglasses .

Sunglasses are not just a Fashion Accessory but a basic  requirement these days as they protect our eyes from harmful sun rays like the UV rays and  protects our eyes from various  conditions like Cataract , Macular degeneration , Blurred vision etc .

Of the various types of sunglasses available in market , some are too good some are not . Depends upon the brand & quality of product .
The Best ones are Polarized + UV  one as they have numerous benefits .
Polarized sunglasses are coated  with a special chemical film that helps to reduce glare .
By neutralizing glare , Polarized lenses helps to see objects more clearly and also helps to reduce harmful effects of UV rays .

The non polarized glasses can only  block intense light but the polarized ones block the glare from reflected light , so are better .

People who spend more time outdoors like Players , Bikers  need a good Polarized Sunglasses  for protection of their eyes .
Even people who spend good time outdoors should use these Polarized Sunglasses .

Today Polarized  Sunglasses are easily available on Online Stores as well as Physical  Stores in Top Indian Cities .
When I was looking for  Polarized Sunglasses  on Indian Online Store I came across some good ones  at Titan Eye Plus . It's  an online store where one can buy  Sunglasses , Eyeglasses , Lens etc .

While browsing I saw some Cool designs , which not only looks  fashionable & trendy but also are affordable :)
These  Polarized sunglasses are available in various colors & designs to suit different personality .
And they are in range Rs 1200 to Rs 10,000 .
So one can choose according to their budget .
Have a look on some of it's  designs :

Titan Black Rimmed Aviator Sunglasses is available at an affordable price of   Rs 2857 only .
And it looks too good & stylish .
Perfect to match with a beach outfit .

One can filter these Polarized Sunglasses by various parameters like : 

What  I  Liked about these Sunglasses 
* They are from a Reputed Brand  Titan so of  good quality .
( One can trust the brand ) 
* Various colors & designs are available and one can choose as per their taste .
* Affordable price .
* Free Shipping & COD is available at the store , so one can place order easily .
* These Polarized sunglasses are Must Have for Indian climate where in winter also we have good amount of sunlight .

Do check the site and  the Polarized Sunglasses  and buy one which you like .

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful  .


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Monday 5 February 2018

Best Family Vacation in America with Kids

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Hello Everyone
Back with an interesting post on  My vacation  in America .

I am travelling past few weeks to different cities in America .
Came here in December 2017 with kids .
Since this is  the first time we came here , we all are  too excited and happy .
And it's a Dream Vacation for us .
The first city which I saw here is Seattle in the West Coast .
An IT hub and a beautiful place .
Then travelled to Portland which is again in the West coast  and stayed there for about a month as my hubby was working there . Visited many places there , will try to cover few in this post :)

 View  of  a lovely  Waterfall  in Portland .

Beaverton -Oregon Road 
Since it was a cloudy day , one can see clouds  everywhere , even on mountains :)

This is Hood River in Oregon .

One of the houses at beach area .

Enjoying  Sand & Surf  :) 

One weekend we have been to Oregon  Zoo .

Oregon Zoo was too good and  we saw many animals there and kids were too excited to  see so many animals there .

Reason  I am Loving this Vacation 
* My first US trip .
* Much needed one as  was away from hubby for quite a long time because of  his professional commitments .
* Vacation is a Time to Unplug  and recharge yourself away from our regular routine and monotonous work which becomes boring after some time .
* US  has some lovely vacation spots and  the country itself  is so good and beautiful that  one gets amazed & mesmerized  by natural beauty .
*Since winter kids enjoying snowfall  which was not there in Hyderabad .
* One learns many new things on these vacations as every city has a Tale to tell :) 

I have already visited some  cities Like Seattle , Oregon , Portland , Denver , Kansas City , Missouri .
And found all of  them too good & beautiful , with lots of natural beauty .
Will try to cover some more areas in my next Travel Post :) 

This post is a part of  #WhatILove  Series .
What I Loved   this  month is  my Vacation  in  US :) 

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