Saturday 4 August 2018

What Makes Mother Sparsh Baby Water Based Wipes Unique & Special

As a mother we always want The  Best for our kids.
Best of everything , which also includes Baby Products.
Since it's a part of their skin care routine.
We want to use Chemical free & Toxin free products which are gentle on skin and safe to use.

Mother Sparsh is one such brand whose products are safe to use .
It's an Ayurvedic brand and it's products are  Paraben Free , Alcohol free and uses natural ingredients in it's products .

One of it's products which I have used and found too good  is  Mother Sparsh Baby  Water  Based Wipes .

It is made from biodegradable plant based fabric and it enriched with Aloe Vera , Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil .
It's a Polyester free baby wipes which is PH balanced and is Skin friendly.

Product Packaging 
These wipes are packed in a pull off  package , from which one can easily pull one wipes to use and can then seal the pack to maintain freshness of other wipes .

Quality of  Wipes 
These wipes are quite thick and do not tear while usage.
Smells good as is enriched with Aloe Vera and Jojoba oil .

Price :  Rs 175 for 80 wipes .
One can buy this at  amazon 

Purified Water ( 98 % water ) 
Jojoba Oil 
Aloe Vera 
Castor Oil 

1. Made from 100 % biodegradable plant fabric .
2. 98 % water wipes so as good as cotton and water  .
3. Free of  harmful chemicals like  Paraben , Artificial color & Fragrance etc .
4. Has goodness of Jojoba Oil , Castor Oil , Aloe Vera .
5. Its  Dermatologically tested and Hypoallergenic , So safe for baby's skin. 
6.Good quality product and it prevents diaper rash .
7.. Easily available on online stores like Amazon .
8. Good Packaging .
9. Affordable  Price.
10. An eco friendly product .


My Experience with the product 
I have used this myself to check it's quality .
It's a good one .
The wipes are thick and can clean skin gently .

Ideal for infants and small kids .
Even suitable for new born babies . 
One can use these  wipes to keep baby clean and maintain hygiene , these wipes can be used while changing diaper or just to fresh up the baby , so that baby feels good and refreshed .

So all these makes Mother Sparsh Baby  Water  Based  Wipes Unique , Special and Better than other wipes .

One can check the  site to know more details and check other products from this brand Mother sparsh  

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful .
Do share your views if you have used this product .


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