Saturday 18 August 2018

Gift Ideas For Your Cool Friends #Friendship

With  Friendship Day this month people are busy deciding gifts for their friends & Siblings.
In today's post, I will share some Gift  Ideas.

Few points are to be kept in mind before buying a gift for someone :

 Gift some useful stuffs
 I always prefer gifting useful stuffs to my near and dear ones , as when someone gets something which they need , they are too happy . It could be a small thing like a Makeup Product or something big and expensive like a Smartphone or a Wrist Watch .

 It's better to know their choice and preference as no one likes to get something which he/she doesn't likes much . Like choice of  brand , color , design etc .

                                                        SOME  GIFT  IDEAS 
1. Make up
It's not that since I am a beauty blogger I am writing Make Up first :)
It's because every girl /women loves to get makeup products as gifts ( this is my personal experience)
It's  said that a Women can never have sufficient  Lipstick and it's true :)
So if  not getting any other  idea better to gift some good makeup products to your friend or sister , she would love to have some more Lipsticks , Kajals & Mascara's .

2. Apparel
This is a tricky one as we need to ensure we know correct size and taste of  person we are gifting .
As different people have different choice of  color , design .
So if  have good idea on taste of  the person then only go for it or else avoid it .

3. Wrist Watches
Some good looking and cool watches always make a great gifting option , specially for women /girl as they use it as a accessory and sometimes as a Jewelry piece ( If it's too expensive and from a top brand ) .

4. Bags
Girls and their Bag /Purse collection .
They are never satisfied with how many they have :)
And always complain I don't have much :)
So do consider this as a gifting option with some common colors like Black or Brown in mind as can be mixed and matched with any outfit .

5. Healthy Snacks
It might sound bit weird but believe me it's not that bad :)
We can gift some healthy snacks to our near and dear ones .
When Tummy Happy , Baby Also Happy :)
One can gift Some dry fruits like Roasted Almond , Pistachoes etc .

6 . Jewelry
Gone are the days when ladies used to invest only in Gold or Diamond ,
Now a days trend has changed , Girls love to wear more of  Artificial Jewelry which are  stylish and gives a cool look .
So gifting some good artificial Jewelry is always a good idea .

7. Personalized Gifts
This is my favorite one.
I love gifting Personalized gifts to my near and dear one as one feels extremely happy when gets such gifts . There are many online stores from where one can buy such gifts like IGP , Perfico etc .
I have shopped from these sites and found  their  products too good .

This friendship day I gifted something to my Bestie and would like to share that here .
I placed order for that on Amazon and my friend got it just before Friendship Day .

Zokasa She Is My Sister Coffee Mug For Best Friend Girl

Tied Ribbons Friendship Day Best Designed Cushion (12 inch x 12 inch) with Filler

One can check this Lovely Cushion at  amazon.

So one can find and buy such lovely gifts for their friends :)

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful. Do tell me your views on this post .

I am writing this post as a part of  Monsoon Carnival .

Thanking hosts  Sayeri and Jhilmil for having this fun carnival .

I would like to thank  Princy   for introducing me to this blog carnival .
Would like to introduce my fellow blogger Paresh in this carnival .
Do check their  post in this series .


( Image Source : Amazon )

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