Tuesday 14 August 2018

Enjoy Monsoon With Healthy Food & Drinks

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Monsoon being much awaited season after summer comes with lots of things like Blooming flowers , Mitti ki khusbu , Tip-tap raindrops , Dip in temperature ( much relief from scorching summer heat).

All these being pleasant ones and people do enjoy rainy season and its delicacies .

But there are some unpleasant and unwanted things too  like virus , bacteria , germs , mosquitoes  and health problems related to these.
So one need to be careful and should take proper measures  to protect oneself from all these .

Taking healthy food & drinks during monsoon is too important  to stay healthy and develop immunity.

Some Tips for Having  Healthy  Food  During  Monsoon 

* Lower down salt intake as it causes water retention and more health problems during monsoon .
* Avoid fruits like watermelon as it can cause bloating .
* Avoid spicy food as it can raise body temperature and can cause allergy .
* Use of  bitter gourd and turmeric can help in preventing infections .
* Prefer boiled and purified water so to avoid water borne diseases .
* Avoid street food , they are too tempting but better to avoid street food because of  hygiene reasons and  prepare healthy snacks at home. 

Some Foods To Avoid  in Monsoon 
1. Leafy Vegetables 
The grime and dampness present in it makes them susceptible to germs.
2. Fizzy Drinks 
It reduces minerals in our body which in turns leads to reduction in enzyme activity. 
3. Fried  Chicken 
The highly humid monsoon weather causes digestion process to slow down , so better take chicken soup than fried chicken . 

Some of  the popular  Monsoon Food 

Liked by all , its delicious and healthy .
It's a rich source of  Fiber , Vitamin C , Folate , Proteins & carbohydrate .
Vitamin C in it acts as antioxidant and  improves immunity .
It also helps to feel fuller for longer thus helps to maintain weight. 

Soups are  healthy as low in calorie and rich in fiber .
One can prepare vegetable soups or even chicken soup in monsoon. 
Hot soups are relishing and delicious and liked by people of all age group .
Easy to digest and gives instant energy and some  relief from cold .

Instead of simple milk tea one can prepare masala tea in monsoon & winters .
Adding a little of  ginger , cardamom not only enhances flavor  but also increases medicinal value . 
Prevents cold & cough problems. 

Green tea has numerous health benefits .
They are rich in antioxidants , helps to control weight .
Helps to flush out toxins from the body .
One can enjoy green tea in monsoon to stay healthy & active. 

Past few years I am drinking lots of  green tea because of its health benefits .
Recently I saw a new brand  on Amazon , TE-A-ME 
It has some wonderful flavors of  tea .
I have tried few and liked them , good to taste & are refreshing .
Flavors like Peach Tea , Lemon Honey are too good .

They have some flavors in Wellness Infusion Tea .
It's  a blend of  Golden Turmeric , Cardamom & Fruity Orange peel .
It's rich in antioxidants and helps to flush out toxins from the body and improves immunity. 
We all know health benefits of cardamom and turmeric , when blended in a green  tea is too good .
Since it's packed in a Tea Bag , very easy to prepare  , one can add honey or sugar as per taste or can simply have it without any sweetner. 
These  packs are Travel  Friendly too .
One can easily carry these tea bags in purse or bag and can enjoy it anywhere . 
One can buy these Tea from online stores like Amazon . 

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful .

This post is a part of  Monsoon Carnival  hosted by  Sayeri   and 
Would like to Thank our prime sponsor TE-A-ME and hosts  for hosting this Monsoon Carnival .


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