Thursday, 19 April 2018

How Internet Changed My Life #SuperBloggerChallenge2018

My  Life without internet was much different  from what it  is  now .
I  became active on net some six years back , before that could not as my kids were too young and it was not possible for me  to think anything else except them :)
With toddlers a  Mom  finds it  too difficult  to continue a job or even get some Me Time.
So life that time was just cooking and looking after kids .
Eating with them , Playing with them and Sleeping with them :)

When they started going to school , Finally I got some free time .
Started doing Home Tutions that time , Teaching Maths to high school students .
Then after many request from my school friends ( who were asking me join Facebook since long ) . I finally decided to make a Facebook account .
Asked hubby for a Personal Laptop , which he happily presented so that I can do something good on it :)

I  joined facebook and immediately got connected with a long list of friends and cousins.
It was an Awesome Feeling as I was missing it post marriage.
My School friends, Cousins all in different cities and countries.
Within a short span of time, I was connected with almost all.
It was nice to see them after a long time, Happy with their new families ( after marriage).
Many of them asked my new telephone number so that they could talk to me.
Felt good talking with my school friends after a long gap.

So the Internet helped me to get connected with my Long Lost  Friends & Cousins.

Every day it was good to see some new selfies with smiling faces and a wonderful feeling that they are now just a call away :)

The next big thing that happened was  I started Looking for Work from Home options.
As I knew it's to difficult for me to go out and work because of the work pressure I had at home.

After searching and trying a few things I finally understood that I can write well, So started writing reviews on various sites like, my earning was good and  I was happy.
Then Striked the Brilliant  Idea of starting a blog and becoming a Blogger :)

And some three years back I started this blog.
Initially it was difficult as I had nobody to help or guide , but slowly I picked up everything, Learned  Tips & Tricks of  Blogging after doing good research on other's blog and  Youtube Video's .
My hard work payed good dividend .
I became bit famous on social media and people started knowing me as a blogger .
That gave a feeling of  happiness and positivity .
One can read this post of mine to know
How Blogging Made Me Famous

Ease of  Shopping Via Online Stores
I still remember the time when I was not doing any online shopping  and I had to go out to bring everything . With small kids at times it was too difficult to do few shoppings and I used to wish if any way this can be made easier . And it was made easier via Online Shopping :)
Be it be Grocery shopping on Big Basket or Amazon or  buying Apparels , Cosmetics from renowned & reliable stores like Myntra , my shopping has become very easy now :)
Now I visit malls &  Stores if  required  or else happy with my online shopping .

Another thing which I would like to mention is Winning Contests & Giveaways.
I have won  many Contests & Giveaways on  Social Media , Blogs & Youtube channels :)
And it gives a feeling of  happiness and when the prizes are good then it's Awesome :)
So Being on net also gives an opportunity to win some good prizes and be happy .

So these are the major changes in my life after I became active on net and social media .
All good and positive ones .
The only thing I dislike is some people do get addicted to net and give less time to their near and dear ones and that's so annoying.
So what we need is a Perfect Balance.
To keep our work going and have a good relationship with all :)

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful.
Do share your views on this topic.


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