Tuesday 23 October 2018

Seven Seas 2 In 1 Eye Shadow & Gel Eyeliner Review

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Hello Everyone
Back with another review :)
Today I am going to review a beauty product or cosmetics from the brand  Seven Seas.
It's  2 in 1 Eye Shadow & Gel  Eye Liner.

Seven Seas is an Indian Brand and its products are quite affordable.

About the product
This 2 in 1 Eye shadow & Gel Eyeliner is a good product from the brand which serves the dual purpose of having an eyeshadow and an eyeliner in the same pack.

Price - Rs 299 
Shelf  Life  - 3 Years 

Upon opening the pack , one can see Products .
Eye shadow ( Black Color ) 
Gel Eyeliner 
2 sided brush .

This one is the Eye Shadow .
It's quite pigmented .

This one is the Eye Liner . 

What I liked about this product 
* Super affordable price .
* Good quality .
* Gel eye liner is easy to apply using the given brush .
* Eyeshadow is pigmented .
* Eyeliner is waterproof .
* Eye shadow is smudge proof . 
* Good product packaging .
* Good shelf  Life . 

One can use this eye shadow & eye liner set to create Smoky Eyes  Look .
Both of these are Jet Black in color .
Gel Eye liner gives a  lovely dark shade which looks too good as is easy to use .

One can buy this product from Euphorbia Box, India's Most  Affordable  Beauty Subscription Box.
Right now this product is available at a Sale :)
One can buy this at a discounted price of Rs 199 only.

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful :)


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