Thursday 3 May 2018

Enjoy Lavish Lifestyle With #Rentomojo

Gone are the days when people believed in simple living and high thinking.
With the change in economy and  globalization , the  desire to live lavishly and own the best available house/flats , cars , furnitures , gadgets etc have taken place in everyone's mind. Now people love to own fancy and classy products , be it be the latest cars or latest gadgets in the market or the best of furnitures or appliances , everyone wants to own the best.

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This deep desire to own classy things is because it gives lots of  happiness and confidence and elevates our social status ; it gives you a sense of living a luxurious life.

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A home which has great furnitures and interiors gives one a warm and welcoming feel.
One feels relaxed and de-stressed as it becomes a familiar abode. Who doesn't loves comfort , that too with class and style ? And if  the furniture has a royal look , it surely makes life king size !

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Earlier people used to compromise a lot in their lifestyles. They were happy and content with what they had - old and used furnitures and minimal appliances. They used to save money for education and marriage. Buying classy furnitures and appliances was considered a luxury and many did not wish to invest their hard earned money in that.
But the point is appliances like a good oven , microwave or dishwasher cannot be considered as a luxury now. They are basic requirement in any household these days and are apart of  today's lifestyle.
But it's sad that still many cannot afford these simple products.
Many a times people save money for months together just to buy and own these luxurious products.
A part of  their life is gone without these and waiting for these.
But the question is why to wait ?
Why wait for simple things for so long ?
This waiting kills the excitement and charm.
So, one should try to own these earlier , so that  they can enjoy their life  to fullest.

One can own these products without spending a huge amount on it  or even owning them in the real sense. There are ways for that - Renting .

One of  the simplest way is  renting furnitures and  appliances from Rentomojo

Rentomojo is an online portal where one can easily rent furnitures , appliances and bikes  at a nominal  price thus one can enjoy those classy products  which they wished to own without burning a hole in their pocket .

It has many other benefits too like :
1.One gets quality products in good condition to use for a period  of  time at some  nominal charges.
 After using it , if  one wishes to own and purchase that  product , they can do it easily.

2. Their subscription gives the convenience of  monthly billing and payment cycles only after using the products. So one can use first and pay later.

3. Their  security deposit is refundable. So one can get 100% of  their money back  once the contract is complete and products are verified.

4. One can even exchange  the products  after using it for some time to get a new look , How good is that !

5. One can extend their subscription or opt out any time as per their convenience.

6. One can even transfer  their subscription  to a different city after doing some documentation work.

7.One can relocate for free.

8. Their subscription can be used in 8 major cities in India.

So after reading all these one can understand how easy and convenient it is  to rent furniture , appliances and even two wheelers  on Rentomojo.
It helps to set up  homes with the latest appliances and  furnitures without spending a huge amount.
So it's  budget-friendly.

Now a days many have transferable jobs . People often change city or locality to stay near their offices.  In such situations  shifting  big furnitures and other household appliances becomes a tedious task , but if one has taken furnitures/appliances  from Rentomojo , then they can sit and relax as their work becomes easier. They can either return the rented products in that city or take new ones at the new location or if  they are willing to carry the same that can also be done easily via Rentomojo.

Enjoy without feeling guilty that have spent the heavy amount on furnitures and appliances , which are depreciating assets.

So own things , but do it smartly.

So , do visit the site  and check their packages and offers  and do share this wonderful site with family and friends in case they  need to rent something from there.

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful , do share your views on this , would like to know your thoughts on this.

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