Sunday 27 January 2019

Affordable & Effective Skin Care Products From Roop Mantra

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We all need good skin care products for our daily skincare regime.
Most of the products available in market are  bit expensive.
Then we need to check the effectiveness of  those products.
In spite of  being expensive some are not good and do not fulfill their tall claims .
So we always look for  products which are effective and affordable .

I came across a brand which has affordable and good products.
It's  Roop Mantra .
It's an Indian  Ayurvedic brand  having some good skin care products in its range .
Recently I got some products  from this brand to try , I will share my opinion about these products.

I am trying these Face Wash from Roop Mantra .

Roop Mantra Lime & Mint Face Wash 
* It is suitable for all skin type .
* Has refreshing fragrance .
* Helps to remove oil , dirt from face .
* Has antioxidant & anti inflammatory properties.

Price : Rs 84 for 115 ml 

Roop Mantra Neem Face Wash 
* This is a deep cleanser with goodness of neem .
* Ideal for oily skin .
* Has neem , tulsi & turmeric.
* Helps to reduce excessive oil secretion.
* Has antifungal & antibacterial properties.

Price : Rs 84 for 115 ml 

Roop Mantra Cucumber  Face  Wash 
* Cucumber has anti-inflammatory properties .
* Helps to remove dead cells , dirt, oil from skin.
* Has cooling effect on skin .
* Suitable for all skin type .

Price: Rs 84 for 115 ml 

Roop Mantra Aloe Vera Face Wash 
* Suitable for all skin type .
* Mild and gentle on skin .
* Maintains  moisture level of  skin .
* Prevents appearance of  pimples .

Price : Rs 84 for 115 ml

Roop Mantra  Mix Fruit  Face Wash 
* It's  a blend of natural fruit extract.
* Enriched with goodness of  real fruits like apple , grapeseed , carrot , also has Aloe Vera.
* Has refreshing fragrance.
* It also acts as sun block , protects the skin from harmful sun rays .

Price : Rs 84 for 115 ml 

What I liked about these products 
1. Good & Effective products .
2. Super Affordable 
( Price Rs 84 for one tube is so affordable ) 
3. An Ayurvedic brand , so free of  harmful chemicals .
4. Great ingredient list like Aloe Vera , Mix Fruit etc.
6. These face wash are suitable for all skin type .
5. Easily available  everywhere .

One can buy these products from amazon  

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful .

( * PR Package with my own opinion about products ) 

Wednesday 23 January 2019

Earn Money Online Through YesMobo App

Home makers , Students and retired people always look for some ways  to earn money from home.
As this helps them to utilize their free time in a good way and simultaneously earn money from the comfort of  their home without the stress of  going out for work .
There are several ways for that .
Some are successful , some are not .
Some are bit difficult to continue .
Now a days there are several ways to earn money online and many are doing so .
There are also some apps using which one can earn money .

I came across one such app few days back . It's YesMobo App on Google Playstore.
One can easily download this app and start earning .

One can earn money online from this app by sharing Ads with your friends and relatives on Whatsapp.

Steps to Earn from YesMobo  App :
1. Download YesMobo App from Google Playstore on your smartphone.
2. Create your account on the app by filling in your details .
3. One can find Ads within your YesMobo app account , Select Ads you wish to share .
4. Start sharing your selected Ads to your friends & relatives on WhatsApp.
5. When your friends or relatives click those Ads you earn money.

This is very simple and easy and anyone can do it easily.

Do check this make money app and download it and start earning .
Earned money can be transferred  to ones bank account .

Download this app from Google Play Store

After downloading once it is installed in your smartphone .
One can see the home page .
There one has to choose language either  English or Hindi  in which they want to read instructions. 

One can check this video to know more details about YesMobo App

After reading the instructions or watching the video one can easily know how it works .

Then one can see Ads which they can share on their whatsapp groups .

In front of each Ad amount per click is written .

So when your friends or relatives click on these Ads you earn money .

At the top right corner of  the page one can also see Amount they have earned .
Once a minimum balance is earned , one can request for bank transfer . 

This way one can easily earn some money through their smartphone . 

                                               Hope you all liked this post and found it useful .

Wednesday 16 January 2019

Simple Diet Tweaks To Improve Your Health

Every Year we do make New Year Resolutions, Most of  the time we are not able to keep it , reasons being either are bit difficult to achieve or  bit unrealistic .
Many a times it happens  as we do not dare to come out of  our  Comfort Zone  and try something different .

So this year I made a resolution which is not very tough or unrealistic, can be achieved with little hard work and patience . The most important is Motivation :)

My resolution is related to Diet & Health , one of the most important thing in our life .
Healthy Eating & Healthy Lifestyle .

Making a complete change in our diet is not easy and feasible , one gets bored easily and  loses interest in doing diet control and healthy eating , instead of  that one should go slowly , taking small steps at a time .

So my New Year Resolution is  : Simple Diet Tweaks To Improve Health

Sounds interesting , right ??

How to Improve your diet in a healthy  way without bringing a complete change in your menu .

Indians are obsessed  with  Rice , Daal , Curries , Fried food , Sweets , Halwa's etc .
Most of  these foods  are not very healthy .
During festive season and other functions we can't help but get indulge in enjoying all sort of delicacies .

On daily basis also we eat what is cooked for everyone , kids , elders etc .
Bringing a complete change is bit difficult , but we can do this gradually , incorporating healthy options with unhealthy ones .

So in this post I will share some tips how we can do that .


1. Replace your  Refine oil with some healthy oils like Olive oil , Coconut oil .
For small kids we can even use Pure Ghee ( Clarified Butter )  as it healthier than refined  oil .

2. Instead  of  deep  frying , we can do shallow frying or even baking , so as to use less oil.

3. Replace  Sugar with Honey or Jaggery as refined sugar is very unhealthy and cause for many health problems .

4. Avoid  outside food as much as possible as we never know quantity & quality of  salt , sugar , oils used there , better to stick to home made food .
Preparing those delicious recipes  what we are fond of  , is not that difficult , there are numerous food channels on Youtube from where we can learn those recipes or even from some recipe books.

5. Kids love junk foods , we can substitute those junk food with healthy snacks like home made cakes or donuts  , Peanut chikkis etc .

6. Kids can enjoy Indian Sweets as they are in a growing stage , but as elders we should limit it and take  healthier ones like Flavoured Yogurt etc ( so to satisfy our sweet tooth )

7. We can also incorporate steamed & baked dishes in our menu .
Like Idli , Baked Chicken etc .
There are also many sweet dishes which are baked & steamed one like many Bengali Sweets are steamed , so one can try those as they are healthier .

This way slowly , we can change eating habit and swift to a healthier version of  food .
This will help us to achieve our goals of  eating healthy and staying healthy .

This approach is bit realistic as we can bring changes gradually and not suddenly , so easier to maintain and continue .

Apart from this on personal level when we want to improve our diet , we can do more like

* Drink plenty of water , 8-10 glasses in a day , it helps to flush out toxins from body , helps to keep skin healthy and many more benefits .

* Limit our portion .
Instead of  eating  more to fill stomach , we should eat less , say around 20% less than our hunger , so this way we can limit our calories . And it's good for digestion too .

* Eat smaller portion at regular  intervals .
Like some fruits , soups , healthy snacks , so that we do not feel too hungry at meal time and eat less .

* Dinner should be very light , preferably soups as it helps to maintain and lose weight .

* Include lots of  veggies and fruits in our  diet .
Our plate should be colorful :)
Should include all seasonal fruits & vegetables .

* We should eat nuts as snacks like Almonds , Pistachos etc . These are healthy & delicious.

* We should take fiber rich foods like Oats , Corn etc , this helps to get a feeling of full for long and there are less cravings.

All these will help to maintain & reduce weight , stay healthy and active and feel happy .

As when we are healthy , we feel active and we are able to do what we want and thus feel happy and satisfied .
On the other hand when we are ill , or because of  severe dieting, we always feel hungry or starved , we don't feel good from inside and then we lack concentration in our work .

So eat healthy and stay happy :)

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful.

I am writing this post as a part of the New Year Resolution  Blog  Train by three bloggers.
Prerna Wahi  
Alpana Deo 

Do check their blog's and posts in this series .


Friday 11 January 2019

Stay Healthy With Proactive Health Products From NutraC

Health is wealth and staying healthy is one of  the most important thing in life to live a normal and happy life .

One needs to follow certain things to stay healthy like :

* Eating healthy foods .
* Exercise .
* Staying calm and stress free .
* Enjoying life to fullest with whatever they have.

Eating healthy is considered as most important  factor  to stay healthy & fit .
One needs to follow a balanced diet with plenty of  fruits , vegetables , fiber rich foods to stay active & healthy .
One needs to avoid junk food as much as possible and replace these junk food & snacks with healthy snacks.
One need to take plenty of  fluids  specially  water , fresh juices , soups & daals .

Many a times even after eating healthy food , we do not feel energetic as we should be .
We get tired easily , we feel exhausted & fatigue after doing some tedious work .
This is because our body lacks some minerals and nutrients which we are not getting from our regular food . In such cases it is required to take some health supplements to fulfill the daily requirement of  nutrients in our body , like Iron , Calcium , Vitamins supplements  etc .

Replacing regular  snacks with healthy snacks is a good option to have balanced diet .

Recently I have been to a store NutraC in Jubilee Hills Hyderabad .
It is a One Stop Store for all your Health & Nutrition  needs .
It's a Nutraceutical Pharmacy.
Unlike pharmaceuticals which are a reactive solution , Nutraceuticals are  proactive solutions for our health needs.
It's a multi brand health and nutrition store focussing on health and wellness supplements  and products that promotes healthy living and prevents diseases .

It is a Proactive Health Store where one can find all Health supplements , Sports supplements , Healthy Snacks and foods .
It's a different kind of  store with many things under one roof .

I saw various good and healthy products there .
* Ghee made from Cow's Milk ( A2 Milk ) which is very healthy 
* Organic Oats Flakes 
* Organic Honey
* Green Tea 
* Green Coffee 

Their product range includes Oils , Ghee , Juices , Snacks , Tea & Coffee , Health bars , Cookies , Herbal powder , Seeds & Nuts , Nutrition Supplements etc .

There was a section where one can find healthy noodles .
Not made from white flour but from Rice & Millets . 

There is section where one can get  Sports Supplements.
One such sports supplement brand is  Fast & Up Reload .
NutraC  promote Indian Sports Nutrition Brands which have the best international quality with value prices . They have product range of  Whey Protein , Soy Protein , Pea Protein and Essential Amino acids .

There is Dosa Mix of  various types .
And these are healthy breakfast options .

One can also find healthy oils like Extra Virgin Coconut oil , Castor Oil etc. 

One product which I found too interesting is Kiva Chocolate  Jaggery Candy . 
It's  an ayurvedic product and healthy snack for kid .

Apart from these there are many other useful products .

They have various sections like 
1. Health & Wellness Supplements 
2. Nutrition Supplements and foods 
3. Sports Supplements 

Then there are products for Detox , Kids health , Immunity , Senior health etc . 

Those in Hyderabad can visit the store at Jubilee Hills .
They have an in-store nutritionist who can assist and advice products accordingly.

Other's can check their website 

NutraC  is associated with 30 + brands with products for all age group. 
The  store is open from 10 am to 9 pm , 7 days a week . 

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful.


Saturday 5 January 2019

Save Water To Save Our Planet

Water is one of  the basic requirement for life .
Life cannot sustain on earth without water.
97.5 % of world's water is locked in seas and oceans , too salty for human use.
And remaining 2.5 % is in ice caps.
So we humans depends on tiny bit of available water , which is fresh water .
70% of  freshwater is used to produce food we eat.

There are many places like cities & villages  all over the world where there is scarcity of water , people are having tough time collecting water for their daily usage . For drinking and other household activities like washing & cleaning etc .

Image result for areas of water scarcity in world image

We can see that there are many places in India which comes under region of  water scarcity .

In big cities people living in slum areas need to collect and store water for their daily usage .
At many places people are not getting water 24x7 , it's time bound and they need to store water .
So it is necessary for all of us to understand the importance of  preserving water and avoiding any sort of wastage.
As many of us are not realizing the blessings  we  have by getting water to use as per our wish .

With rising population water usage has increased , So we need to preserve and conserve water .

Government , NGO's and some local bodies have taken many initiatives to create awareness about preserving water and  avoiding it's wastage but we need to create  awareness everywhere , all household and at individual level .

 Ways to save water

1. Turn off  Your Taps
Turn off your tap while brushing your teeth and while shaving .
Fix leaky taps too .

2. Keep Your Shower Short
Every minute spent in shower  uses upto 17 litres of water.
So keep the shower short and water saving .
One can even use a bucket & mug so as to use limited quantity of water for taking a bath rather than wasting lots of water in a shower .

3.  Wash fully loaded Machine
It's better to run a fully loaded washing machine than half  loaded one as this way we can wash more clothes and save water .
So collect your dirty clothes and wash when the machine is full.

4. Steam your food
Steaming rather than boiling requires less water .
Even when we are boiling veggies or even meat , we can keep the stock to be used in soups .

5. Time your gardening
Watering  trees in a day time causes immediate evaporation of water , so Time Your Gardening .
So do it either early morning or end of   the day.

6. Harvest Rainwater
Harvesting rainwater is a great way to conserve water .
One can install tank either on terrace or garden , so to conserve rain water which can be used for cleaning or planting trees etc .

One can also use posters to create awareness about conserving water in their  locality and neighbourhood .

With these small steps we can do a lot to conserve water and save our planet.

Livpure, India's  famous brand for water purifier has come up with a Great Concept of saving water
called  #CuttingPaani

By this initiative the left over water in glasses and bottles can be reused.
This initiative has introduced the concept of  using the amount of   water as per requirement and using it judiciously.
The leftover water in glasses can be saved in bottle to be used later or can be  used for cleaning or planting trees .

There are many video's which educate us to stop wasting water in office, restaurants etc.

So let us pledge to save water and avoid any sort of wastage and to create awareness about it to all and be a responsible citizen.

#Livpure  #CuttingPaani

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful.

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Friday 4 January 2019

Launch of 99% Water Based Baby Wipes From Mother Sparsh

Mother Sparsh , a famous baby care brand has always come up with excellent products in affordable range. Their baby wipes are one of the best in market.
Now they have come up with a premium version of  their water based wipes which is 99% water based wipes with new packaging with lid to seal the moisture.

These wipes are unscented and made with medical grade cloth so suitable for sensitive skin.

In one of my previous post on Mother Sparsh wipes , I have already shown by Flame Test 
that these wipes are organic and natural , so safe to be used for small kids and infants. 

One can check that post here 

These wipes passed the flame test , when burnt they burned like paper and formed ash , which shows these are not made from Polyester .

Purified Water 
Calendula  Extract 
Sodium Benzoate  etc 

Price : Rs 299 for 72 wipes 

Product  Packaging 
Product Packaging is excellent. 
These wipes are packed in a way to seal moisture so that these wipes does not become dry after few usage . Wipes are packed in way which is very easy to pull and use.

What  I  Liked  About These Wipes
* Free of  Paraben , Alcohol ( Which can make skin dry )
* Free of  Sulfates & Dyes , Artificial  Fragrance .
* Made  from 100% biodegradable material .
* Polyester free wipes.
* Made with medical grade cloth.
* Dermatologically tested .
* PH balanced  product.
* Thick & Gentle on Skin.
* Does not tear while usage .
* Cleanses skin properly .
* Travel Friendly Packaging .
* Excellent packaging to seal moisture.

So ideal to be used to maintain hygiene for small infants and kids. 
Travel friendly packaging so one can easily carry this in their bags to be used when outside.
One can use it clean baby's face after feeding , also while changing diaper .

Since small baby's are sensitive to some fragrance , specially strong ones it is better to use baby products which are free of artificial fragrance , so good for baby.
So this  Mother Sparsh wipes are  #UnscentedWipes in true sense .

Using these wipes will help to maintain hygiene as well as will help to avoid diaper rash which is a common problem . As these wipes are dermatologically tested , PH balanced and gentle on skin.
We should never use products which have harmful chemicals , as that could be harsh on baby's tender skin . Those products can cause rashes or allergy which is very painful and child gets irritated.

These wipes from Mother Sparsh are as good as cotton and water , so gentle on skin.

Size of these wipes are better than that of other brand , not small or thin but thick and longer than other wipes . They are 3 times thicker than wipes from other brand .
These wipes does not gets teared while usage , so too good.

These wipes are made from 100 % plant fabric which makes it totally nature friendly .
These wipes are also biodegradable so environmental  friendly .
So one does not feels guilty of using products which are not  degradable.
As this is an eco friendly product.

All these makes this a Must Try One for your little ones.

I am using these wipes for my little one and I am satisfied with its quality.
I have also used it myself for cleansing makeup and found it too good and useful.

One can easily buy this product from online stores like Amazon or directly from their website.

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful .

Do check this product at amazon and buy for your little one.

#UnscentedWipes  #WaterBasedWipes  #MedicalGradeCloth