Wednesday 16 May 2018

Healthy Drinks to Quench Thirst in Ramadan

With  the holy month  of  Ramadan  Starting soon  , Muslims all around the  world are happy and excited , to enter the Spiritual  Journey  where  they  pray more and are closer to Almighty :) 
With month long fasting , one needs to do some preparations like what they have to eat and drink to stay healthy , so that they can  fulfill all what is required to do this month , Prayers and other  Ibadah.

Ramadan  Foods & Drinks needs to be selected carefully , So as to stay active and healthy.
Not eating Junk and not eating too much , Just the right foods & drinks  in right quantity.

In  this post I will try to cover Healthy Drinks for Ramadan , which will help to quench thirst . 

Fresh Fruit Juices , Coconut Water , Lemonade , Yogurt Drinks etc are best as they are healthy , have nutritional value and also helps to quench thirst. 

This is one of  the best drink for Ramadan .
To be taken in evening during  Iftaar , While opening Roza ( Fast ).
It protects from summer heat and cools the body , is a good source of Vitamin C .

One can even add some flavor like Rose Essence to make Rose Lemonade.
This tastes good and is refreshing. 

Mango juice made from raw mango (also known as Aam Panna ) is very healthy and refreshing. 
It is known for its heat resistant  properties.
It is a tangy summer cooler.
Made from raw mango, some spices and sugar , it is rich source of  Pectin , Vitamin B & C and quenches thirst. 
It prevents excessive loss of sodium chloride and  iron due to excessive sweating. 
So one can have it in Iftaar and after that. 

Yogurt drinks are very healthy & refreshing , and are delicious too :) 
One can make   Minty Yogurt  Drink  by adding mint , cumin seeds and ice to yogurt and blending all in a blender or mixer .
It tastes good and is good for stomach. 

One can also prepare sweet  yogurt drinks like Lassi , Flavored  ones  by adding some fresh fruits to Curd or Yogurt .
Popular ones are Mango Lassi , Strawberry lassi etc .
All these  drinks are delicious and are fulfilling .


Its one of the most refreshing juice liked by all .
Bit tangy in taste and rich in Vitamin C & Electrolyte  , it quenches thirst to great extent.

Apart from these the other  healthy drinks are : 
1. Watermelon Drink 
Can be made from fresh watermelon .
Helps to quench thirst.
Provides essential minerals  to body and prevents dehydration.

2. Cucumber & Musk  Melon Drink 
One can make drink of cucumber and muskmelon  in a juicer .
Add cumin seed powder , salt and honey to make a refreshing drink.
It soothes body and prevents excessive sweating in summer.

3. Buttermilk 
This is one of the  best  Iftaar Drink.
Cools the body and stomach and quenches thirst .

What to avoid  
1. Coffee 
2. Carbonated drinks like soft drinks.

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful :) 

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