Saturday 21 April 2018

Fulfil Your Dream of Studying Abroad with #Definitely PTE

Studying abroad  is  dream of  many , in fact in India it's dream of  students as well as of  their parents to  pursue higher studies in some good  university abroad.
From getting a degree from a foreign  university  to enhancing their experience in global network it's a life changing experience.
After getting degree many plan to settle down there to earn good and decent salary which is much more than what they can earn in India.
Better  salary, high standard of  living , growth in professional career is what everyone looks for.

But to get all these one needs to work hard, and should plan this earlier, in their undergraduate stage.
Deciding few important factors like

1.Choice of country and university where they want to study.
2.Knowing Visa approval process of  that country.
3.Getting Passport  ready.
4.Gathering information about university admission process and fees.
5.Accepted  English Language Test   Scores in that particular university .

Once all the information is gathered one can work on it like first getting their passport ready , then giving  English  Test  with good preparation to get decent score , then applying for visa of  that country where they want to study and applying for the particular course or degree in some good colleges of  that city and country .
So all these needs patience and good planning .

Some of  the common problems that a student faces while planning to study or work abroad are
1. Language Skills
One must be well versed with language of  the  country where they are planning to move , Specially English. Having good knowledge of  English language along with grammar and proper accent is  must.

2. Funds
One needs to arrange funds to apply for Visa and do higher studies in a foreign university.
One can take study loan from a bank if one is having any financial constraint.

3.One needs to be  mentally and emotionally strong  to be away from family and friends. Or else sometimes it becomes difficult for students to concentrate on their studies and work.

4. Getting good score in accepted English Language Tests so that they can apply for some course in foreign universities.

Regarding English Test
Some of  the  most widely accepted English Language Tests  are  PTE Academic , TOEFL , IELT.

PTE Academics Test
It's  Pearson  Test  of  English  Academics  
It's an English Test  option which is widely accepted by many universities abroad.
It's a computer based language test that offers students the fastest, the fairest  and most flexible way of  proving their English language proficiency. So #DefinitelyPTE

PTE Academics test has three parts 
Part 1 - Speaking and writing
Part 2 - Reading
Part 3 - Listening

This test is of  three hours .

Benefits of  PTE  Academics  test
1. This  PTE  Academics  Test is available 360 days  of  the year  around the world in various test centers.  While other English Test  have fixed dates and times.
Test sessions are run in over 50 countries around world.

2. Booking and registration can be done  upto 24 hours in advance.
 One can register and pay online which is easier for candidates.

3. Results are available within  five business  days.
(other test take longer time to declare the result and scores )

4. Computer based marking.
Since marking is computer based it is fair and unbiased.
To ensure test score validity  all test center use state of  art digital biometrics incorporating palm-scanning , digital  signatures , secure paperless results randomized test formats and CCTV.

5.The test is completed in convenient three hour test session .

6. Candidates can send  their scores to unlimited  number of  institutions without additional fees via their secure online account.

Advantages of  having good PTE Academics score 
PTE Academics score is accepted by all universities in  Australia , New Zealand , Ireland , UK , USA  , Canada , Singapore and some Universities in Europe and Asia delivering courses in English.
It is approved for all Australian and New Zealand Visa and immigration applications. 
Some of  the famous universities accepting PTE Academics scores are Harvard Business School , INSEAD , YALE. 

PTE  Academics Scorecard
PTE Academics is scored against the global scale of  English which gives accurate overview of  skills.
The score report has several sections
*Personal  details and photo
*Overall score
*A detailed  breakdown of  performance

The score includes overall score , communicative skills scores and enabling skills scores.

The range of  overall score is 10-90 points.
Similarly scores of  communicative skills and enabling skills is between 10-90 points.

The Scores are also displayed in graph which lets one see his/her strength and weaknesses.

One can check this image to know better

Now after reading all this one can understand how good and convenient  it is.
And how  useful it can be if one is planning to study abroad.
So  #DefinitelyPTE 

Now to book a PTE Academics Test one can do this

One can  create an account at their website  

And once the account is created they can schedule their test.

One can also schedule test on phone 
One can contact  them  on their website. 

Before Preparing the Test one can also do the PTE Preparation Course  to prepare well for the test so that they get excellent scores in test. 
One can check the sample questions to get idea about  the real test. 

Do check their website to know more details . 

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