Tuesday 19 June 2018

Entrepreneurship Opportunity For Women

Work from Home is something which most of  the young moms look for these days.
As they want to spend more time with their kids and family and at the same time want to utilize their free time positively , doing some work and earning a decent income.

I  was  also looking  for various work for home options , while researching for opportunities online came across lots of  jobs which claim to give decent / consistent income  throughout the year.
I applied to a few of  these was disappointed to see one has to pay joining fees to start working.
Later I came to know these are fraud schemes to lure  job seekers to pay money and evaporate.
I am happy that I didn't  fell prey to these schemes.

I have been hearing from few friends who sell women ethnic clothing on WhatApp & Instagram .
This has always appealed to me  but of  now a lots of  people  are doing the same.
While researching for more I came across this website  Leelan.com. It's Mumbai based and they are manufacturers and wholesalers  of women western apparel.

Since I  stay in Hyderabad  I wasn't very sure about it as I hadn't heard about the brand ever.
I looked on JustDial to make sure that they physically  exist and was happy to know they do.

I signed up to their website and my account got activated after getting a call from one Mr. Sameer  who asked me if  I am a reseller and I told him about my plans hesitantly that I do not have a store ,
Still he activated my account.

When I checked their store , the prices seemed very low , getting tops at a price of  Rs 100 or Rs 110 still seems abnormal or too good to be true.
I thought of enquiring about  COD option ( cash on delivery option ) .
I called at number 7666 662266 and enquired about COD , about which they said company does not do COD as most logistic companies in India  would not agree to 20Kg parcel to and fro. Though the logic was correct but red signal was everywhere.

They told me that I could visit  one of  their resellers in Hyderabad  to check the quality of products before placing order. I was happy to know they had resellers in almost all  major  cities of  India.

They don't  do  drop shipping as of now , so one needs to buy products of  minimum value of  5K to see the  checkout button  on their website . I am still on their website , adding & removing products from cart . I will start in a few weeks time.

For you guys , give it a try and if possible, convince the company to start dropshipping.

Some other note :

Leelan.com has successfully sold it's products online on Flipkart but discontinued to focus entirely on B2B .

Once you create an account with the website , your account comes for approval.
Once it is manually approved to make sure the registered client  is  further reselling , you have access to the wholesale price on the website .
You can check  their collection and make a purchase , minimum cart value is 5K.

So this way one can become a reseller and  it seems a good work from home option to earn extra income .

I am still checking  and figuring out  how to proceed and make this a good earning opportunity for me , Will come up with more details after some time in another post :)

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful .
Do share your views on this , would like to know your thoughts .


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