Thursday 11 October 2018

How To Avoid Your Baby Getting Diaper Rash

Parenting is not easy and especially with small kids and infants , it's  more difficult as they are too small to take care of  themselves . They even can't  explain their problem or pain with us.
As a parent we need to understand their pain and we should try to avoid all such things which are not good for them and their health .

We should be extra careful while choosing baby care products .
It should be from a reputed brand and should be of good quality .
As if we choose not so good products it can cause allergy or rashes which is too bad as the kid feels too irritated and will cry.
A few decades back when diapers were not there and not so common , mothers used to have  only cloth diapers for their kids . Using it was not easy but at least it was changed frequently so less chances of  having diaper rashes .
But now with the change in lifestyle mom's prefer using diapers which is quite convenient and easy to use. But regular usage of these diapers can cause diaper rash  which is very painful and the child gets irritated and annoyed and if not treated properly can cause health problems.

So it is important to keep in mind few things to Avoid  Diaper  Rashes

* Use diapers from good brands , one which can absorb well and keep baby's  skin dry .
* Change diapers frequently , after 4-6 hours , in any case should not  be used for more than 6 hours.
* Every time baby poops , change the diaper  immediately .
*  Use wet wipes from a good brand like Mother Sparsh while changing diapers .

Studies have shown that even properly washed clothes can have  germs and using such clothes for cleaning can cause severe diaper rashes.
Sometimes when clothes are not washed properly it has residue of  detergent and dirts in it  which is not good for baby's skin , can cause allergies and rashes .
So better to use good quality wipes  while changing diapers .
This would help to avoid diaper rashes and will keep baby happy and healthy.

Today market is flooded with wipes from various brands.
But all are not good ones , some are synthetic ones and we should avoid such brands .


To check the quality of  wipes we can do a simple Flame Test at home.
One can read this article to know more about flame test
Flame Test for Mother Sparsh Water Wipes

In my previous article I have shown How I did Flame Test for Mother Sparsh Wipes .
And was happy to find that these wet wipes are of good quality and are not synthetic.
When burnt they did not left a hard residue but burnt like paper which shows that they are not synthetic.


Good points about Mother Sparsh Water Based Wipes :
* They are made from  plant based fabric and are biodegradable .
* They are dermatologically tested and are hypoallergenic .
* They are PH balanced .
* Free of parabens and other harmful chemicals .
* Enriched with vitamin E , Aloe Vera & Jojoba Oil .
* It is 98% water wipes , so as good as water and cotton.
* They are thick and do not tear while usage.
* Product Packaging is good .
* Affordable price , Rs 170 for 80 wipes .


One can check more about these wipes on their website. 

One can buy these wipes from amazon.

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful .
Do tell me your views if you have used this wipes .


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