Thursday 5 April 2018

How My Education Helps Me Write Better #SuperBloggerChallenge2018

Hello Everyone
Back with one more interesting post.
Today I will share  " How my education helps me write better

I started blogging some three years back , before that  I was writing reviews for other sites like, etc .

Writing was my hobby in school days , I used to write short stories , Poems etc .

Regarding my education , I am a Graduate in Physics Honours, and after that I did three years Diploma Course in Computer Applications , that was a turning point in my career as I  became more Tech Savvy and  gained more knowledge on Computer programming , Languages and many more things related to this vast computer education.

My Education had definitely helped a lot in my blogging career .

I made my blog myself without any ones help .
Starting from the scrap I did everything myself  taking help from some Youtube Videos .
Since I  had good knowledge on  Computers , I understood  everything easily including the HTML  codes and was successful in setting up my blog on Bloggers and later on shifted it to Bigrock to have my own domain .

When it comes to editing  images , watermarking them  that was also quite easy for me to understand as was doing so in my lab classes during my course .

Again when it comes to the writing part  , Since good in English and  having Science background can write good on some topics . Like Niche of my blog is Beauty , most of the times when we are writing product reviews , we need to write in detail  on ingredients present in the beauty products ( Skin care or Cosmetics ) . Most of  the ingredients have chemical name , being a Science graduate it's easy for  me to understand all those terms and write about them .
Also regarding the ill effects of  harmful chemicals present in  these products and how they are causing health problems to users  can be written better by a person who has in depth knowledge on it.
So thankfully have some good knowledge on it and so can write in detail about it .

So this way my education is helping me to write better .

I also used to read  lot of  books , magazines , newspapers during my school & college days , even after that , so  that helped a lot to gain knowledge on varied topics , improved language skills  (Specially English ) as most of  books I  have read were in English .
That's helping  me now to write better as now I  have better command over  English  Language and it's writing skills  .

A proper and good education not only helps us to grow in our Profession but also helps us to be a better  person as we are more  aware of   basic manners & etiquettes , we are more exposed to the outside world than our elder generation.

So it's true that if we give Right Skills & Education to a person He/She can conquer the world.

Hope you all liked my post, Would like to read your comments on this topic.

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