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12 Smart Fitness Tips For You & Your Family

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Fitness is something that is discussed by everyone and everywhere .
Be it the fitness of  yourself  or your family , it will be appreciated .
Once you embrace the same challenges with your spouse and kids , fitness goals will
be achieved more easily .

Let's read this month by month Smart Fitness Tips for you and your family to stay in shape.
Start with one goal every month and keep adding it to your following month goals .

                                          TWELVE  SMART  FITNESS TIPS 

1. Ditch the elevator
According to some research climbing just eight flight of stairs a day lowers mortality risk by 33 % .
Use stairs instead of  elevators . Try to restrict the use of elevators and use only when you are extremely exhausted .

2.Go Biking
Bike riding is the most wonderful  cardiovascular activity that tones up your limbs and arms .
Instead of using the stationary exercise cycle , go for a bicycle ride and explore the outside world .
You can also make one join the local cycling group for motivation.
When all around us are working for the same fitness goal , it becomes more interesting .
Furthermost Kids enthusiasm could be encouraged by planning a monthly cycle excursion.

Teach your kids the importance of  Sports Education .

3. Reduce  Screen Time
We are our children's first Role Model .
Make sure your head is not always buried in your smartphone when you are with your kids.
Set the best example for them by cutting down your screen time.
Take out some family time together by without laptops ,smartphones , TV or any kind of electronic
entertainment .

4. Junk The Junk
Avoid  dining out every weekend and cook the food at home .
Encourage your kids to search healthy recipes and involve them in cooking with you.
Visit those restaurants which serve healthy & nutritious meal .
Do not offer sweets or  junk foods as bribe .
Reward them with extra 30 minutes of  outdoor play .

5. After  Dinner  Walk
Replace the sluggish after dinner time in front of the TV with a minimum of 15 minutes of  walk .
According to research after dinner walk enhances sleep , reduce blood sugar level , improves digestion and reduces fat in the body . Make your walking interesting by adding a dose of  laughter to it .

6.Dance Therapy
Any form of  dance is a stress buster and fabulous way to keep the flab away .
It makes you feel happy .

7.Chew  Slowly
Make it a habit to eat everything by chewing slowly . Remind each other while eating to chew slowly.
It improves digestion . This habit is the best one to keep yourself  fit  even if you are not doing any work out for few days .

8.Eat Smaller Portions
Whenever you eat or serve ensure that it is a smaller portion .
Eat six meals a day but in small portions .
This will keep a check on fat automatically by improving the metabolism rate of your body .

9. Shuffle
Kids get bored by doing the same activity daily , so keep shuffling the activities .
Choose activity according to season like Swimming for summers etc.

Once a month go for detox by keeping fast .
Fasting is healthy and it cleanses the system.
One can have fruits , salads , juices & soups .

11.Water Therapy
Water is life , you need  to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily .
It will flush out all the bad toxins from your body.
Keep water filled glass bottles labelled for each family member with in the reach .
This way they will not skip the water therapy .

12.Sound Sleep
Nothing can replace the benefit of sound sleep.
You should sleep and wake up daily at a fixed time so to set your internal clock .
Sound sleep helps to repair your body and mind.

So what are you waiting for ?
Pick one goal every month and include it in your fitness journey.
The family who works out together stays together :)

Wish you a happy & healthy parenting .

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