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How To Stay Healthy With Instacuppa #SuperBloggerChallenge2018

Health is Wealth  and staying healthy is not that difficult  .
It needs little management & dedication .
Well planned healthy meals , little of  exercise and most important a positive mind set .
Dieting should not means starvation as it leads to other problems like lack of essential nutrients in body and feeling low but  it should be a healthy diet with healthy drinks .

A well planned diet includes  healthy foods & healthy drinks .
That helps to lose and maintain weight  and also one feels energetic & healthy and thus Happy :)
We have done lots of research on healthy diets & diet plans , Now let's  discuss  and explore on healthy drinks .
With the term healthy drink the first thing that comes to mind is Fruit Juices .
Fresh fruit juices are too good for health  , the one prepared at home .
But sadly many people do not have time to prepare that at home .
They go for ready made ones , the ones available in market with fancy packaging & Tags like Healthy & Sugar Free etc , but are they really Sugar Free ? NO
Most of them are loaded with sugar and preservatives , which is bad for health .
So in place of  doing good they could harm the body .
Better to  avoid such drinks .
So the next option that comes is  Infused  Fruit  Drinks  , which are gaining popularity these days because of  their health benefits .

Now What is a Infused  Fruit  Drink  ?
It is a type of  Detox drink which helps to eliminate toxins from body .

How can it be Prepared ?
One need to add washed  fruits , vegetables , herbs to  water and let  it  get infused for few hours so that it's ready to drink .
But for that one needs a good quality infuser .

Today I will share about a brand which has some superb products which can be used to prepare such  Infused drinks and is easily available online in India .

I am talking about Instacuppa .
A brand which has some  excellent products to make healthy drinks .

All Instacuppa products are  100%  BPA  Free , Lightweight , Durable .
They try to minimize the use of plastic and go for glass or bamboo which are healthy alternatives .
One can prepare variety of  healthy recipes and drinks using Instacuppa products .

Some of  it's products :


One can easily make fruit infused drink using this  Fruit Infuser  .
One needs to take out the infuser rod and fill it with fruits & herbs like mint etc then  close the lid and put it back  in the bottle , fill the main jar with water and let it get infused for some hours and then enjoy the healthy drink .
Available at an  affordable  price of   Rs 999 after discount .
One can check the product  here .


This double walled green tea infuser bottle will help to keep drink hot for a long period of time .
And we all are aware of numerous health benefits of  green tea .
Which could help us to stay hydrated and  benefit  from antioxidants present in green tea  .
Price : Rs 1499 
One can check the product  here .


This one is  Fruit Infuser with a Thermos Flask  .
This is  a unique product which will infuse and  and insulate fruit water and keep it cold upto 24 hours .
Price : Rs 1499 
One can check the product  here .

So with these products one can easily make infused drinks or detox drinks and  enjoy healthy drinks  without worrying much about calories .

What  I  Liked  About  These  Products  
* BPA  Free .
* Made from premium grade  Tritan .
* Use of  natural product like bamboo , Glass .
* Easy to clean & Maintain , Even Dishwasher  safe .
* Can keep beverage hot upto 12 hours and cold upto 24 hours .
*FDA  approved .

One can check  video's on their site to know how to prepare Detox Drinks , Fruit Infused Drinks etc .
I am sharing one such video :

Hope you all liked my post and found it useful .
Do share  your views  on this topic , would love to read  your comments :) 

( Image source : Instacuppa Store ) 

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