Friday 7 December 2018

How Do I Manage To Smile When There is So Much Stress Around

There is an old proverb that  " Life is not a bed of roses , it has thorns too " and  it's true.
Life is not a Fairy tale  story where everything is rosy and good .
Everyone has their  share of  challenges and pains.
But the way people deal with such situations are different .

1. Some are Cry babies who always cry , not happy with anything in their lives .

2. Some are Tough nuts , deal challenges with their mental toughness .

3. Some are Normal people who are happy in normal situations and break or get depressed in tough times.   

I   belong to category 2 & 3  , I am a normal person , enjoy all good things in life ,
Do get tensed in stressful situations But I am a tough nut :)
I deal with situations and challenges with patience and wisdom .

I have a smiling face , I love to smile and laugh .
I enjoy being with friends and near & dear ones , at the same time
I Love my ME TIME ( Time when I do not like to get disturbed by anyone and do whatever I feel like ).
I am a responsible person, try to fulfill all my duties perfectly BUT I am  Human, not Divine , so mistakes do happen and I  learn from my mistakes .

There are some moments and situations when I am too stressed , sometimes its professional and most of  time it's because of some personal reasons .
As it's difficult to please everyone around us .
We can't make everyone happy .
Still people around us expect more from us .

Slowly and steadily I  learned how to tackle such situations .
It took ages to understand and learn  few things but the Outcome is Good :)

Now I will share " How do I  Manage To Smile When There is so much stress around "


 We should be thankful and grateful to almighty for giving us so many good things in life , which many  are deprived  of  .
Healthy body , Good life & Lifestyle , Education , Family , Kids , Profession and many more is something which we should be happy and grateful of  .
As there many poor and underprivileged people in the world , who are not having all these what we are having .
So when we will think deeply about this , it will give us happiness and will bring smile on our faces .


Many of  us do not do this , we do not take proper care of ourselves and do not love our self .
We are so much occupied with our work and we give priority to others that we forget  to think of ourselves .
No body is perfect and mistakes do happen .
Instead of  feeling guilty about it , it's better to learn from mistakes and improve .
And start loving ourselves by appreciating  good in us ( what ever we have ) .
This will make us feel better and happy .
When  I think  of  my achievements ( in studies and professional life ) , I feel proud of myself and feel awesome.
That brings a Big Smile on my face :)


Faith in almighty is something which keeps me going and keeps me strong even in tough times.
Prayers connect us with the almighty and then we feel good and relaxed .
It gives lots of  strength and we can think something to get out of tough situations.


We should do those things which we love to do and it will surely give lots of  happiness.
It could be pursuing your hobby , spending time with friends and family , shopping , outing anything.

When we make others smile , it comes back to us .
I try to make others happy in all possible ways &  by sending them surprise gifts :)
For my family & kids , I try to spend quality  time with them , cook their favorite meal , play with kids and even watch cartoons with them to be a part of  their fun :)


This is something which gives strength  even in tough times .
We are emotionally connected with few , they might not be our family or close relatives but some friends or acquaintance.
When feel low connect with your loved ones and it will definitely make you feel better .
I do so , I have a small list of  some close friends whom I love to get connected  when I am stressed as they give lots of  positivity and some good suggestions to deal tough situations.

The ultimate is MENTAL TOUGHNESS .
We should think that whatever happens , happens for a reason , many  a times we are unable to understand it , but need to have lots of patience to deal such situations .

And the best part is Life is an ongoing process , nothings stays forever , so not even the tough times , it also passes and  there is always a ray of  hope, for better things in life , we just need to do our part and have patience, stay strong and help others to feel good :)

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful.


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