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How To Control Gadget Addiction in Kids

Technology  has  captured a big space in our life. We are so much dependent  on Technology  that it changed the way of our thinking and perception. We feel technology  has made our life easier , but in a real scenario , Over dependency on technology is like  a curse.

Children of  this generation are smart and intelligent  right from their birth.
They are so active that they learn how to operate smart gadgets of  their own.
Due to the busy and nuclear family lifestyle , smartphones have become  the usual pacifier to calm down kids  and make them quiet when they are showing tantrums.
As there is a need for both working parents , children entertain themselves with the help  of  these electronic gadgets. Because of  continuous usage  of  these gadgets , children are now addicted to them.

What we as a parent can do to control gadget  addiction  in  Kids :
Being  a  responsible  parent , you can do many things , which can help your kid  come out  of  the gadget addiction.

1. Be a Role  Model  for your Kid
Children have a tendency  to copy every act of  their parents.
Whatever activity a kid  observes  from his parents , he replicates it.
Therefore , if  they see that  you spend most of  the time watching TV or Smartphones , they will also copy that  acts of  yours.
Hence  it is important to change your habit and be a good  role model  for your kids so that you can ask your  kid to follow  your activity  happily.

2. Encourage  Healthy  Habits
It is good if you encourage healthy habits in  your child by substituting the smartphone's  usage with some writing or  reading  activity. It may happen that your child  may not reciprocate the same from the first day but take an extra step and the reason for such implementation.
If  you implement this habit on a regular basis , your child will definitely  respond  positively.

3. Have a Play Time with  your  kid
Children  always  seek some time from their  parents.
Therefore spend some quality time with your kids.
Talk with them , Play with them , so that they do not feel  lonely  and take the company of smartphones to entertain themselves.
As per the child  Psychology , when parents spend their time and play with children , they feel more bonded and build more trust  for their parents.

4. Keep Your  Home  Tech Free
Although it is not possible to keep your home completely free from Technology , still you can manage to keep some of  the rooms as Tech Free Zones.
It will limit your child's  screen time and will help your child to focus on other activities too.

Apart from the above mentioned ideas you can apply many other ways to keep your child sufficiently away from gadgets.
It is very important to get  involved in their lives , so that  you can understand them better , so that you can guide them accordingly .

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