Wednesday 31 October 2018

How To Use Curd For Dandruff Free Beautiful Hair

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Everyone wishes to have dandruff free beautiful & shiny  hair .
In  India people used many natural methods to keep their hairs shiny & beautiful .
One of  the magic ingredients of  many hair packs was curd .

Know about the use of  curd in hair packs to keep your hairs healthy , shiny & silky .

How to use curd to keep dandruff  at bay 
Dandruff  & dry scalp leads to itchiness and irritation.
Today there are many shampoos & conditioners that claim to help fight dandruff.
But people in India used natural methods in the past to keep their hair dandruff free and shiny.
Here is a secret recipe for creating natural curd pack to keep your locks free from dandruff .

1 cup curd
5 tbsp of fenugreek powder
1 tbsp lemon juice

Method  of  Preparation
Mix all the above ingredients and apply them on your hairs  .
One can use a brush to apply this curd mask easily on their hairs .
Better to use a shower cap so that mask stays on hairs and does not falls off and becomes messy.
Leave it for around 40 minutes , they can be washed off .

This curd mask should be applied twice a week for a month , then one can see  drastic change in the texture of  their hairs .

Curds has countless benefits .
If combined  with right  ingredients , can actually transform you hair can give a completely new look Curd can be used as a conditioner too.

Here is  the way one can use curd as a conditioner for your hairs :

1 cup curd
1 tbsp honey

Method  of  Preparation
To use curd and honey as a conditioner , mix both the ingredients and apply it on scalp & hairs and leave it for around 20 minutes , then wash it off  with plenty of  water and one can use a mild shampoo to clean hairs .
Curd & Honey together has cooling effect on head .
Since both these ingredients has moisturizing effect , it will moisturize the scalp well and when used regularly will make scalp dandruff  free .

Reason why applying curd on scalp is beneficial
The first reason why  curd is good for your locks is , it is a natural product free of harmful chemical ingredients & preservatives as found in most of  the hair care products.
It's a  harmless dairy  product with countless benefits like :

* Rich in Vitamin B5 & Vitamin D.
* Rich in minerals like Magnesium , Zinc & Potassium .
  These minerals enhances hair health .
* High amount of fatty acid present in curd makes sure that hairs are properly moisturized.

Now that it is clear that How good Curd is for hairs , Do prepare some curd mask and use it to make your hairs healthy , strong & shiny .

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