Tuesday 13 February 2018

How Smartphone Addiction Can Ruin Couple Relationship

Smartphones or Mobiles have become as essential as food & water , we can't stay away from our phones for long , we all are hooked to it , checking messages and spending or wasting lot of time there .
Earlier in 90's when mobile phones were  introduced , it was for official purpose and was owned by few , with passage of  time and with  new technologies and developments every year we got to see new and better versions of  mobile phones and now after two decades , Smartphones & iPhones are  part of everyone's  life .
Irony of situation is we can't imagine our life without it .
Whatsapp , Facebook , Instagram , Youtube , Alarm , camera , Google etc etc , for anything & everything we are dependent on it .
For work purpose , it's  Excellent . It's like a  Genie granting all your wish :)
* Chatting with friends
* Clicking Selfies
* Placing online order etc

But getting obsessed with the device  is too bad for health reasons  as well for  Relationships as when we get addicted to our gadgets like Phones , iPads , Laptops  we spend less time with real people and more time in the virtual world .
I have seen people spending their free time with gadgets and not meeting anyone in neighbourhood and just living in a Virtual world thinking that they are doing good by maintaining  relationship on net .  How ridiculous is that .

 How Smartphone addiction can ruin couple relationship :
Gone are the days when our Fathers used to come early from office in the evening and spend entire time  with family . Now working professionals  have odd timings , specially  when both are working . Both husband & wife have hectic schedule , completing their assignments & works .
So they are left with little time on weekdays and some good time on weekends BUT  instead of  spending that time as a Quality time , they waste it on their gadgets or smartphones by chatting with friends or playing some silly games .
This can ruin couple relationship as they are not giving time to each other .
 A Couple  relationship is like a Small Plant  which needs to nurtured to grow .
And giving quality time is one of the most important aspect of it  .
They need to talk  so that they can understand each other better , can understand  their problems & feelings , can give emotional support to each other when needed or else  it causes a huge Communication Gap which is too bad .

There is even a term called  Phubbing which means  Ignoring the person in front of you for your Smartphone .
This is too bad as it makes your loved ones feel unwanted & rejected .

Now How to Stop This :
There are simple ways which we can follow to make our loved ones specially spouse come out of this Smartphone  addiction & Phubbing .

* Set a mobile free time when both partners will switch off their phones and spend Quality time with each other . ( One can check missed calls & messages later on and can respond )

* Smartphones can be used at home when the other partner is busy with some other work , when free try to spend time together  .

* Stop wasting time on social media sites connecting with endless peoples and ignoring & neglecting the one at home .

* Go for Digital Detox
Means if possible on holidays or weekends  try  to Switch off your smartphones and spend time with spouse , kids , relatives rather then being in a Virtual world making Virtual friends on Social media Sites , Meet Real People and be in a Realistic World :)

* Whenever  possible go for  Vacation , forgetting your smartphones , enjoying your free  with your loved ones and using your phones just as a basic thing not more then that .

* Stop  talking  selfies  everywhere , we don't need to update all our moves  and impress the world , rather enjoy that time to fullest without thinking anything else :)
Selfies can be also be taken when net is off , so that we can upload that on social media sites later on .

* Switch off your phone before going to bed , at meals , during important events .

* Get rid of unnecessary apps .

* Keep a Feature phone for making calls and switch off  your smartphones for some time.

Hope these Tips are Useful :)

Initially it sounds too difficult but  is possible as I am doing  So :)
So give it a Try .

The last thing I do is Switch off  all Gadgets & even Wi -Fi at home and ask everyone to stay together. Kids & Hubby , Initial Reaction was not good but finally everyone understood & agreed :)

I am writing this post as a part of  #WhatILove   Series  by Blogger Zainab Raazi  of blog SlimExpectations . Do Check her blog  and bloggers can participate in this series .


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