Thursday 1 November 2018

Control Hair Fall With AM Greens Intensive Hair Mask

Hair fall being a common problem these days , we always look out for solutions for it .
There are numerous products available in the market which claims to treat hair fall  problem but all are not effective and do not  fulfill the tall claims they make .
There are some home remedies too which are less expensive as compared to products available in market but these home remedies take long time to show some effect and people loose patience.

So Today I will share a product which is not very expensive and is really effective in controlling hair fall .
I am talking about a  hair mask  AM Green Intensive Hair Mask.

It's a part of  November Euphorbia Box .
I got this product few weeks back and I am using it these days .

The product has been curated with some excellent ingredients like some Organic Herbs & Oils to control hair fall .

Jojoba Oil 
Argan Oil 
Bitter Almond Oil 
Aloe Vera 
Plant Milk 

Price : Rs 460 for 100 gms 

Shelf  Life: 12 Months 

Product Packaging 
It's a glass jar with lid on it . 

How the  product looks like 
It's a thick mask , looks like clarified butter ( ghee ) .

                                                             DIRECTION  FOR USE  

One needs to apply this hair mask on scalp and hairs and leave overnight  , then wash it off with plenty of water next morning and then use a mild herbal shampoo .

Or one can even apply this in day time and leave for some 3-4 hours and then use a mild  shampoo .

It thoroughly nourishes the scalp and hairs , conditions it and reduces hair fall .

                                   MY EXPERIENCE WITH THE PRODUCT

I have used some other hair masks before , they were good but as I said before most of them do not fulfill their tall claims .
So before using this hair mask I was not sure how it is and  what will be the effect of it on my hairs .
I am having some hair fall problems past few years and  I keep on trying something or other to control it .

First usage :
I applied more amount of it on my hairs as I was not sure how much to take .
It resulted in making my face oily too :)
I left this mask on my hairs for around  4 hours then did shampoo .

Result :
When my hairs were dry , they were more soft and looked conditioned & moisturized .
Less Frizzy and dull as used to be before after doing shampoo .
This really made me happy :)
The MAGICAL part was , less hairs on my comb after combing :)
This was something I was not expecting and I was so happy that I shared this with everyone and next
my daughters also tried this hair mask .

Next time onwards I am applying less amount of  hair mask then the first time , So my hairs & face does not looks too oily .
And I am happy with the results .

* My hairs are now soft  .
* Less hair fall, less on my comb after combing :)

Regarding new hair growth I can not say right now , can confirm after using this mask for some more time , hope it does :)

Still would say, this is one the Best Hair Mask I have ever used .

Regarding price , since it's really effective , price does not matters and it's  in Affordable Range .

Hope  you all liked this post and found it useful .
Do check this product at Euphorbia Box and give it a try :)


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