Saturday 26 May 2018

Bamboo Charcoal Nose Mask Review

Hello Everyone
This is a Guest Post by  Sravanya G, Blogger, and owner of  Hyderabad Beauty Blog.

Review of   Bamboo  Charcoal  Mask
Received  in Grabbox ( a monthly subscription box )

Bamboo charcoal nose mask comes in a sachet form which is medium in size.
The product information is given on the backside of the sachet but it's in Chinese language so difficult to understand.

Inside the pack there is a black colored nose mask , which comes in form of  nose shape.
The best part about the nose mask is  that it is quite comfortable on your nose.
The nose mask fits exactly on your nose and helps in removing blackheads & whiteheads both.

Now coming to the actual performance part of  this nose mask :
It does a good job in removing blackheads & whiteheads from your nose.
It needs to be sticked to your wet nose  and then you need to leave it for 8-10 minutes and then the mask needs to be removed . Just lightly hold the end part of nose mask and it will get removed easily.

Post removal of  the nose mask  you will realise that your nose area is not dry which happens with most of the nose mask. It keeps the skin soft and moisturized , so it is good for dry skin also apart from normal & oily skin.

1. Travel friendly packaging.
2. Comes with the goodness of charcoal mask. 
3. Good for all skin type , effective on dry skin also.
4. Effective in removing blackheads & whiteheads.

Product details written in Chinese Language so difficult to understand.

Rating - 4/5

Would I recommend this product to others ?
Yes  , for  beginners  this nose mask is perfect .

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