Thursday, 19 September 2019

Simple Tips To Increase Domain Authority of Your Blog

DA or Domain Authority is a metric developed by Moz.
It's one of the factors Google uses to determine the search engine ranking of a website.

The higher is the DA, the better it is.

DA is scored on a scale of 1-100.

When one is doing blogging seriously and wishes to earn good from the blog than one must work on improving DA.

As for paid collaborations brands check a blog's DA.

Now in this post, I will share some tips to improve your blog's DA.
I am sharing what I have learned from my own experience in the past 4 years of my blogging journey :)

1.Internal Linking
Whenever you are writing a post do keep in mind to link with a similar post you have previously written in your blog.
For e.g if I am writing about product review of a particular brand I can give a link in the post to review post from the same brand which I have done before.
Or if I am writing about parenting tips, I can give a link to another post on Parenting from my own blog.

This helps to keep readers stay longer on your blog and helps to improve DA :)

2. Linking Root Domains
This is the number of unique backlinks your blog has earned.
Earning a few links from the different website will boost your rank and DA.
For this do Guest Posting on others blog and ask the blog owner to give a backlink to your blog or website.

3.Quality Content
This is the most talked-about thing in the blogging world.
Quality is King and Quality matters.

Whatever is your niche, work hard on it to get in-depth knowledge.
Write posts on topics which are well researched and your post should give some good knowledge or insight of that subject.

In the search engine when readers look for information on a particular topic and your blog has that, then your blog's rank will be higher than others.

4. Participate in Blog Trains, Blog Hops, Blogger's Challenge
Past two years I had participated in many blog trains and blog hops, that helps to bring good traffic to blog and eventually helps to improve blog's DA.

I had also participated in the first season of   Super Blogger Challenge in 2018.
It also brought lots of traffic to my blog and my blog's DA improved.

Now being a part of #MyFriendAlexa has improved my blog's DA as well as it's Alexa Rank :)

So being active on your blog and participating in Blogger's Challenge and Blog hops helps :)

5. Check all outgoing links in your blog. Remove broken links as it affects DA.

6. Check your blog's loading time. Blog's loading time should be less or else that also affects the blog's DA.

7. The blog should be mobile-friendly, should open easily on mobile with less loading time.

8. Don't be a Lone Wolf 
Be social if you are blogging as if one is not active on social media and doesn't share his/her posts everywhere, how would anyone know about posts and articles on the blog?

Share your posts on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, G+, Instagram, Pinterest, etc
Be a part of post sharing groups on Facebook and Whatsapp.
These social media sites help to bring traffic to the blog.

One can even try to bring traffic from Quora by answering a few questions there and giving a link to their blog post written on a similar topic.

9. Ask your readers to do Email Subscription 
So whenever you are writing a new post, they will get a notification and the topic of your new post is of their interest they will surely check your blog post.

10. Do some Blog Giveaway's

I have done many blog giveaway in the past and it really helped to bring readers to blog.
Once here they do check other topics and post and read it.
It also helped to make genuine readers who visited my blog again and again to check new posts and giveaways :)

These are the ways we can improve our blog's DA and Alexa Rank.

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful.
Do share your views on this topic.

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Tuesday, 17 September 2019

How Facebook Group Hyderabad Moms is Helping Mommies

Hello Everyone
Back with one more interesting post.
A different kind of post today :)

It's about a Facebook Group  HYDERABAD MOMS.

Today most of the netizens are on Facebook.
People connect with their relatives and friends on Facebook.

One can also be part of various kinds of groups of their choice.
Most of the Moms are part of some  Mom Groups as it helps them to connect with other moms and share their problems, ask for some tips or moral support and it actually helps.

One such group is Hyderabad Moms.
It has more than 6K members now.
One can check the group here: Hyderabad Mommies

Today I will share the Interview of its Admin Chayya Sharma.
I met her for the first time at Godrej Event Last year.
Then met her few more times during various blogger's event here in Hyderabad.
Got to know about her FB group and I also joined that group :)
I was too impressed to know the work this group is doing and how it's helping many :)

Q1. Briefly Tell Something about your Facebook Group Hyderabad Mommies.

Ans: Hyderabad Mommies ( HM ) is a parenting support group.
Its a forum for all who are planning to have a baby, Pregnant women
and mothers living in Hyderabad to connect with each other in networking.
Taking suggestions on different topics like Parenting, Kids, Recipes, Experiences, Health, Fitness, Shopping, Peer to Peer Support, Social Work, Women Empowerment, etc.

It's strictly Female Only Group.

We believe in supporting each other and growing together.
It helps in friendship, information sharing, and emotional support.

Q2. How did the idea to start this group came? 

Ans: After delivering my baby I felt there is a need for a strong support system where one can get resolutions for all queries. 
Like regarding breastfeeding, which doctor to visit, Where to shop, which food to give, which school is good, dealing with postnatal depression.
I understood the importance of socialization for moms and started Hyderabad Moms Group.

Q3. How has it benefitted mommies?

Ans: HM has changed the life of many moms.
It not only provides a strong support system on parenting to moms but also has given exposure to many mompreneurs, many made new friends who were feeling lonely or were new to the city, many got jobs and restarted their career with the help of other moms, many got help and counseling when  they were slipping into depression, many of them opened their heart and poured their emotions and got lots of support and positivity.

It helped moms from fitness to career, from shopping to a noble cause, from recipes to fun activities all is there is one roof HM.
We have shared the laugh, tears, and trumps of motherhood. 

It's amazing to have someone by your side always and have that feeling that you are not alone.

Q4. Briefly describe some of the events organized by this group.

Ans: HM keeps doing events regularly.
We have done so many Get Together's and Playdates.
Where all the moms get a chance to come out of their home and have some fun time with their kids and meet other moms, have lots of fun activities, take part in quiz and contests and win prizes.

Apart from fun events, HM is committed towards society and we always try to help underprivileged.
We did the #HMSpreadingSmiles and visited two orphanages last year.
We spent quality time with kids there and gifted them lots of groceries, stationaries, eateries, toys, sports kit, etc.

We also ran a campaign called #10kadum in the group where we asked everyone to contribute just Rs 10 and we donated the whole amount to Kerala flood survivor lady who is a single parent and has three kids.

Through #HMSpreadingsmiles this year we collected clothes, stationeries, toys, footwear, rainwear from members and distributed that to underprivileged kids.

We also managed to buy lots of stuff for them.
This was done in a single day at many places in Hyderabad by our volunteers.

We also keep doing lots of digital campaigns and give lots of gifts and prizes to our members.

Q5. How do you feel being the Admin of this group?

Ans: It's a life-enriching experience as a founder and admin of this group.
For me, it's not a group but it's like a baby:) 
I call it as HM family.
This has changed my perspective on life.
I am more positive now as I have to spread positivity everywhere.
I got to meet many amazing personalities because of HM.
I am able to help many and get their blessings.
It really means a lot to me.
We work selflessly in this group.

Q6. What would you suggest mommies to do when they feel alone and depressed.

Ans: We are always there to help and support you.
Don't keep everything inside, Speak with others.
Just vent out everything which is bothering you.
Do some meditation, follow some hobbies.
Meet your friends.
Try to see positive things in life.
If needed take help from professionals.

We also have a Whatapp support group where we help 24/7 for any urgency, and we also have professionals in HM, if needed we can help you.

Lastly, I am very thankful to all members of HM for making it so helpful, positive and successful :) 

One can connect at HM groups on their social media handles.

Facebook: FB page of HM 
Instagram: Hyderabadmommies
Twitter: Hyderabad Moms 

So this is all about HM ( Hyderabad Mommies) 
Female Readers from Hyderabad or Telangana can join this group and be a part of Fun Activities and Events. 

Hope you all liked this post, do share your views in the comments section below. 

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Thursday, 12 September 2019

How To Get Free Sample Products in India

Hello Everyone
Today's post is quite interesting and useful for all, especially for online shoppers.
In this post, I will share How to get free sample products in India :)

We all love to get gifts, discounts, freebies when we shop either online or from a retail shop.
We look for Sale and Offers.

When we shop online we feel happy when we get freebies with our orders.

Here I am listing few sites from where we can get free samples.

1. HomeTester Club
It's a website where one needs to register and one can get free samples of various products.
Upon receiving one needs to try and then review those products at that site.
I received some samples from there.

One doesn't need to pay anything.
It's in exchange of a genuine review at their site :)

How cool is that :)

One can check the site here: Home Tester Club

2. Smytten
Smytten is an online shopping store.
Initially, when it was launched there were giving a free sample box.
I got mine with some skincare products.
One can check this post to know more about it.

Goodie Box from Smytten

Now they have started some Free Trial Points system.
Upon registering one earns 6 points.
One can use that point to shop some products from there, that includes both sample sized products as well as full-size products.
One needs to pay shipping charges which comes around Rs 199.

Still, its a Good Deal as one gets lots of good products at a nominal price.
Then after one order is complete one earns some more points as well as wallet discount which one can use to get a discount on their orders.
Overall it's a good site to shop.
I have placed several orders past few months :)

One can download this app from Google Play Store.

3. FabPiks Box
This is a recent launch.
I saw their page on Instagram and then checked the site.
I ordered a Goody Box which had some 5 products worth Rs 850.
I had to pay only the shipping charges which is Rs 99.
So again this was Steal Deal.
They have some more boxes coming up soon.
One can also request for Free product Trial, where also one just needs to pay the shipping charges.

One can check the site here: 

Products I got are from Good brand and are useful products.
So one can go for it.
Do check the site for more details.

So these are My Online Shopping Experiences to get some Freebies and Great Discounts.
Do share your's in the comment section below.

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Tuesday, 10 September 2019

5 Best Beauty Subscription Boxes in India

Hello Everyone
Today's topic is quite an interesting one, especially for Ladies as I am going to list
5 Best Beauty Subscription Boxes in India.
I am listing those which I have used and found good.

1. Fab Bag 
Fab bag is one of the best and most sought after Beauty Subscription box.
It contains products from good brands and most of the time it's a Steal Deal.
Price for one month box is Rs 599.
And one gets products worth more than  Rs 1000 or sometimes up to Rs 2000 in the bag.
If one takes the subscription for 3 months, 6 months or 1 year then one gets a good discount. 
So the price of one month bag comes less than Rs 599.
I have ordered this a few times and I liked all the bags and it's products.
Sharing a pic of one of the bag: 

The pouch or bag was too good.
Had two cosmetic products from famous brand Sugar.
Then Rosewater from O3 
Face & Body Wash from Seba Med

This was one of the best Fab Bag :) 

One can check the site here Fab Bag 

2. Euphorbia Box 
This is the most affordable Beauty Subscription Box.
Owned by a Beauty Blogger Anjali Sengar who knows what products to keep in the box to make it an excellent one. 
I ordered this many times and liked them all.
Price is Rs 309 only.
And one gets 4-5 good products along with a good bag or pouch. 
So this is a Must-Try one.
It has Skincare products, makeup Products and some Jewelry like Earrings, etc.
Sharing the pics of some of the boxes:

So one can see that by spending only Rs 309 one can get some good products.
If one takes 3 months, 6 months or 12 months subscription price of one month box comes much less. 
Do check their site  Euphorbia Box 

One can check its first box here:

3.Glamego Box 
This is again an affordable beauty subscription box.
 This box provides a good number of products at an affordable price 
of Rs 399 per month.
Sharing pics of June month box.

It had some Korean Skin Care products along with some other Skincare products, Some healthy snack and Green coffee packet.
Overall I liked the products.

One can check the site here Glamego Box 

4. MooiBox 
I won this box in their Instagram Giveaway :) 
The box I received as a prize had some amazing products.

Elenblu Nail Paint 
Wet n Wild Blush
Luis & Luth Silver Face Gel 
Kronokare Moisturizing Face Gel
Goat Milk Soap etc

Products were worth Rs 2200 
Price of one month box is Rs 900.
So this is also a Steal Deal :)

One can check their site here Mooibox 

5.VanityCask Box 
It's a Luxury box curated for Indian Women.
Contains Skin Care products from one of the best brands.

I had won this box in one of their giveaways :)
It had products from brand Votre and The Natures Co.
Those products were too good and I have also used other products from these brands and these are too good. 

One can check their Instagram page here VanityCask 

I have also ordered and used some other subscription boxes.
Those were from Instagram stores.
Not mentioning here as they were not good.
Some had products from local cheap brands 
which I really didn't want to use.

But the brand I have mentioned in this post are really good & affordable.
Worth Trying.

The reason why I like to buy these subscription boxes are: 
1. A monthly subscription box is always a Surprise Element :) 
After placing the order I wait eagerly for it to know what's inside :) 
It's a kind of Treat or Gift to Yourself :) 

2. One gets to try some good products from famous and reputed brands.
Many times these boxes have sample sized products.
So if one likes the product, can later order a full-size product from the same brand.

3. These are affordable and cheaper than buying individual products.
Like one spends around Rs 400 -500 and gets products worth Rs 1500-2000 
which is too good and a smart deal :) 

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful.
Do share your views on this topic in the comment section below.
Also, do suggest me some other good subscription boxes :) 

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Wednesday, 4 September 2019

5 Best Facewash For Oily Skin in India

Facewash being one of the basic skincare product needs to be chosen wisely.
The same facewash will not suit everyone.
One needs to choose according to their skin type.

Since my skin type is oily, in this post I have compiled 5 best face wash for oily skin available in India.
I have used these products and have found them good.

1. Skinkraft  Sebum Control Face Cleanser 
This is one of the best face wash for oily skin.
At their website, one needs to fill a questionnaire which asks some questions about skin type and skin problems. Depending upon that products are suggested by the brand.
When I filled the questionnaire, this facewash was suggested.
I am using this face wash and it's too good.
Helps to control excessive oil control from the face.

Price: Rs 499 for 60ml 

The packaging is too cute.

One can check this post to know more about this Cleanser 

2. Cetaphil Gentle Face Cleanser 
This is a drugstore product.
It's a mild facewash meant for all skin type, especially good for Oily skin.
It's a non-comedogenic product which is PH balanced.
Gently cleanses the skin.
Is mild and gentle on skin.
Easily available everywhere also on medical stores. 

3. Mama Earth Charcoal Face Wash 
This is specifically meant for oily skin.
It has charcoal and coffee both of which are good for the skin.
It controls oil secretion, unclogs pores and detoxifies the skin.

Price: Rs 249 for 100 ml pack.

Easily available on online stores like Amazon, Nykaa and their official website.

One can check its detailed review here 

4.Roop Mantra Lime and Mint Facewash 
It's suitable for all skin type.
Good for oily skin.
Is quite refreshing and has a nice fragrance.
Has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. 
Price is only Rs 89 which is too affordable.
And Roop Mantra is a good brand with some good products.
One can check this post to know more about Roop Mantra products.

5. Blue Nectar Ayurvedic Shubr Radiance Honey Cleanser 
This face wash is meant for all skin type.
Contains steamed Distilled water, Honey, Aloe Vera, Glycerin, Gular Ark.
Free of Parabens, Artificial color, and fragrance.
It's a mild cleanser which cleanses well. 
Easily available on Amazon. 
One can check here 

So these are the facewash which I have used and have found good.
Do share your list in the comment section below with any suggestions for oily skin. 

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Sunday, 1 September 2019

Healthy and Delicious Snacks for Kids

Hello Everyone
In this post, I am going to share some ideas for Healthy & Delicious Snacks for kids.
Kids love to munch snacks in between meals and providing them the right snack will not only help them to feel full but also will help to keep them healthy by providing the right nutrition.

I am sharing the ones I have made and are very easy to prepare.

                                       Fruit Custard
It's one of the easiest and simplest dishes to prepare.
One can use Custard powder of any flavor to make custard and then add seasonal fruits in it to make a healthy and delicious snack. One can also add some dry fruits in it.
This could be anytime snack.
Tastes best when chilled.
Cannot a complete replacement for milk but good for those kids who are a bit fussy in drinking milk.

Porridge is similar to kheer, Milk with rice, boiled and cooked well with sugar and dry fruits.
Recently I tried a porridge made from Manna Health mix.
It turned out too good.
This health mix contains pulses and nuts.
When cooked with milk and sugar, the porridge made was too delicious and the best part is it's nutritious.
One can buy this mix from Amazon

Kids love to eat pancakes.
Earlier I used to make pancakes in the traditional way.
With White flour ( Maida ), Eggs, Butter, etc.
But recently was introduced to a healthy pancake mix.
It's Slurrp farm Pancake mix.
Available in two flavors these are too good and healthy.
They do not contain maida but have millets and are free of artificial color and preservatives.
My kids loved the taste of these pancakes.
Available in two flavors: Chocolate & Banana Choco Chips.
These are also easily available at Amazon 
This can be given as anytime snack either in the evening or mid-day snacks.

Peanuts Chikki 
It's an old recipe but a superb one.
Liked by all especially kids Sweet & Crunchy.
can be easily made at home from  Jaggery and Peanuts.
We prepare this at home and since made from Jaggery and not from white sugar it's healthy.
It's like an instant energy bar. 
I have used a mould to make it so that it's in some cute shapes :) 

Russian Salad 
This is my all-time favorite.
Made from boiled potatoes,& Peas, Apples, Mayyonaise, Pomegranate, etc.
Since it has some fruits and veggies it's good for all. 
One can check its recipe here 

These snacks should not be replaced as a meal but should be given to kids as snacks when they are hungry, especially when they come home after playing as at that time they need something good to eat. 

A smoothie is not only easy to prepare but also it's super delicious and healthy.
One can prepare smoothie with Milk and some fruits. 
I do so with Mango, Strawberry, etc.
Kids love its taste and is fulfilling.
One can garnish it with some fruit chunks to make it look good :) 

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful.
Do share your snacking ideas in the comments section below. 

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Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Treat Yourself With Dineout GIRF

Food is not just a necessity, it's much more than that.
It's about culture, taste, health & happiness.

People eat food according to their taste and culture. 
Healthy food helps us to be healthy and happy.
Good food uplifts one mood. 

Any celebration is incomplete without good food.

People love to dine outside as they want to try new
dishes and cuisines.
It not possible to try new dishes at home always,
so we try it outside.
A weekend outing is incomplete without having
a great meal at your favorite restaurant. 
On weekends when we go to popular restaurants,
many times it happens that it's fully packed and
we have to wait long to get a table. 
That spoils the mood.

There is a way to avoid this, one can do the
reservation in advance so that there is no
or minimal wait time.

For such services, there is an excellent site called

It's a restaurant table booking service,
founded in the year 2012.

The best part of using this service is one gets
a good discount of up to 50% off on their bills.
This includes 50 % off on the Total bill, Buffet,
Food Bills, Quick Bites, 5 Star dining, etc.
One can also earn cashback with Dinout Pay. 

How good is that?

So it's really amazing where one gets a reservation with a discount for their table reservations at restaurants.

Many times it also happens that we wish to visit a
particular restaurant but since pricing
are high, we avoid it. And look for ones
where pricing is less and is affordable.

But when we can get a whopping 50 % off on
our bills then it's great and we can try
those expensive restaurants which were
in our wishlist.

In the month of August 2019, they are running
a festival called GIRF
Great Indian Restaurant Festival.

It's  #MonthofMore and Dineout is ready with
4th edition of GIRF
So get ready to eat more and save more with GIRF
with a whooping flat 50 % off
( with no minimum or maximum limit ) at India's top
8000 + restaurants all over the country in various
cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkatta,
 Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Goa, Jaipur,
Chandigarh, Lucknow, Indore, Ludhiana,
Nagpur, Kochi, Surat.

Festival Duration is 1st August - 1st September 2019.
Keep an eye on their flash sales to buy deals
at Rs 11 only.

One can easily download the Dineout App
( from Google play store or Apple App Store)
and reserve their table today.

Bookings are open now.

One can check the site and discounts here : 

So do check this site and their offers & discounts
and enjoy this month by treating yourself and
others with some restaurant visit with 50% off
discount with Dineout.

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful.
Do share your views on this in the comment section below.