Monday 30 July 2018

Review of Mama Earth Mosquito Repellents

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Back with some more product reviews .
With the onset of  monsoon season we start worrying about  Viral Fevers, Cold related problems and  Mosquito Menace.
To protect ourselves from mosquitoes we try various things like liquid vaporizers,  sprays etc but in long run they are harmful to health as they are loaded with chemicals.

Mama Earth have come up with some effective Mosquito Repellents which are toxin free products.

Today I will be reviewing two of its mosquito repellents.

Mama Earth Anti Mosquito  Body Roll-on  & Mama Earth Anti Mosquito Fabric Roll-on .

Mama Earth Anti  Mosquito  Fabric Roll on 
It's a Fabric Roll on with Eucalyptus oil & Citronella oil  and it gives 8 hours protection .
One needs to apply this on fabric to keep mosquitoes away .

Product Packaging 
Product packaging is excellent , it's a small bottle as since a roll on easy to apply on fabric .


Price : Rs 99 for 8 ml pack .

Mama Earth Anti Mosquito  Body Roll on 
It's a Body Roll on with  Eucalyptus Oil , Lemongrass Oil , Lavender Oil  and is effective upto 8 hours .
One needs to apply this directly on exposed areas like hands and feet .
It's effective in keeping mosquitoes away. 

Price : MRP  Rs 198 for  40 ml 
Now available at a good discount .
One can buy from amazon.

I am using both the products these days .

What I liked about these products 
* Both the products are effective in keeping mosquitoes away .
* Deet  & Alcohol Free products .
* Contains natural ingredients like Eucalyptus oil , Lemongrass Oil , Citronella Oil etc .
* Excellent  Product Packaging .
* Nice Fragrance of  Lemongrass .
* Toxin-free products and are gentle on skin .
* Safe to be used even for small kids & toddlers .
* Travel  friendly pack .
* Affordable  price .
* Easily  Available on online stores like Amazon .

IBB Rating - 5/5 

One can buy these products directly from their website or from online stores like Amazon .

So do check these products and give a try to keep mosquitoes away and be healthy & safe.

(*Products Sent by the brand for review purpose, sharing my own opinion about these products ) 

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