Tuesday 17 April 2018

Shop Online The Best Virgin Hair Bundles

Which one is the best , Virgin Brazilian Hair , Malaysian Hair or  Peruvian Hair ?

With all the amazing  unique traits that comes with  Virgin Brazilian , Malaysian and Peruvian Hair  , deciding which one you want  can be such a chore - especially when you barely know what each one offers .And if it makes you feel better , then perhaps we should tell you that you are not the only one who can't  seem to make a choice .
But knowing the virgin hair bundle to purchase wouldn't be such  a herculean task if you have some prior knowledge , would it ?

To help you make a more calculated  choice , We put together the most outstanding traits of   Malaysian , Brazilian , Peruvian hair in this blog post .
You are Welcome .

Now let's  get one thing out of  the way  before we get started .
We are not taking any sides in this post .
In fact we think  all  virgin hair bundles  are great  but each one is unique in its  qualities and appeal .
That's  said , Let's get right into it .

Brazilian Hair
These hair extensions come  from all over Brazil  in different length and  natural color and are renowned for their  almost unreal bounce , great texture and shine . Popular  opinion  says Brazilian Bundles are the most beautiful  hair you can find around.
A genuine piece of  Brazilian  hair  is going to be soft and smooth  .
It is available in wavy , straight  or  curly textures.
The straight  textures  are not  outright straight , as they can also have light bends in them .
This hair holds curls a longer that other  virgin  hair bundles out there.
Texture may vary from natural  straight  to natural  full bouncy  body wave.
The  use of this type of  hair is  popular in most West  African  countries and of course Brazil and South  America .
As long as you take good care of it , You will have no reason to regret getting a Brazilian  Virgin Hair  Bundle .
And the good news is maintaining it does not involve anything special , Just the usual wash with shampoo and a few hair products will do.
Due to its  Natural  Density , the hair is less likely to frizz -which is a big plus since you can use fewer bundles to still maintain a full look .

Malaysian  Hair
How can you spot a bundle of  Malaysian hair ?
It comes with extra shine , It's particularly glossy .
If  you would hate something so glossy , don't worry , the gloss wears off  to  give  a more natural  look and feel after some washes . Malaysian hair is known  to hold curls very well for an entire day or until  restyled . As far as texture goes  , Malaysian hair gives a soft silky feel , and it has a great bounce to its motion. If  you want volume and thickness , Malaysian hair is a good option .
It does not hold moisture as well as the other virgin hair bundles  on this list , but with a good conditioner and  hair moisturizer, you won't have to worry about that .
It requires little washing due to its density , hence you can trust this hair to retain its colors well .

Peruvian  Hair
Peruvian hair  is just now gaining grounds among hair savvy women .This hair has become popular because of  its good blend with African American relaxed hair  and Caucasian hair textures.
It is a little coarser and thicker in texture than Malaysian or Brazilian hair .
Peruvian hair easily passes  as a multipurpose hair. You can change your look and style as frequently as you want without causing a lot of damage to the hair .
It's amazing how it is very voluminous but lightweight. A  lot of  people  prefer Peruvian hair because it is extremely manageable ( i.e easy to maintain ) .These bundles work just fine for straight  sleek  styles as well as short  edgy styles .

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