Sunday 7 October 2018

How To De-stress Yourself With Mama Earth Stress Relief Tea

Parenting is not easy and with small kids around it's tougher as parents need to constantly look after and take care of  their little ones . All this causes lots of fatigue and  both parents especially moms feel too tired often and needs some rest and something to de-stress.

A good shower , a massage  , a short nap or sometimes Some Me Time along with a cup of tea or coffee is relaxing . But instead of taking regular tea or coffee one can have a special tea which is meant to de-stress and relax , I am talking of  Mama Earth  Stress Relief  Tea.

An excellent product by India's famous brand Mama Earth .
I am drinking this tea these days and I liked it so much that I have planned  to order some more and keep it in stock at home :)

Product Packaging  
Product packaging is excellent .
It's a Tin with  sachets of  tea bags  in it . 
Quite easy to use and no mess .
One can use individual tea bag at a time and enjoy their tea .
Travel friendly  too.
One can easily carry these sachets in their bags or purse . 

Price : Rs 599 for 30 Tea bags .

Ingredient list is great with Green Tea leaf , Eucalyptus leaves , Stevia Leaves , 
Ginger , Cardamom , Cinnamon. 

A fat free and Sugar free product .

Pregnant ladies should avoid this tea . 

What the product claims 
* Reduces  Stress 
* Reduces fatigue 
* Reduces Tension 
* Has calming effect 
* Helps to  de-stress 

My Experience with this Tea 
I am using and enjoying this tea past few weeks .
Initially it seemed like a normal  green tea but  gradually I could feel the difference
 between  a normal green tea and this tea .
It really helps to relax and de-stress .
One day I was not well and was feeling too low with some headache and  body ache .
After drinking a cup of  this tea , I felt much better 
Headache was gone and  I felt relaxed .

One can have it any time of  the day but Best Time is  morning , that too empty stomach 
as at that time it works well on body .
Cinnamon in it helps to reduce cholesterol 
Ginger & Cardamom fights cold .

One can check this product at their website.

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful.
Do share your views if you have tried this tea .


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