Saturday 1 September 2018

Introducing Premium Skin Care Products from Miracle Beauty Concepts

Hello Everyone
Back with one more interesting post .
Today I am going to introduce a new Skin Care brand to my readers

Its an Indian brand based in Bangalore .

I am trying some of  its products these days , will share my opinion about these products in this post .
The products  I am trying are :

1. MBC  Handmade Soap
2. MBC Bath & Shower Gel
3. MBC  Aloe Vera Face Wash
4. Speaking Tree Lemon Essential Oil

It's an aqua blue color bath gel .
Ingredients : Aloe Vera Gel , Hydrocel , Glycerine , Sodium Lauryl Sulfate 
Price : Rs 275 for 150 ml
Shelf  Life : 12 months 

It has a nice fragrance and it cleanses well.
One feels fresh & refreshed after using it .

This is a hand made soap with Glycerine. 
It cleanses and moisturizes the skin .
Has a mild fragrance .
Does not melts fast like many other soaps . 

This is an Aloe Vera based Face wash suitable for all skin type , specially for Oily skin .
Ingredients : Aloe Vera Gel , Glycerine , Vitamin C powder 
Price : Rs 170  for 100 gms 
Shelf  Life : 12 months 
Has nice ingredient list and cleanses the skin well .
Has gel like consistency .

This is an excellent  product from Speaking Tree .
Its a type of essential oil with Lemon Fragrance.
It can be used for various purposes like :
* Can be mixed with some Carrier Oil like Coconut Oil , Olive Oil and applied on scalp , it would help to reduce dandruff problems and will relax mind and will help to get good sleep .
* It can be used as a Hand Sanitizer .
* It can be used as a room freshner .

What  I  Liked about these Products 
* Good  products at Affordable price .
* Excellent product packaging .
* Bath & Shower Gel is refreshing.
* Handmade soap is a good cleanser and moisturizer .
* Aloe Vera Face Wash is a mild gentle cleanser , suitable for all skin type.
* Lemon Essential Oil is an Excellent product with multiple usages. 

My Suggestion to Brand 
 Fragrance of  Aloe Vera Face wash isn't great .
It smells like pure Aloe Vera gel , which is too strong and overpowering.
So if any by anyways something could be done with it's fragrance, it would be good .

One can check their product range on their Instagram Page 
And Contact them to place order .

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful .

(* Products sent by brand , sharing my personal opinion about it ) 

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