Tuesday 4 December 2018

Keep Your Food Warm With NanoNine Uni Qlip Tiffin Lunch Pack

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When outside the one thing which we  miss is home made hot food which is fresh and healthy.
Many a times we do enjoy outside food , either in restaurants , hotels or even street food.
Once in a while that's Okay but  on a regular basis that's bad for health .
Like for  school going kids and office going people , they should not eat outside food daily or regularly, better to carry home made food in a good lunch box .

No one likes to eat cold food , which has lost its taste & flavor .
So we need to use a Lunch Box which can keep food hot or warm for a long period of time .

Recently I came across a brand  NANONINE which has some good and useful products in it's a range which are actually food savers .

About the Brand :
NanoNine is an Indian Brand which is 30 years old in Kitchenware Industry .
Their products are available at various stores throughout India and many parts of world .
One can also buy their products online from stores like Amazon , Flipkart , Snapdeal or directly from their website.

One of  their products which I am using is  NanoNine Uni Clip Tiffin Lunch Pack .
It's a three pack lunch pack with a bag .

Design of  clip makes it easy to open and close the lid without spilling inner content .

* The amazing design makes the clip unbreakable , one can even detach it from lid .
* The lid is 100 % leak proof .
* It's air-tight , keeps food fresh for good period of time .
* Compact design which is light weight .
* Easy to clean as gasket are removable .
* Affordable price .
* Easily available everywhere . 

Price : Rs 630 .

One needs to put hot food in these tiffins and close the lids properly so to avoid leakage and keep food warm . Then one needs to place the tiffins in bag , which is easier to carry. 

I am using this product and it's good to carry lunch when outside .
Cleaning of pots is easy  .

One can buy this product and other NanoNine products from  Amazon. 

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful.


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