Wednesday 7 February 2018

Benefits of Using Polarized & UV Sunglasses

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Sunglasses are not just a Fashion Accessory but a basic  requirement these days as they protect our eyes from harmful sun rays like the UV rays and  protects our eyes from various  conditions like Cataract , Macular degeneration , Blurred vision etc .

Of the various types of sunglasses available in market , some are too good some are not . Depends upon the brand & quality of product .
The Best ones are Polarized + UV  one as they have numerous benefits .
Polarized sunglasses are coated  with a special chemical film that helps to reduce glare .
By neutralizing glare , Polarized lenses helps to see objects more clearly and also helps to reduce harmful effects of UV rays .

The non polarized glasses can only  block intense light but the polarized ones block the glare from reflected light , so are better .

People who spend more time outdoors like Players , Bikers  need a good Polarized Sunglasses  for protection of their eyes .
Even people who spend good time outdoors should use these Polarized Sunglasses .

Today Polarized  Sunglasses are easily available on Online Stores as well as Physical  Stores in Top Indian Cities .
When I was looking for  Polarized Sunglasses  on Indian Online Store I came across some good ones  at Titan Eye Plus . It's  an online store where one can buy  Sunglasses , Eyeglasses , Lens etc .

While browsing I saw some Cool designs , which not only looks  fashionable & trendy but also are affordable :)
These  Polarized sunglasses are available in various colors & designs to suit different personality .
And they are in range Rs 1200 to Rs 10,000 .
So one can choose according to their budget .
Have a look on some of it's  designs :

Titan Black Rimmed Aviator Sunglasses is available at an affordable price of   Rs 2857 only .
And it looks too good & stylish .
Perfect to match with a beach outfit .

One can filter these Polarized Sunglasses by various parameters like : 

What  I  Liked about these Sunglasses 
* They are from a Reputed Brand  Titan so of  good quality .
( One can trust the brand ) 
* Various colors & designs are available and one can choose as per their taste .
* Affordable price .
* Free Shipping & COD is available at the store , so one can place order easily .
* These Polarized sunglasses are Must Have for Indian climate where in winter also we have good amount of sunlight .

Do check the site and  the Polarized Sunglasses  and buy one which you like .

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(* Sponsored  post with my opinion about the brand & it's  products ) 

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