Monday, 23 April 2018

Introducing Handmade Cosmetics From Nature's Craft

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Back with one more interesting post.
Today I am going to introduce a  new brand to my readers and the USP of  this  brand is , it's products are all  natural and herbal and are free of  harmful chemicals & toxins.

I am talking of  Nature's  Craft  , a Bangalore based brand which prepares handmade cosmetics , skin care and  hair care products.

One can check it's products on  its  Facebook Page  or  Instagram Page

One can buy products from this brand from amazon

Recently I  got a chance to try some of  its products .
Today I will share review of  its Lip Balm.

                                    NATURES  CRAFT  HANDMADE  LIP  BALM 

Shea Butter 
Cocoa Butter 
Bee's Wax
Coconut  Oil 
Essential  Oil 

Price : Rs 200  for 5 gm 

Shelf   Life : 1 year 

How the Lip Balm Looks like 
The lip balm is white in color with a nice mild  vanilla fragrance .

Product  Packaging 
Product packaging is good , its in a stick form so easy to apply and also hygienic.

1. All natural ingredients and no harmful chemicals or toxins present.
2. Excellent  ingredient  list with Shea Butter , Cocoa Butter , Coconut  Oil in it
all of which are good for skin.
3. Free of  harmful Petroleum Jelly which is present in many lip balms.
4. Excellent  product Packaging , which is  hygienic too.
5. Nice  Vanilla Fragrance.
6. Affordable Price.
7.Prevents  darkening of  lips.

Available  Only on Online Stores , Yet  to reach local market  .

My Experience With the product 
I am using this Lip Balm these days.
It's  a  good one. I  like it's vanilla fragrance.
It completely moisturizes the lips and prevents drying &  chapping  of  lips.
The product also claims that it  prevents  darkening of  lips.
Since  I  have not used this products for a long period of  time , cannot say anything regarding this right now , can update after using this for some more time .
Otherwise this seems to be a good product for people loving natural products.

So do check this product and other products from this brand on Amazon or their facebook/Instagram page. You might like some :) 

Do share your views on this post.


(* Honest  Opinion about  product which is sent by brand  for  review  purpose ) 

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