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Affordable & Effective Skin Care Products From Roop Mantra

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We all need good skin care products for our daily skin care regime .
Most of the products available in market are  bit expensive .
Then we need to check the effectiveness of  those products.
In spite of  being expensive some are not good and do not fulfill their tall claims .
So we always look for  products which are effective and affordable .

I came across a brand which has affordable and good products .
It's  Roop Mantra .
It's an Indian  Ayurvedic brand  having some good skin care products in its range .
Recently I got some products  from this brand to try , I will share my opinion about these products.

I am trying these Face Wash from Roop Mantra .

Roop Mantra Lime & Mint Face Wash 
* It is suitable for all skin type .
* Has refreshing fragrance .
* Helps to remove oil , dirt from face .
* Has antioxidant & anti inflammatory properties.

Price : Rs 84 for 115 ml 

Roop Mantra Neem Face Wash 
* This is a deep cleanser with goodness of neem .
* Ideal for oily skin .
* Has neem , tulsi & turmeric.
* Helps to reduce excessive oil secretion.
* Has antifungal & antibacterial properties.

Price : Rs 84 for 115 ml 

Roop Mantra Cucumber  Face  Wash 
* Cucumber has anti inflammatory properties .
* Helps to remove dead cells , dirt, oil from skin .
* Has cooling effect on skin .
* Suitable for all skin type .

Price : Rs 84 for 115 ml 

Roop Mantra Aloe Vera Face Wash 
* Suitable for all skin type .
* Mild and gentle on skin .
* Maintains  moisture level of  skin .
* Prevents appearance of  pimples .

Price : Rs 84 for 115 ml

Roop Mantra  Mix Fruit  Face Wash 
* It's  a blend of natural fruit extract.
* Enriched with goodness of  real fruits like apple , grapeseed , carrot , also has Aloe Vera.
* Has refreshing fragrance.
* It also acts as sun block , protects the skin from harmful sun rays .

Price : Rs 84 for 115 ml 

What I liked about these products 
1. Good & Effective products .
2. Super Affordable 
( Price Rs 84 for one tube is so affordable ) 
3. An Ayurvedic brand , so free of  harmful chemicals .
4. Great ingredient list like Aloe Vera , Mix Fruit etc.
6. These face wash are suitable for all skin type .
5. Easily available  everywhere .

One can buy these products from amazon  

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful .


( * PR Package with my own opinion about products ) 

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My experience with these products are good.