Saturday 28 April 2018

Review of Natures Craft Rose & Rose Petals Body Soap

Hello Everyone
After reviewing  Lip Balm from Nature's Craft today I will share review of  one it's soap
Natures Craft  Rose & Rose Petals Body Soap .

One can check review of  Lip Balm .

This Rose & Rose Petals soap is a herbal soap with all natural ingredients.

Pure Rose Essential Oil 
Rose petals 
Vitamin E 
Shea Butter 
Olive Oil 
Coconut Oil 
Palm Oil 
Castor Oil 
Saponified Oil of  Sweet Almond 

Price :  Rs 350
Shelf  Life  :  2 Years

Product Packaging
Product  Packaging is quite simple , the soap comes in a simple plastic wrap with all product details given on paper .

The soap is fragrance free , it's  free of  any artificial fragrance .

1. A natural and herbal product .
2. Free of  harmful chemicals like parabens , Pthalates , SLS etc.
3. Free of artificial fragrance.
4.  Excellent ingredient  list  with goodness of many good oils , Vitamin E , rose petals , all of which   are good for skin.
5. It cleanses well.
6. Does not makes skin dry like ordinary soaps , keep skin moisturized for a good period of time.
( as it has shea butter and oils )

Available only on online stores , yet to reach local market .

 My Experience  with  the product
I am using this soap past one week .
It's a  good product and  I  like such natural products which are chemical free and gentle on skin .
The soap lathers well and cleanses well .
It also moisturizes the skin , so skin does not feels dry after using it , in fact after using this soap I am not using any moisturizer  as it moisturizes well :)

Suggestion to Brand
1. Would appreciate if packaging can be made little fancy as this packaging is too simple .
2. Would appreciate if  it could be made to smell like rose since it's a rose petal soap .
   I know since a purely natural product , it's free of  artificial fragrance but when one hears rose soap , expects  rose fragrance in it :)

My Recommendation
Would recommend this soap to all and specially one who like to use chemical free soaps like me .

One can buy this soap and other Natures Craft products from Amazon.
One can check their facebook or Instagram page for more details .
FB page of Natures Craft

Hope You all liked this review and found it useful .

( * PR  Sample with Honest Opinion about the product ) 

Monday 23 April 2018

Introducing Handmade Cosmetics From Nature's Craft

Hello  Everyone
Back with one more interesting post.
Today I am going to introduce a  new brand to my readers and the USP of  this  brand is , it's products are all  natural and herbal and are free of  harmful chemicals & toxins.

I am talking of  Nature's  Craft  , a Bangalore based brand which prepares handmade cosmetics , skin care and  hair care products.

One can check it's products on  its  Facebook Page  or  Instagram Page

One can buy products from this brand from amazon

Recently I  got a chance to try some of  its products .
Today I will share review of  its Lip Balm.

                                    NATURES  CRAFT  HANDMADE  LIP  BALM 

Shea Butter 
Cocoa Butter 
Bee's Wax
Coconut  Oil 
Essential  Oil 

Price : Rs 200  for 5 gm 

Shelf   Life : 1 year 

How the Lip Balm Looks like 
The lip balm is white in color with a nice mild  vanilla fragrance .

Product  Packaging 
Product packaging is good , its in a stick form so easy to apply and also hygienic.

1. All natural ingredients and no harmful chemicals or toxins present.
2. Excellent  ingredient  list with Shea Butter , Cocoa Butter , Coconut  Oil in it
all of which are good for skin.
3. Free of  harmful Petroleum Jelly which is present in many lip balms.
4. Excellent  product Packaging , which is  hygienic too.
5. Nice  Vanilla Fragrance.
6. Affordable Price.
7.Prevents  darkening of  lips.

Available  Only on Online Stores , Yet  to reach local market  .

My Experience With the product 
I am using this Lip Balm these days.
It's  a  good one. I  like it's vanilla fragrance.
It completely moisturizes the lips and prevents drying &  chapping  of  lips.
The product also claims that it  prevents  darkening of  lips.
Since  I  have not used this products for a long period of  time , cannot say anything regarding this right now , can update after using this for some more time .
Otherwise this seems to be a good product for people loving natural products.

So do check this product and other products from this brand on Amazon or their facebook/Instagram page. You might like some :) 

Do share your views on this post.


(* Honest  Opinion about  product which is sent by brand  for  review  purpose ) 

Sunday 22 April 2018

Say Yes To Toxin Free Baby Products from Mama Earth

Mama Earth is well known  brand in Indian Market and the USP of  this brand is  it's products are Toxin Free . Made up of  all natural ingredients so safe to use even for small babies .
I have used and reviewed many Mama earth products before , one can check my blog to read individual reviews . One can check review of  Mama Earth Essential Baby Kit .

In today's post  I will review three baby products from this brand .
These are new launches from the brand.
1. Mama  Earth  Berry Blast  Toothpaste for Kids
2. Mama Earth Silky Soft  face Cream
3. Mama Earth Diaper  Rash Cream

Mama Earth Berry Blast Toothpaste 
This is toothpaste for kids.
It's  fluoride free and  SLS free.
Contains Xylitol , Aloe & Stevia.
Removes Plaque.
It promotes healthy teeth & gums , 
gently cleanses and reduces bacterial re growth and provides protection against cavity.
It is safe even if it is swallowed by kids(which usually kids do while brushing their teeth) 
It has a delicious fruity flavor ( of  Strawberry ) , so kids would love to use this and it's easier to encourage them to brush their teeth using this toothpaste .
It's 100% vegetarian product and Not Tested on animals.

Price : Rs 149 for 50 gms 

Mama Earth Milky Soft  Face  Cream 
It  is  specially formulated  for delicate and soft skin of  baby.
Soothes and moisturizes baby's skin.
Formulated with  Milk Protein and  Lavender oil , it acts as  skin protectant.
Since all the ingredients are natural and  toxin free they are safe.
It's  free of Parabens , Dyes , Artificial Fragrance , Mineral Oils , SLES.
Contains Almond Oil , Cocoa Butter , Shea Butter , Sesame Oil , Coconut oil , Olive Oil , Lavender Oil etc. 
One needs to apply little amount of this cream to baby's face and neck twice daily for best results .
Prevents dryness and  soothes itchy skin.
Price : Rs 399 for 50 ml 

It's Milky White in color with thick consistency and gets absorbed in skin easily.

Mama  Earth  Diaper Rash  Cream 
It's  a  Zinc Oxide based , Non petroleum products which helps to provide rapid relief from diaper rashes chafed skin.
It contains 15% Micro Ionised Zinc Oxide which protects baby's skin from rashes.
Also contains  Calendula extract , shea butter , cocoa butter , Vitamin E , Aloe Vera extract , Calendula extract all of which are good for skin and helps in deep nourishing of baby's skin.
Free from Parabens , Sulfates , Mineral Oil etc .
No Synthetic Fragrance , has fragrance of natural oils in it.
It is dermatologically tested product , Hypoallergenic in nature.

Price : RS 299 for 50 ml 

My  kids loved   the taste of  Berry  Blast  Toothpaste , even I have tried it myself , it's a mild one with fruity taste  something which kids would love to use.
So a good one :) 

I even tried the Milky Soft  face Cream, it's  also a good product.
Completely moisturizes the skin and prevents drying or chapping of skin .

One can check these products on their website. 
One can buy these products directly from their website or from online stores like Amazon , Nykaa.

Do Share your views if you have tried these products.


(* Products sent by brand  for review purpose, have written my own opinion about these products ) 

Saturday 21 April 2018

Fulfil Your Dream of Studying Abroad with #Definitely PTE

Studying abroad  is  dream of  many , in fact in India it's dream of  students as well as of  their parents to  pursue higher studies in some good  university abroad.
From getting a degree from a foreign  university  to enhancing their experience in global network it's a life changing experience.
After getting degree many plan to settle down there to earn good and decent salary which is much more than what they can earn in India.
Better  salary, high standard of  living , growth in professional career is what everyone looks for.

But to get all these one needs to work hard, and should plan this earlier, in their undergraduate stage.
Deciding few important factors like

1.Choice of country and university where they want to study.
2.Knowing Visa approval process of  that country.
3.Getting Passport  ready.
4.Gathering information about university admission process and fees.
5.Accepted  English Language Test   Scores in that particular university .

Once all the information is gathered one can work on it like first getting their passport ready , then giving  English  Test  with good preparation to get decent score , then applying for visa of  that country where they want to study and applying for the particular course or degree in some good colleges of  that city and country .
So all these needs patience and good planning .

Some of  the common problems that a student faces while planning to study or work abroad are
1. Language Skills
One must be well versed with language of  the  country where they are planning to move , Specially English. Having good knowledge of  English language along with grammar and proper accent is  must.

2. Funds
One needs to arrange funds to apply for Visa and do higher studies in a foreign university.
One can take study loan from a bank if one is having any financial constraint.

3.One needs to be  mentally and emotionally strong  to be away from family and friends. Or else sometimes it becomes difficult for students to concentrate on their studies and work.

4. Getting good score in accepted English Language Tests so that they can apply for some course in foreign universities.

Regarding English Test
Some of  the  most widely accepted English Language Tests  are  PTE Academic , TOEFL , IELT.

PTE Academics Test
It's  Pearson  Test  of  English  Academics  
It's an English Test  option which is widely accepted by many universities abroad.
It's a computer based language test that offers students the fastest, the fairest  and most flexible way of  proving their English language proficiency. So #DefinitelyPTE

PTE Academics test has three parts 
Part 1 - Speaking and writing
Part 2 - Reading
Part 3 - Listening

This test is of  three hours .

Benefits of  PTE  Academics  test
1. This  PTE  Academics  Test is available 360 days  of  the year  around the world in various test centers.  While other English Test  have fixed dates and times.
Test sessions are run in over 50 countries around world.

2. Booking and registration can be done  upto 24 hours in advance.
 One can register and pay online which is easier for candidates.

3. Results are available within  five business  days.
(other test take longer time to declare the result and scores )

4. Computer based marking.
Since marking is computer based it is fair and unbiased.
To ensure test score validity  all test center use state of  art digital biometrics incorporating palm-scanning , digital  signatures , secure paperless results randomized test formats and CCTV.

5.The test is completed in convenient three hour test session .

6. Candidates can send  their scores to unlimited  number of  institutions without additional fees via their secure online account.

Advantages of  having good PTE Academics score 
PTE Academics score is accepted by all universities in  Australia , New Zealand , Ireland , UK , USA  , Canada , Singapore and some Universities in Europe and Asia delivering courses in English.
It is approved for all Australian and New Zealand Visa and immigration applications. 
Some of  the famous universities accepting PTE Academics scores are Harvard Business School , INSEAD , YALE. 

PTE  Academics Scorecard
PTE Academics is scored against the global scale of  English which gives accurate overview of  skills.
The score report has several sections
*Personal  details and photo
*Overall score
*A detailed  breakdown of  performance

The score includes overall score , communicative skills scores and enabling skills scores.

The range of  overall score is 10-90 points.
Similarly scores of  communicative skills and enabling skills is between 10-90 points.

The Scores are also displayed in graph which lets one see his/her strength and weaknesses.

One can check this image to know better

Now after reading all this one can understand how good and convenient  it is.
And how  useful it can be if one is planning to study abroad.
So  #DefinitelyPTE 

Now to book a PTE Academics Test one can do this

One can  create an account at their website  

And once the account is created they can schedule their test.

One can also schedule test on phone 
One can contact  them  on their website. 

Before Preparing the Test one can also do the PTE Preparation Course  to prepare well for the test so that they get excellent scores in test. 
One can check the sample questions to get idea about  the real test. 

Do check their website to know more details . 

Friday 20 April 2018

Explore Stylish & Fashionable Gladiators from FSJShoes

Good footwear is as important as apparel as it not only adds beauty & glamour to our look but also makes us feel good and confident.
So purchasing a right pair of shoes is an important task , we need to look after few  basic factors like
Style , Price, Quality , Brand  and most important Comfort , no ones likes to wear cheap quality uncomfortable shoes .

Again selecting the right size is very important as sometimes different brands have different size chart , so we need to make sure that we are buying the right sized  shoes .
And imagine if  we can get  Customized shoes, it will be so good .
So today I will share a store ( an online shopping site ) which provides customized shoes to its valuable customers .
I am talking of  FSJSHOES.COM
It's an Online store for shoes where one can find variety of  Sandals , Shoes & Gladiators .
One can find  some 3000 + unique designs there .
One can get  Designer Collections & Latest Trends there.
One can even Customize the shoes as per their wish .
So that's so good that we can get customized shoes at our doorstep .

Now I will share some gladiator sandals from the site which I found too good and classy.
Gladiator Sandals are in  fashion this year.
They have wide range of  products in it's range , starting from Hollow Out Lace Up Flats to Knee High ones , they have everything one can imagine.

One can choose according to Color , Heels Height , Heels Weight , Price , Occasion etc.

When  I  browsed the black gladiator sandal  I was amazed to see some stunning designs.

All these  look so beautiful & Classy.

Next  I checked some gold gladiator sandal there.
It  has a good collection of some Strappy Lace Up ones along with Knee-length sandals which looks so cool.

Aren't they Stunning ?
The one I  liked most is this one :
Women  Golden  Dazzling  Ankle Strap Sandal.
Looks so Classy & Elegant , Perfect as a Party Wear.

So these are some of  the  sandals which I liked from this store.
Do check the store and tell me your favourite one :) 
Some good discounts are also available there , so do check the store. 


Thursday 19 April 2018

How Internet Changed My Life #SuperBloggerChallenge2018

My  Life without internet was much different  from what it  is  now .
I  became active on net some six years back , before that could not as my kids were too young and it was not possible for me  to think anything else except them :)
With toddlers a  Mom  finds it  too difficult  to continue a job or even get some Me Time.
So life that time was just cooking and looking after kids .
Eating with them , Playing with them and Sleeping with them :)

When they started going to school , Finally I got some free time .
Started doing Home Tutions that time , Teaching Maths to high school students .
Then after many request from my school friends ( who were asking me join Facebook since long ) . I finally decided to make a Facebook account .
Asked hubby for a Personal Laptop , which he happily presented so that I can do something good on it :)

I  joined facebook and immediately got connected with a long list of friends and cousins.
It was an Awesome Feeling as I was missing it post marriage.
My School friends, Cousins all in different cities and countries.
Within a short span of time, I was connected with almost all.
It was nice to see them after a long time, Happy with their new families ( after marriage).
Many of them asked my new telephone number so that they could talk to me.
Felt good talking with my school friends after a long gap.

So the Internet helped me to get connected with my Long Lost  Friends & Cousins.

Every day it was good to see some new selfies with smiling faces and a wonderful feeling that they are now just a call away :)

The next big thing that happened was  I started Looking for Work from Home options.
As I knew it's to difficult for me to go out and work because of the work pressure I had at home.

After searching and trying a few things I finally understood that I can write well, So started writing reviews on various sites like, my earning was good and  I was happy.
Then Striked the Brilliant  Idea of starting a blog and becoming a Blogger :)

And some three years back I started this blog.
Initially it was difficult as I had nobody to help or guide , but slowly I picked up everything, Learned  Tips & Tricks of  Blogging after doing good research on other's blog and  Youtube Video's .
My hard work payed good dividend .
I became bit famous on social media and people started knowing me as a blogger .
That gave a feeling of  happiness and positivity .
One can read this post of mine to know
How Blogging Made Me Famous

Ease of  Shopping Via Online Stores
I still remember the time when I was not doing any online shopping  and I had to go out to bring everything . With small kids at times it was too difficult to do few shoppings and I used to wish if any way this can be made easier . And it was made easier via Online Shopping :)
Be it be Grocery shopping on Big Basket or Amazon or  buying Apparels , Cosmetics from renowned & reliable stores like Myntra , my shopping has become very easy now :)
Now I visit malls &  Stores if  required  or else happy with my online shopping .

Another thing which I would like to mention is Winning Contests & Giveaways.
I have won  many Contests & Giveaways on  Social Media , Blogs & Youtube channels :)
And it gives a feeling of happiness and when the prizes are good then it's awesome :)
So Being on net also gives an opportunity to win some good prizes and be happy .

So these are the major changes in my life after I became active on net and social media .
All good and positive ones .
The only thing I dislike is some people do get addicted to net and give less time to their near and dear ones and that's so annoying.
So what we need is a Perfect Balance.
To keep our work going and have a good relationship with all :)

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful.
Do share your views on this topic.


Tuesday 17 April 2018

Benefits of Using Malaysian Hair Weave

Within the Virgin hair industry, Malaysian hair is among the leading hair types.
Malaysian hair is medium to low luster therefore it blends better with natural hair.
It blends simpler too since it is slightly thicker than Indian and  Brazilian hair and isn't as shiny as them earlier . This enables to have as simpler  to combine with any individual natural hair .

Malaysian hair  initially can be displayed excessively shiny but following the first 2/3 washes the shine lessens significantly to defend  myself against a far more  natural appearance . Curl's won't release or drop as time passes but maintain their form for the whole day .
No method is needed to keep the curl  .
Malaysian hair are softer and much more smooth in texture than Indian hair.
If  you would like volume and thickness , Malaysian hair are the best choice.
It provides great bounce and high body . It is always good for those styles.
Malaysian hairs comes with naturally dark colored and natural straight.
Because of  its fullness it may  have an inclination to become dry  if good care isin't  taken .
It is recommended that sufficient moisture  by means of a great leave-in conditioner be utilized following the second re-utilization of the hair.
The great factor is this kind of  hair requires less wash due to its heavy density .

Body wave is among the newest textures  and among the hottest trend at this time.
The body wave hair includes a distinct and defined  pattern .
Where Malaysian wavy hair includes a sporadic and thinner pattern , Body wave will have a loose and flowing pattern. This enables simpler styling and offers more choices for styling .
Just like with all the remainders of our texture options you will be able to straighten this hair as well as curl it . Bear in mind whatever you wet  your hair it will go back to the natural texture  and wave pattern .

If  you are searching  for any natural  flowing hair do , fix yourself track of  our straight  texture.
Our  Virgin  Malaysian  Straight hair  has all its cuticle intact , Which enables  no tangling as well as for easy use. If you are  searching to include  length  for your  hair or to modify your hairdo all together , our Malaysian hair weave  offers several benefits  including :

1. Natural  Feel 
Our will feel like a natural hair and  can  perfectly match your natural hair do .
Our straight hair originates from probably the most qualified contributors , so hair will appear natural on anybody . 

2. Wider  Styling options 
You will be happy to understand that  you could blow dry or curl your Malaysian hair wave just like you would  your natural hair .
They  may also be permed or dyed ( but prefebly with the aid of an expert ) 
providing you with more styling  options .

3. Longer  Lifespan 
With good care like that of  using certain conditioner , heat protectant sprays , along with other  products this straight  hair can  traverses any  synthetic  hair available on the market .

If  luxurious volume is the  number one hair concern , take  a look at our Malaysian Curly hair .
Malaysian curly hair instantly  transforms  you to a bold and  striking power statement.
Using its  indisputable  volume and incredible length, curly hair weave is frequently  the selection for individuals  who would like their  head  of hair  to represent  a bit of their  Big Personality .

Malaysian Curly hair weave can easily be washed and  air dried to have  an attractive bounty of ringlets or  could be blow-dried rapidly utilizing a diffuser to assist preserve shape.
This hair texture is fantastic  for our customers who are transitioning or who have an all-natural coil in their hair.

Because our  Malaysian curly hair bundles are manufactured from 100% virgin remy hair, our curly hair weave could be  sorted to create  sleek , straight tresses. 
Because  the cuticle  from the hair are intact and also the cortex from the hair are preserved .
Our curly hair extensions won't swell or frizz  even just in damp conditions .
Express your vibrancy  with this Malaysian curly hair regardless of whether you rock  it naturally curly or straigth. 

Shop Online The Best Virgin Hair Bundles

Which one is the best , Virgin Brazilian Hair , Malaysian Hair or  Peruvian Hair ?

With all the amazing  unique traits that comes with  Virgin Brazilian , Malaysian and Peruvian Hair  , deciding which one you want  can be such a chore - especially when you barely know what each one offers .And if it makes you feel better , then perhaps we should tell you that you are not the only one who can't  seem to make a choice .
But knowing the virgin hair bundle to purchase wouldn't be such  a herculean task if you have some prior knowledge , would it ?

To help you make a more calculated  choice , We put together the most outstanding traits of   Malaysian , Brazilian , Peruvian hair in this blog post .
You are Welcome .

Now let's  get one thing out of  the way  before we get started .
We are not taking any sides in this post .
In fact we think  all  virgin hair bundles  are great  but each one is unique in its  qualities and appeal .
That's  said , Let's get right into it .

Brazilian Hair
These hair extensions come  from all over Brazil  in different length and  natural color and are renowned for their  almost unreal bounce , great texture and shine . Popular  opinion  says Brazilian Bundles are the most beautiful  hair you can find around.
A genuine piece of  Brazilian  hair  is going to be soft and smooth  .
It is available in wavy , straight  or  curly textures.
The straight  textures  are not  outright straight , as they can also have light bends in them .
This hair holds curls a longer that other  virgin  hair bundles out there.
Texture may vary from natural  straight  to natural  full bouncy  body wave.
The  use of this type of  hair is  popular in most West  African  countries and of course Brazil and South  America .
As long as you take good care of it , You will have no reason to regret getting a Brazilian  Virgin Hair  Bundle .
And the good news is maintaining it does not involve anything special , Just the usual wash with shampoo and a few hair products will do.
Due to its  Natural  Density , the hair is less likely to frizz -which is a big plus since you can use fewer bundles to still maintain a full look .

Malaysian  Hair
How can you spot a bundle of  Malaysian hair ?
It comes with extra shine , It's particularly glossy .
If  you would hate something so glossy , don't worry , the gloss wears off  to  give  a more natural  look and feel after some washes . Malaysian hair is known  to hold curls very well for an entire day or until  restyled . As far as texture goes  , Malaysian hair gives a soft silky feel , and it has a great bounce to its motion. If  you want volume and thickness , Malaysian hair is a good option .
It does not hold moisture as well as the other virgin hair bundles  on this list , but with a good conditioner and  hair moisturizer, you won't have to worry about that .
It requires little washing due to its density , hence you can trust this hair to retain its colors well .

Peruvian  Hair
Peruvian hair  is just now gaining grounds among hair savvy women .This hair has become popular because of  its good blend with African American relaxed hair  and Caucasian hair textures.
It is a little coarser and thicker in texture than Malaysian or Brazilian hair .
Peruvian hair easily passes  as a multipurpose hair. You can change your look and style as frequently as you want without causing a lot of damage to the hair .
It's amazing how it is very voluminous but lightweight. A  lot of  people  prefer Peruvian hair because it is extremely manageable ( i.e easy to maintain ) .These bundles work just fine for straight  sleek  styles as well as short  edgy styles .

Thursday 12 April 2018

10 Best Blogging Tips #SuperBloggerChallenge2018

Hello Everyone
Back with one more informative post for my readers and friends.
Today I will share some  Best  Blogging  Tips, which I have learned in my blogging journey and which is surely going to help all Especially the budding bloggers.

It's  Quality that matters . So write quality content .
Some are expert in a particular field , try to write on that area's or topics where you master and have in depth knowledge . Even if  you are not master in a particular topic , try to read and collect good information on topic you are going to write .
That will make you  Stand Out in the Crowd .

This is an important aspect  , We need to ask our readers do email  subscription for our blog so that they get notified when a new post is up .And they can come back and check our latest posts .

Try to find and fix your website issues if any like sometimes  website loading time is more or some other issues like readers  are unable to post comments at the end of blog posts etc .
Try to fix these technical issues , one can take help from some YouTube tutorials or other websites.

Social media  presence and influence is one of  the Most Important  aspect of growing our reader base.
By sharing our blog posts on social media we are promoting it and making a good reader base . 
One can be active on various social media sites like Facebook , Twitter , Instagram , Pinterest , Roposo etc .

Many bloggers do write for SEO but what  I feel and many others feel that we should write for our readers , not for  Google or SEO as it's our readers that helps to grow our blog and make it successful or famous .
We should  write what our readers want to read .

Write true & real reviews , not the fake ones or something which readers can easily figure out that it's  not real . 
Specially in case of  Beauty & Lifestyle Bloggers  when they are writing product reviews or website reviews  try to write  your own experience , So that readers will find it useful and genuine .
This builds Trust among readers and they come back again and again to check more reviews .

Well there are various means to increase blog traffic.
Some of  the common one are :
* Social media shares.
* Doing Blog Giveaways.
* Visiting and Commenting on others blog.
* Sharing your posts on Whatsapp groups , Facebook groups etc .
* Using Killer Keywords so that your blog gets higher rank on Google .

Blogging needs lots of  patience and  perseverance .
One needs to be active and write regularly .
Write on some good topics related to the Niche of your blog .
Participate in various blogging contests to have fun and learn from each & every experience.

We need to grow with our blog .
We need to update ourselves with latest trends & technology so that we are in pace with others and do not lag behind .
This requires lots of  reading and research .
We need to know what other's are doing , we need to constantly upgrade our blog and blogging skills to  Survive and  grow in this blogging world .

This is again an important aspect of  blogging  as we really want to earn good from our blog .
There  are various ways to monetize a blog .

Some of   the common ones are :
* Sign for Google Adsense .
* Do some affiliate marketing .
* Doing Sponsored & Paid posts . 
* Selling something from your blog like ebooks etc .
* Doing blog Sales. 

Try the ones which works for you .

So these are the blogging tips and tricks which I have learned with the course of time.
Do share yours :) 
Would like to read other tips too.


(This article is written as a part of  #Superbloggerchallenge  #instacuppa 
and should not be repurposed, republished or used otherwise.
The content herein is own by the blogger and Superbloggerchallenge is not responsible for any sort of infringement caused)

Thursday 5 April 2018

How My Education Helps Me Write Better #SuperBloggerChallenge2018

Hello Everyone
Back with one more interesting post.
Today I will share  " How my education helps me write better

I started blogging some three years back , before that  I was writing reviews for other sites like, etc .

Writing was my hobby in school days , I used to write short stories , Poems etc .

Regarding my education , I am a Graduate in Physics Honours, and after that I did three years Diploma Course in Computer Applications , that was a turning point in my career as I  became more Tech Savvy and  gained more knowledge on Computer programming , Languages and many more things related to this vast computer education.

My Education had definitely helped a lot in my blogging career .

I made my blog myself without any ones help .
Starting from the scrap I did everything myself  taking help from some Youtube Videos .
Since I  had good knowledge on  Computers , I understood  everything easily including the HTML  codes and was successful in setting up my blog on Bloggers and later on shifted it to Bigrock to have my own domain .

When it comes to editing  images , watermarking them  that was also quite easy for me to understand as was doing so in my lab classes during my course .

Again when it comes to the writing part  , Since good in English and  having Science background can write good on some topics . Like Niche of my blog is Beauty , most of the times when we are writing product reviews , we need to write in detail  on ingredients present in the beauty products ( Skin care or Cosmetics ) . Most of  the ingredients have chemical name , being a Science graduate it's easy for  me to understand all those terms and write about them .
Also regarding the ill effects of  harmful chemicals present in  these products and how they are causing health problems to users  can be written better by a person who has in depth knowledge on it.
So thankfully have some good knowledge on it and so can write in detail about it .

So this way my education is helping me to write better .

I also used to read  lot of  books , magazines , newspapers during my school & college days , even after that , so  that helped a lot to gain knowledge on varied topics , improved language skills  (Specially English ) as most of  books I  have read were in English .
That's helping  me now to write better as now I  have better command over  English  Language and it's writing skills  .

A proper and good education not only helps us to grow in our Profession but also helps us to be a better  person as we are more  aware of   basic manners & etiquettes , we are more exposed to the outside world than our elder generation.

So it's true that if we give Right Skills & Education to a person He/She can conquer the world.

Hope you all liked my post, Would like to read your comments on this topic.

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Wednesday 4 April 2018

Review of Mama Earth Essential Body Oil For Mama

Hello Everyone
Back with one more product review .
Today I going to review a new product from famous brand Mama Earth , It's  Essential Body Oil  for  Mama .

Mama Earth being a renowned brand in Indian market have come up with many excellent products for Kids & Mama's and I  have reviewed many of  them  , one the best products like  Mama Earth Argan Hair Mask and  Mama Earth C3 face Mask  have become very popular .

Got a chance to try & review this new  launch from Mama Earth , it's Essential Body Oil for Stretching Skins .

USP of  this  Product is Pracaxi Oil also known as Miracle Oil which is used to cure skin problems like Scars , Stretch marks etc .

Mama Earth  Essential Body Oil is a dermatologically tested oil with goodness of  Argan Oil , Pracaxi Oil , Sea buckthorn . It's a paraben free product so safe for skin and suitable for all skin type .

Argan Oil , Sea Buckthorn , Olive Oil , Jojoba Oil , Pracaxi Oil , Rose Hip Oil , Green tea oil , Vitamin E .

Price : Rs 499 for 100 ml .
Shelf  Life  : 2 Years 

How the oil looks like 
Oil is golden in color with a bit strong fragrance , but that's not overpowering .

Product  Packaging 
Product Packaging is good , similar like other  Mama earth products .
A cute white & Pink bottle of good quality plastic with a nozzle at the top from which little amount of oil can be easily taken out .

* Prevents  Stretch marks 
* Reduces  itchiness 
* Moisturizes Skin 
* Soothes &  Restores the Skin 

1. Paraben , SLS , Phthalates  Free .
2. Mineral Oil  Free .
3. Free of artificial  fragrance and Dyes .
4. Has excellent ingredients list  .
5. Has goodness of  Olive oil , Argan Oil , Rose Hip Oil etc .
6. Moisturizes the skin and reduces itchiness .
7. Regular usage helps to reduce stretch marks .
8. Excellent product packaging . 

Could not find any .

How to use this Oil 
Pregnant Woman needs to apply this  from the Second  Trimester  to stretch mark prone areas like abdomen , lower back , hip and thighs , twice daily .

New  mom's and  others  can also apply this oil  twice daily to reduce stretch marks . 
One needs to apply this  in circular motion  to affected areas .

My Experience  with  the  Product 
I do have some pregnancy stretch marks on my tummy .
I have started using this oil past few days .
It's moisturizing and  gets absorbed in the skin completely .
Makes skin soft  & supple .
Stretch  marks do take lot of time to go , so right now I cannot say much about  it but hope this oil will help to reduce my stretch marks :) 

One can  check and buy the product from their site

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful , Do share your views if you have used this oil .


(* Product sent by brand for opinion  )