Tuesday 20 February 2018

5 Must Try Dishes of Hyderabad #SuperBloggerChallenge2018

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Hello Everyone
Back With an Interesting post on Food & Cuisine.

I  am in  Hyderabad past many years so have literally tried all its dishes & Hyderabadi Cuisine.
Hyderabadi Cuisine is basically bit Sour & Spicy , Rich & Delicious with variety of spices & dry fruits used .
The List of delicious Hyderabadi Dishes is too long :)
In this post I am briefly describing the 5 Must Try Ones.

Hyderabadi Biryani popularly known as Dum Ki Biryani is one of the most popular dish here .
It's a perfect blend of  Rice , Meat , Spices , Dry Fruits and has heavenly taste .
Visitors from any part of  the world do try this Dish here .
It's much different from Biryani of  North India like Awadhi Biryani  or Lucknowi  Biryani .
It has a rich taste and is bit spicy  .
One can enjoy this at any popular Restaurant or Hotel in Hyderabad .
Is served with Raitaa , Mirchi ka Salaan or Baghare Baigaan .

Haleem is a Type of  Stew  made from meat , various lentils , pounded wheat , spices , onions , dry fruits , Ghee .
It was introduced in Hyderabad  by the Chaush People during Nizam's time .
And it's one of the Most Popular Dish here .
Specially during the holy month of Ramzaan  people crave for it like anything as during Ramzaan its available at all restaurants &  hotels .
The most famous  one being of Pista House , which also exports haleem to gulf and few other  other countries .
I have tried this dish many a times and love it's taste , so good & delicious .
It's nutritious as it's like a complete meal  with goodness of wheat , Lentils , Meat & Dry fruits .
Now even Veg  Haleem are available where vegetables are used in place of  meat .

Khatti  Daal is a popular dish in Andhra & Telengana .
Made with Lentils , Tamarind Pulp , Tomatoes , Lime Juice it tastes bit sour & tangy so called Khatti Daal .
Why I found it so interesting is Being a North Indian I never had tried any such dish , What max   I was knowing was  Sambhaar  , But when I heard a lot about this daal and checked I found it too good  :) 
It can be enjoyed with Rice or Roti  , tastes good with both .

Again this was a new dish for me which  I have never heard of when in North India .
It's a popular sweet dish here which one can see almost on every occasion of function , parties etc .
It's made from dried apricot and is garnished with dry fruits like almonds and with fresh Cream .
It tastes good and  is quite different from any other sweet dish .

Irani Chai or Sheer Chai is again very popular here .
It was introduced by Persians here .
It is one of the specialities of Hyderabad .
One needs lots of ingredients to prepare this like Milk , Sugar , Green Cardamom , Cinnamon , Cloves , Fresh Cream  etc .
It is slowly brewed with spices and then  milk , cream & sugar is added .
I love it's taste and  can have it any time .
One can easily enjoy this at any Restaurant or Hotel or Chai khana( Small hotels  for tea)
And the best part is it's not expensive , so everyone enjoys it :) 
It is served with Osmania Biscuit , a special type of Cookies prepared here in all bakeries .

So these were the 5 Must-Try  Dishes of  Hyderabad.
There are many more which I will try to cover in another post :) 
Do tell me if you have tried any of these, would love to know :)


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Ritu said...

Nothing compares to the Hyderabadi Kachchi Biryani. And the Baghare Baigan. Thanks for rekindling some old memories.