Saturday 29 September 2018

Maintain Hygiene With Bey Bee Water Wipes & Dry Sheet

With small kids and baby's around, maintaining hygiene is as important as anything.
To keep baby clean we need few basic things like Diapers , Wipes , Dry Sheets etc.

And we want to use all baby products of good quality  as our little ones Deserves The Best .

In today's post I will share my opinion about some products from a brand Bey Bee.
It's a baby care brand with some good products in it's range like Water Wipes ,Dry Sheet ,Baby Powder ,Coconut Oil etc.

* It is water wipes for new born baby's with 98% water .
* It is Hypoallergenic .
* Free of alcohol & paraben .
* It is dermatologically tested.
* Made-safe Australian Certified.
* Excellent packaging with lid /cover to seal freshness.

Price : Rs 99 for 80 wipes ( after discount ) 
So quite affordable. 

Bey bee is providing India's number one waterproof  bed protector and breathable dry sheet for newly born baby which gives them a comfortable and sound sleep.
With the property of  getting drier faster it is reusable .

Price : Rs 599 for  Large size ( 1.4m x 1.0 m) 
Its available in other sizes also .

One can see it's so beautiful and useful .
The Top layer is colorful and is made from cotton like fabric , the bottom one is absorbent one .
So when we make baby sleep on it , it's comfortable as well as absorbent .
It is a waterproof protector made with air flow technology which allows air to circulate through it.
It is skin friendly and durable.
It is washable , so one can wash and use again & again .

One can check this product at  Amazon

What I liked about these products and brand : 
* Useful products for baby care in it's range.
* Affordable  Price .
* Good quality products.
* Easily Available at online stores like Amazon.
* The water wipes are paraben & alcohol  free and safe to use for small kids and infants. 
* The dry sheet is an excellent product which helps to maintain hygiene. 

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful .
Do share your views if you have used products from this brand .


(* Products sent by brand for review, sharing my own opinion about products ) 

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