Sunday, 4 March 2018

Benefits of Eating Local Foods #SuperBloggerChallenge2018

Thanks to Globalisation , World is a Global Village now .
Sitting in a small town in India  one can place order for stuffs from  other countries .
For Apparels , Cosmetics  , Books or other stuff's it's Okay but for food products it's not good and is  not a healthy option .
In today's post I will discuss the benefit of eating local foods .

Local food is the food grown locally , in your area near to your city or town .
Mostly from near by villages .

Local food are allowed to ripen naturally , where as food that has to travel long distance are plucked before they ripe and  are loaded with preservatives for longer shelf  life  .
Fruits & Vegetables that we buy from local vendors are fresh with less preservatives .
So local food retain more nutrients and are healthier.

Since they are fresh they taste better than the ones transported from far off places .
One can feel the natural flavor of these local foods .
Specially seasonal fruits and vegetables  taste good then preserved ones .
Mangoes in Summer & Red Carrots in winters have a distinct taste  which we can not get if we try the preserved ones in other seasons .

 Buying local food means less transportation and thus less air pollution .
So they are boon to the environment .

Buying local food supports farmers & vendors in our area and thus helps local economy .
It's like supporting you state & country and helping the economy , empowering local farmers and making their life better .

They are safer as less preservatives are used .
Chances of contamination while handling & transport is less .

So these are the  benefits of eating local foods .
So by eating local food we are not only helping  our economy and local farmers but also we are  helping ourselves by eating healthier .

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful :)

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