Thursday, 15 November 2018

Handy Must Have Beauty Products For Summer Wedding

Weather plays an important role in making wedding fun.
Especially people love to do their wedding in winter rather than in summer.
Because summer is sweaty and in Sweat, everything comes down .
And brides struggle to keep their makeup intact .
And even if food is not kept safe and sound , it also gets ruined in summer heat .
Though these are other things that should be paid attention to .

Here we are with ten must-have handy beauty products for summer wedding that you must keep in your bag that you always keep near you during the wedding or give it to your close friend, who is working like a hanger to you or your Bridesmaid :)
Being a close friend she will do it for you .

Buckle up girls, besides you want makeup that none other could have and you want to look best,
then book the best makeup artist and have the look you want .



Summer heat is Bummer . Mostly it is seen that makeup comes down on bride's faces .
Sometimes eyeliner , sometimes shimmer and simmer shines somewhere else .
Use Mac Fix Plus Spray  when you feel your makeup is bit disturbed , it keeps makeup intact and in place. This is one of  the best products for summer wedding .
Save  your makeup brides .


Your makeup is done and you have to keep it for hours or even a little longer .
If you are feeling sticky or ticky or you feel you are feeling shiny which you don't want to in the mid of  your wedding  or in any function , then use blotting paper which keeps skin matte .
NYX  is one of the best ones .
You can use from other brands too .


Whether it's your wedding or yours  friends , in humidity people always have problem with their  hairs .
They become like broken web that don't get easily combed and perhaps you don't have time for that too.
Don't  worry just spray  sea salt spray in your hairs and they become soft like cotton .
Style as you want to  .


Your lips shine , your eyes shines but not your cheeks ? 
Use cheek stains with  the powder blush to make it blushing all night  during wedding or any other function .


It is summer heat girls , you pencil eyeliner can come down with the sweat making your all face bit blacky .
If you don't want your face like this then use a liquid/ gel eyeliner .
Which will stay during entire function.  

In case  you want a perfect  makeup  for  a  wedding or any other function 
then book a top beauty parlour. 

There are many best there and  they can give you the look you want .

This is a  Guest Post by  Vikas Kumawat  who writes at .

Hope you all liked this and found it useful .



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