Thursday 15 March 2018

How Blogging Made Me Famous #SuperBloggerChallenge2018

Hello Everyone
Back with an interesting post on my Blogging  Journey.
Earlier also I had done some posts on this topic and shared  the insight into my blogging journey .
Today I will  share some more :)
I will share  How Blogging Made Me famous :)

I started my Blogging Career  some three years back and it had  been a wonderful Journey & Experience .
Before starting my own blog I was writing for few sites like Mouthshut.Com , UserReviewed.Com , Adytude.Com etc .
I was earning good from these  sites and  learned  a lot on writing good and detailed reviews of products and services .
At Adytude one needs to rate & review ads ( Commercial  advertisements )  , that was also fun .

The First  Turning  Point  in my blogging career  was  when  I had won a Car from Adytude.
Yes a Car :)  Datsun Go .
For being active member of  that site users get some gift cards like that of Amazon & Flipkart , which I was getting .
Every six months or once in a year they chose  a Top Performer who is eligible for a Grand Prize .
So in the year  2016  I  was chosen as the Top Performer and my Prize was a  Datsun Go.

Initially I could not  believe what has happened , then  slowly accepted it and was on Cloud9 .
That gave me a  sufficient  moral boost to continue  this as my profession .

Next  was  when  last Year  I saw my name in the list of   Top  Beauty  Bloggers in India :)
That was a great feeling of  success and  achievement .

Next  was when I attended  a  Blogger's  Meet  last  year in  my city Hyderabad  .
That was again a  wonderful  experience .
Meeting  fellow bloggers , some PR managers and having lots of fun .

The  event  was  organized  by Johnson & Johnson and Mycity4kids .

So all these made me quite famous in blogging circle as well in my personal life and people started knowing me as a  Blogger  .

Since niche of my blog is  beauty , have done product reviews for many brands and if  I sum up , have collaborated  with  50+ brands  including some International ones .
My Reviews are mainly 
* Beauty Product reviews 
* Baby Care products 
* Website Reviews 
Have done lots of  Barter as well as Paid Collaboration .
And happy that my work keeps me busy throughout the month and  at the end of month I do compile and list  collaboration done in that month along with earnings & expenditures like doing giveaways , buying subscription box etc .
With every collaboration I  have made good relationship  with PR's , Brand Owners , Fellow Bloggers etc .
So can say now my blogging circle is too big with some lovely people as my close friends.
And every appreciation mail or message from PR's , Blog Readers , Fellow Blogger's is good enough to keep me going .

Some three years back I was not so famous online , was connected with just few friends and relatives on facebook . But with blogging  I  became famous with a good follower  base on various social media sites .
People started knowing me by my work .
In fact many blog readers became my good friends , have met some here in Hyderabad.
They do consult me before buying any beauty product :) 
Even some of my relatives like my aunts take tips from me on Beauty product shopping :) 
That makes me feel like have become a  Beauty Expert now :) 

Also I won few Blogging Contests at  blogging sites like  Indiblogger  &  Blogadda .
Competing with blogger's  all over  the country and  winning gives  so much of  happiness and  a sense of  Pride . 

So all these gives a feeling of  happiness & satisfaction .

If   I  Sum up my  Blogging  Journey it would be :
* A perfect  work  from home for a busy mom like me .
* Creative  Satisfaction.
* Exploring new areas and Learning new things now and then .
*Sense of  Satisfaction .
* Name , Fame & Little Money .
* Good  Friends .

And last but not  the least  it gave me 

Some thing which is so valuable and special.

Blogging gave me lot of happiness :) 
So can say  HAPPY  TO  BE  A  BLOGGER 

A Perfect  Career  Option for a person like me .

So this was the insight of  my  Blogging Journey.

I hope You all liked this post and found it useful.
Would like to read your comments on this post :) 

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