Thursday 22 March 2018

Benefits of Using Herbal & Organic Beauty Products #SuperBloggerChallenge2018

Being a  Beauty  Blogger  I am being asked many times about the benefits of using Organic & Natural Beauty Products which includes  Skin Care & Make Up both.
People do ask me Why to buy such expensive organic skin care products , what's wrong with the ones we are using since ages ?
I have explained this to many about the ill effects of  harmful chemicals in these products and why choosing a herbal or organic one is better in long run .
Today in this post I will try to cover few important points on this topic.

Research says Women on an average  put  168 + chemicals on their bodies every day , it's through skin care  products , hair care products  , cosmetics , Perfumes , Mists etc .

First we should know about the chemicals frequently found in beauty products .

They are used as preservatives in most of the beauty products .
Can cause hormonal imbalance , early puberty and other health problems .
Mostly found in shampoos .
Can cause problem in Kidney & Liver .
They are surfactant .
These are found in Shampoos , Car wash etc .
Can cause Skin allergy , depression .
Can cause Skin irritation or Allergy .
They are found in sunscreen creams & lotions .
Common names of these chemicals are  Avabenzone , Benzophenone , PABA etc .
These chemicals are easily absorbed by the body and are endocrine disruptors .
It is a Petrochemical derived  from  Petroleum or  Coal  Tar sources .
They can affect respiratory system and cause skin allergy .

So now one can understand what we have been using since childhood and how harmful it was to us and how harmful it is if we continue to use it  .
Now we have the option to switch over to better products which are chemical  free and toxin free .
Yes I am talking  about Organic , Herbal  & Natural  Products .
Past few years  we have seen a boom in this  industry , specially on  online media as more & more people are becoming aware of  the  situation .
Though  bit expensive these natural brands are much better than the regular  ones  which are loaded with harmful chemicals and toxins .


1. They are better for your skin & health .
Products from these herbal & organic brands have less or no chemicals in it .
They use natural ingredients and many of them are  fragrance free , color free ,  preservative-free .
So they are safer .
Many of them have less shelf  life like that of 6-8 months only and some of them are needed to be kept in refrigerator as they are preservative free .
I have used many such products and found them too good & effective .

2.  Free of Harsh Chemicals 
As discussed above these products are free of harmful chemicals .

3. Eco Friendly 
These products are eco friendly as they have minimal or no chemicals.

4. They are Gentle on Skin 
Since they contain natural ingredients , they are gentle on skin .
Like moisturizers from these natural brands have Cocoa Butter , Shea Butter in it which are too good for skin .

5. Protect  the Skin from Premature Ageing 
These organic skin care & beauty products have good amount of anti oxidants , Vitamins in it thus they help to protect the skin from premature ageing .

6. Prevents  Hair Fall & Hair problems 
Hair fall is such a common thing now , even younger generation is facing this problem 
Reasons : Poor eating habit , stress , pollution , hair styling devices , chemical laden products etc .
When one is using herbal hair products like shampoo , conditioner or  oils , one is actually doing good to themselves as these products prevents hair fall and other hair problems .
As these natural products  are rich in natural ingredients like some good oils , henna , some herbs etc .

So better to switch over to these herbal & organic products for our own betterment.

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful.
Do share your views on this topic in the comment section below.


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