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Shop Luxurious Silk Fabric From Tissura

Silk fabric is a natural and luxurious type of cloth  which comes in variety of weaves and finish.
From Chiffon to  Georgette , from opaque Crepe to Satin fabrics , silk is one of the most popular fabric among all.

It's absorbency makes it comfortable to wear  in warm weather.
It's used to prepare clothing such as shirt , ties , dresses , saree , blouse , robes , suits etc.

Apparels made from Silk or Silk blend  look Classy & Elegant .

One can shop silk from online stores or from local stores in their city .
Recently I came across an online store which offers Best Quality Silk.
At  Tissura one can buy  fine quality silk from world's top brands .
They have wide range of  silk in all textures.
They also develop their unique design and their production at the facilities of their European partners  Taroni , Belinac , Frontline etc .
One can shop high quality silk fabric for any occasion like party , functions , daily wear etc .

Tissura is a global network of  fabric shops and showrooms that has been presenting haute couture fabrics for almost 20 years. They are reliable partners of  leading French , Italian , Belgian , Swiss , British textile manufacturers .

While browsing the site I came across some beautiful prints and designs .

Silk Georgette
It's  lightweight , Semi Sheer fabric .
It's a type of  Italian silk with fine texture.
With lovely floral print in pink and green , it is soft to touch and breathable.
Suitable for making Blouses , Skirts , Dresses .

Silk  Organza
It is a sheer thin fabric constructed in a plain weave .
It's  lightweight and crisp.
It's  an Italian Silk fabric ideal for making Party Gowns or Evening Dresses.

Silk Crepe De Chine
It's a plain woven fabric created  from high twist yarns.
It's  either opaque or semi opaque and  can have rough or smooth texture .
It's a durable fabric and is characterized by matte sheen.
With a vibrant color and polka dots its ideal for Spring Summer outfit .

Silk  Chiffon
Silk chiffon is a plain woven fabric .
It's lightweight and soft.
This white silk chiffon has a Floral  Japanese art style .
It's ideal  for making flowy dresses and skirts .

 Stretch Silk Satin
Made from 92% silk and  8% Elastane this lightweight  silk fabric  is comfortable to wear.
With an extremely easy drape and  a lovely sheen , this silk satin fabric is perfect for fashioning graceful blouses , skirts and dresses .

So these were the fabrics which is I liked at Tissura .
High Quality Fabric from Best brands of world .
Ideal to make Gowns, Skirts , Tops , Dresses for various occasions.

One  can prepare Stylish & Beautiful Gown  like this from silk fabric .

What  I  Liked about this Store
* High Quality fabrics from worlds top brands .
* Beautiful Designs & patterns .
* Some unique designs and patterns are available which are difficult to find at other stores.
* They offer worldwide shipping .
* Various payment options available like Debit Card , Credit Card , Bank Transfer etc .

Do check the store to see some unique and beautiful products  and shop something if you like one .

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful.

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