Friday 16 February 2018

Tips for Healthy Grocery Shopping #SuperBloggerChallenge2018

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Cooking Healthy Meals is a bit challenging as one needs to keep in mind both nutrition & taste.
Especially for small kids as usually kids are fussy eaters and do not like vegetables and are keen to munch unhealthy snacks.
The first step for cooking a healthy meal is  " To shop Healthy Grocery for your Family "

In this post I will share some Tips How to Shop Healthy for Your  Meals .

1. Make a List
Many a times we do not prepare the grocery list and simply buy what we see at super stores or malls .
This habit is not good as we miss few items as well most of times we buy unnecessary  stuffs .
One should plan weekly meals and buy grocery accordingly .
So that all the food items are being used and finished in that week only .

2. Food items like Rice , Cereals , Dried beans and ones that do not perish quickly can be brought in bulk  so as to save some money .

3. Buy  Whole foods instead of  buying cooked ones .
Cooked food products like Curries , Paratha's  have some preservatives in it , also salt content of these products are higher , so better to avoid such as they are unhealthy & expensive .
One can easily cook such dishes at home which are fresh & healthier .

4. For Fruits & Vegetables one can buy it from local vendors rather then from Superstores as local vendors bring fresh ones and many a times price is less than what's available at mall or superstores .

5. With kids one needs to buy some snacks , Try to buy Healthy snacks like Dry Fruits ( Almonds , Pistachios etc )  which they will eat rather then buying unhealthy snacks like cookies & candies .
Once in a while we can give them cookies & candies but regular consumption is not good.

6. Again for Fish , Chicken or Mutton better to buy fresh ones rather then frozen ones .

7.  Do check  expiry date of all packed food items so as to avoid any health problem later on .

8. If possible try to read ingredients of packed food items , so as to know amount of salt , sugar , preservatives & Calories in it , so as to do a wise shopping and avoid food loaded with calories .

9. Avoid  Soft drinks , Colas as they are too bad for health , Try to buy Fruit juices .
Again one needs to check sugar content in it , try to get ones which are sugar free or have less sugar in it .

10 .One can opt for Plain Yogurt rather than flavored ones as they have good amount of sugar in it , one can add fresh fruits at home to make it  more delicious .

11. One can buy fresh & colorful veggies like Beetroot , Carrot , Tomato to make  healthy soup at home rather than buying  Ready made Soups which have lots of preservatives & food color ( which are bad for health )

12. Try to buy Organic foods :  fruits , vegetables & lentils .
Though they are bit expensive than regular ones but are healthy .

This way one can do Healthy Grocery Shopping .

One can try to make simple but delicious dishes at home which all will like .
Instead of making same boring  stuffs  one can always try new and different recipes ( One can take help from Youtube Videos or any Recipe book )

Home cooked food are far better than what's available outside as we never know how they are cooked : Hygiene factor , Oil used , amount of salt , sugar or  spices , freshness of the food product etc.

This way we can make our family eat healthy food and also save some money and have  peace of mind :)

Hope You all liked this post and found it useful.


This article is written as a part of  #SuperBloggerChallenge2018 
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