Friday 30 March 2018

Why I Love Travelling #SayYesToTheWorld

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Travelling and Vacation  are  like  Stress Busters  which helps to unplug and recharge ourselves from the monotonous routine we follow in our day to day life .

Travelling to new and different locations teaches us lots of  new things and  makes an unforgettable memory .

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After marriage I  travelled  to different  cities in  India with husband and all those makes a  lovely memory to be cherished life long . The places I  travelled  are  Hyderabad , Mumbai , Delhi , Noida , Ranchi , Ajmer , Gulbarga  , Gurgaon etc .
Every city has a tale to tell , We meet new peoples , We learn about  the place in detail , it's cuisines , tourist spots , local language and traditions etc and  experiencing all these is fun .

Regarding International Travel , I visited two countries , Saudi Arabia  and  USA  .
And trip to both these countries were  awesome with lots of  new experiences and learnings  and  many sweet memories  .

We went to Saudi Arabia in the year 2003 for Haj  Pilgrimage .
That was a Spiritual Journey , A new land with different language and customs , yet everything so familiar as  have read and heard a lot about it  before .
Travelling to holy cities of  Mecca , Medina , Mina  is something which can not be explained in words  .
The interesting part is one can see people from all around the world there and inspite of  having language difference people still do communicate with each other  in some way or other .

That made me realize that our world is really a global village ,  We are all one , no point in having differences and useless enmity with anyone .

I met and talked with people from  Malaysia , Indonesia , Sri Lanka , Bangladesh , Turkey and learned a  lot about their customs and traditions , their food habits etc .

So that was an enriching experience .

Then last year  in December 2017  I went to USA with my kids for two months, since my husband is working there as an IT professional  and we wanted to spend some time there with him .

My Vacation to  USA  is a like a  Dream Vacation  .

We went from Hyderabad to Dubai then via a connecting flight to Seattle  which is in the  West Coast  of  America . Seattle is an  IT  hub with lots of  Indian  IT Companies there .
Stayed there for  some time at a friends house then we travelled to Portland where  husband  was working , it  was a long drive of  around four hours and we enjoyed watching everything outside , be it be snow or  Pine trees , everything looked so beautiful and different .
Stayed in  Portland for around a month and then travelled to few other cities like Denver , Kansas  City , Missouri , Dallas etc .
 One thing which we enjoyed most was Snowfall , since my kids have never seen snowfall here in Hyderabad , so it was fun for them .

Sharing some of the  pictures of my USA travel .

Waterfall in Portland
Portland is a beautiful city with lots of natural beauty , one can watch and enjoy waterfalls , one can visit Local Zoo , Sea Beach etc .

Cloud  Over  Mountain near Hood River 
This was a lovely view when one can see clouds coming down .

Snow Fall  
After  snowfall one can see thick layer of snow everywhere which looks so beautiful .

Kids learned lots of  new things there ,staring from American Accent to Local food , they enjoyed everything there .
We also enjoyed  lots of  local fruits and vegetables there like Avocado , Raspberry , Blueberry which are not easily available here in India .

So this was a wonderful experience for all of  us , travelling to different cities , experiencing new  cuisines and  connecting with people there , knowing their  customs and traditions .

All this broadens the mind set and we feel good and  become better person than before.

I  Love Travelling  Because :
* There  is always something new to experience and learn .
*  It gives the freedom be away from daily monotonous routine which becomes boring after some time .
* It  makes wonderful memories .
* It gives a sense of  Adventure which is Thrilling and Exciting .
* It's  a  real life experience of  the things we have read or seen in movies . 
* It's  like an education which  teaches History , Geography ,  Politics and many more things .
* It  helps to explore new horizons .
* Reduces Stress to a great level and one feels relaxed and happy after a lovely vacation .

Travel and  Explore new places and destinations , you never know you might fall in love with them .

Watch this Video to know more  : 

After  having wonderful  experiences in these two countries would like be a  World Traveller now and would love to visit many more countries and experience new things there .
Would like connect with open minded people who Love the World and  try to make our world a better place to live in  .

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